Ancient buffet for the kitchen and living room (photo +

Remember these capacious kitchen cabinets, divided into two parts by the counter top? Above it were open shelves with glass doors, and in the lower part - drawers and a closed pedestal. In past times, there was such a buffet in almost every home. And today they are used to give the interior a touch of old charm and style of Provence. In this article you will find more than 30 photo buffets in the design of different rooms, as well as useful ideas for their restoration by yourself. Enjoy watching!

Restoration of the old buffet: modern ideas

Surprisingly, an old buffet can be adapted and used in almost any room in your home. However, to complement the color scheme and style of the interior, you may need to restore the old cupboard with your own hands. Here are the best ideas how to update an old cupboard with your own hands (examples with photos):

  1. To paint an old buffet in a bright color, which will complement your interior.

Antique Buffet for the Kitchen

2. If you have a buffet of wood, then it is better to cover it with varnish. Painting antique wooden buffets is undesirable, as it will irrevocably reduce their value.

Wooden antique cupboards for the kitchen - photo Ancient buffet of wood in the interior

3. Apply neutral paint from the outside, and the inner cavity of the cupboard (the one behind the transparent doors) is painted in a bright color.

Restoration of an old buffet - modern ideas with a photo

4. When restoring, give the buffet effect of antiquity. Otherwise, what's the point of having an old buffet in the house if it looks like a new one? To achieve a vintage appearance in the spirit of the Provence style can be with the help of artificial scuffs, which are created with their own hands using nazhdachki, krakljurnogo varnish or decoupage.

Restoration of the buffet with own hands in the style of Provence Beautiful restoration of an old cupboard with own hands - photo

Remember that before applying any finishes, be it paint, varnish or other coatings, the surface of the cupboard should be carefully sanded with sandpaper, washed with soap and primed. Detailed instructions on remaking old furniture can be found in the article Restoration of Soviet furniture with their own hands. And below, we will bring a beautiful photo of the interiors, the main decorations of which are the old cupboards after the restoration.

Ancient buffet for the kitchen in the style of Provence or Country

A cupboard cupboard is ideal for a kitchen in the style of Provence or country, even if its color does not match the rest of the kitchen cabinets. The upper shelves of the cupboard can be used for storing cups, decorative plates, jars for spices, tea boxes and various accessories. The spacious shelves at the bottom are perfect for large kitchen utensils, such as cans of cereals, pots and pans. To fit the buffet in the best way, it is better to cover it with the same table top as on the other lower cupboards of the kitchen. Ancient curtains and wall decor will help complete the charming design of the kitchen in a provincial spirit.

Remaking furniture by yourself - old buffet photo Black cupboard for dishes in the interior of the kitchen Beautiful kitchen cupboards - photo in the interior An old buffet - a photo in the design of the kitchen of the living room Ideas how to paint an old cupboard with your own hands photo

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Vintage cupboards for the living room (10 photos)

A bright sideboard buffet can become the heart of your living room. Use the top open shelves to store your favorite service, a collection of china or elite alcohol. The lower shelves will be useful for tablecloths, sofa cushions and other accessories. The dividing table will perfectly look candlesticks, decorative vases and frames with photos. But unlike the kitchen, it is better to avoid the excess of things and limit yourself to only the most loved objects.

Old cupboards for the living room - photos in the interior Bookcase cupboard for home office in living room Furniture buffet - ideas for the restoration of the cupboard with their own hands Buffet for the living room - classic in white The best ideas how to update an old cupboard with your own hands - photo selection

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Cabinet cupboard in bathroom design (5 photos)

Which option do you prefer: an old buffet in the role of a curbstone under the washbasin or as a cabinet for storing towels and other bathroom accessories?

Old buffet in the modern interior of the bathroom Old furniture - cupboard as a washbasin in the bathroomAntique Buffet - photo in the bathroom

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