Red color in the interior +85 photo examples

Pictures above the sofa in the living room

Regardless of the belief in the psychological impact of different colors on a person and adherence to the philosophy of feng shui, it's hard not to agree that shades of red are some of the strongest. They set the mood and attract the eye. Dynamic red color in the interior largely depends on the chosen style and decoration materials. It is influenced by other colors: the right color combinations will help to find the most suitable combination for different types of premises from the living room to the bedroom.

More natural shades in combination with a natural tree, a quiet neutral background (for example, cream) - a coherent interior without obtrusiveness, but memorable, spectacular. Terracotta, brick tones will live in different styles, they are quite natural, with the right companions are appropriate in all areas of the house.

Cheerful shades (mostly berry, coral) are perfect for accessories. Even the ornament will not make the interior colorful and chaotic if you adhere to moderation and create a nice, soft background.

Red-black interior of the room

Modern interiors are not afraid of bright colors and red is combined not only with neutral colors. Deep shades used for the main surfaces (walls) can add unnecessary drama, refer to the eastern style, the historical classics.

Actual. Dosed amount of gold, glass will enhance the overall effect of the expressiveness of red shades.

White floor and red walls in the bedroom

Design Features

It is worthwhile to think in advance how much red color will be acceptable in each particular interior:

  • If the total area of ​​the apartment is small, then the space-reducing red color is used in detail. Large objects like a closet, soft zone, base surfaces are made in neutral, mostly light colors. The total share of red should not exceed 30%.
  • When there is no feeling of confidence that the prevailing red color is suitable for decorating the room of the house, and for a long period, then apply it only where there is little time - the bathroom, the hallway.
  • A strong red color should be distributed evenly, for example, echoing in patterns, ornaments, so you'll have to spend time selecting textiles, upholstery, wallpaper, designer items.
  • When the room has a constant natural shade, refuse to design large surfaces in a saturated color scheme.

Pictures above the sofa

If the red color is not a leading role in the design, then the table will help determine those options that will not significantly affect the budget when replacing.

RoomFurnishing, furnishingDecor and Textiles
Living roomReplacement covers for furniture, console, screenCurtains, vases, decorative pillows, lamps
BedroomOttomans, pedestalsCurtains, paintings, lampshades, bed linen
KitchenApron, small appliances, dining furnitureTowels, curtains, colored glass, serving items
BathroomThe decision should be taken immediatelyTowels, rugs, accessories, curtains for the bathroom

The combination of white, red and gray colors in the living room

Living room – роскошь на все времена

For the main, front room in the house is quite allowed a certain courage or vice versa, refined sophistication, which is easily achieved by adding red color to the interior of the living room. Furniture will attract attention to itself, and red walls are a serious claim for interior chic.

White sofa in front of the TV

What methods of registration are in demand lately:

  • Modern style with a black and white base - cold colors for the largest piece of furniture - a sofa.
  • Replacement in the previous combination of black to gray is an interesting alternative, with the addition of fashionable steel elements.
  • A beautiful solution is a combination of muted red with white, beige. Will add a touch of retro, if supported by details.
  • Calm, but memorable classic - two-colored walls, for example, white with wine.
  • Stylized (or even real) fireplace portal will inspire family evenings.
  • Wood can have a reddish tinge, adding status to the interior - cherry, alder from more budgetary. Designers are advised not to limit themselves to finding one perfect combination among textures and textures, but to use a complex approach that gives room volume.
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White furniture on the background of a red wall Mirror over the fireplace  Painting on the wall in the living room  Photo within the framework of the sofa  Pictures on the wall by the fireplace  Living room с картинами на стенах

Kitchen – модная и разноплановая

When decorating the kitchen, a bright red color is one of the popular solutions. But it is necessary to provide such psychological influence: it strengthens the appetite in direct proportion to the desire to create culinary masterpieces.

Very often large appliances of steel color pushes to the decision to decorate the kitchen "red + gray". Most of the headsets are made in modern minimalism with a certain amount of actual industrial chic. This is facilitated by materials:

  • glossy facades;
  • colored plastic;
  • fake diamond;
  • metal elements.

Red furniture in the kitchen

Another fairly common option - a red headset with the addition of white. Suitable for those who appreciate the aesthetics of appearance, brevity, order. With red it is easy to create coziness in the kitchen-dining room, using it as an additional, rather than a basic one.

Manufacturers of household kitchen appliances constantly offer new copies in a daring, pure color. This trend strongly extends to red color - as an attractive, rather exclusive alternative to bored. And such courage is appropriate both in large and small kitchens. The refrigerator of red color becomes in an apartment-studio an interesting subject with a character, declaring the owner on the winning side.

Red and white kitchen interior Dining room opposite kitchen  Original chandeliers in the interior  Red chairs in the kitchen  White floor in the kitchen  Original kitchen interior

Bedroom – спокойная и уютная

Psychologists do not recommend using this color as the main one for the recreation area. But do not completely ignore it - as an additional color can enhance sensuality, add tranquility, intimacy.

Moderate red will allow you to make a bedroom in different styles - from adapted Japanese to trendy urban or glamorous. The accent wall as a decorating reception, actual for a bedroom, can be color, if it is located behind the head of the bed.

White furniture in a bedroom with red walls

In addition to the fashionable component of the bedroom design, tactile sensations are important. In the rest room there should not be too much artificial glossiness. The versatile texture, matte finish materials make the bedroom really cozy:

  • velor headboard, furniture of small forms (ottoman, chair-chair);
  • silk bed linen;
  • fur, "fluffy" details.

In any room, the determining criterion is not only the amount of red color, but also the coloring, complementing it.

White carpet in the bedroom Spot lights on the bedroom ceiling  Pictures above the bed  Elegant Bedroom Design  Chest by the bed  Lamps near the bed

Freshness of red and white interior

This is a very noticeable combination, interesting, life-affirming and in each style is special:

  • cell - country, English;
  • patchwork-ornament - rustic;
  • linear drawing - Japanese;
  • abstraction - modern.

Looks beautiful in a patterned performance. But if you do not like any floral-floral patterns, ornaments, but want to see the surrounding objects with a single color, then decide in advance which item of furniture will be red. On a snow-white background, small decorative pieces can get lost, but the console and sofa can become central figures.

Glass table near the sofa

Actual. With the same amount of red and white in one interior - the first will dominate, visually taking up more space.

If you leave behind the red color in the two-tone interior - the walls, this will require white:

  • interesting furniture design;
  • cornices, plinth of the correct height;
  • increased requirement for the beauty of the door leaf;
  • stylish design of wall planes - frame passepartout with a black and white photo.

This decision will be exactly memorable, appropriate for the living room, dining area. Reducing the dynamics of red white color is absolutely not capable, but there is an excellent candidate for its replacement - beige.

Striped wallpaper and sofa in the living room Modern interior of the living room  Sofa in front of the TV  Original clock above the fireplace  Unusual shelf near the bed  Red furniture in white interior

Red and beige: harmony side by side

Beige shades give the interior softness, comfort, tranquility, and therefore are still in demand, although they are not fashionable favorites. A certain universality is achieved due to a variety of gradations in color temperature:

  • sandy, straw with yellowish undertones;
  • light coffee; grayish-sandy, close to khaki;
  • with the addition of gray, making the original color as neutral as possible.

Red in the interior of such a room is a color splash with a slight tonic effect. And if the shades to pick up quite simply, based on personal preferences, then with the amount are more cautious, so that the room from "beige with red interesting details" does not turn into something flashy.

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Sofas and a table near the fireplace

What methods are used to make the duo appear in a better light:

  • Some interior photos confidently demonstrate a combination of just two shades of red, but different density - wine and scarlet.
  • Adding to the red dominant accent color in the interior of one more, in small quantities: the most logical appears green, as well as bright yellow, tender blue.
  • White color will deprive the room of static, strengthening the overall brightness.
  • Black monochrome or dark brown in micro-accents (photo frames, thin lines, drawing).
  • Flower motifs on textiles in the spirit of retro or modern geometric, more dynamic - red-beige combination can pleasantly surprise.

Red curtains in the living room Semicircular sofa in the living room  Paintings on the bedroom wall  Shelves in the wall near the TV  Pink beige furniture in the kitchen  Patterns on the living room wall

Red and cheerful yellow (orange)

Such an invigorating combination at the northern location is a good choice, since associations with the sun, in summer, will disperse the grayness in the most natural way. On the color wheel, two colors coexist, but in order to create a harmonious combination, for regular finding - one has to try:

  • Vanilla-yellow and raspberry-bold modern combination.
  • Orange - the main, and red acts as local accents.
  • White, cream shades - will lower the tonic "degree".
  • Golden instead of yellow - a respectable interior, where pomposity is balanced by achromatic colors.
  • Use with caution in children, despite the positive nature and apparent evidence.
  • Lemon-black gamma will perform in contrast to red large objects.
  • The actual version of yellow - mustard, harmonizing with coral.

Bright children's design Photo within the framework of the sofa в гостиной  The original interior of the living room  Suspended chandeliers in the dining room  Red furniture in the kitchen  Silver refrigerator in the kitchen

Rare combinations: red and blue (turquoise)

The combination of red, as warm color, with cold blue and blue hues is not very popular precisely because of the different color temperature, the opposite of being on the color wheel. But if you take shades with a cold pod - crimson, "cardinal", and enter them as small accents, then the room with a blue base - will play "new" colors.

A harmonious way to combine these colors in one room is to use both as accent. Perfectly convey the mood in the following styles:

  • sea ​​- blue-red recognizable combination with white;
  • retro - bright blue and saturated scarlet, supplemented with black and white monochrome;
  • country - dusted bluish shades and a few variations of red;
  • Loft - brick, the maximum natural wall and blue textiles, for example, the palace, an interior art object that sets character.

Modern interior of the nursery

Extremely unobtrusive union of all possible for a child's room, bedroom, kitchen. Adding greenery to the interior of the room is quite appropriate, as well as other bright micro-accents (yellow, lilac).

Fashionable turquoise, as a bright dominant, will get along with a calm red color, close to coral, especially if both are used moderately, based on an achromatic base. It can be chairs, sofa cushions, chest of drawers. But the saturated blue (indigo) in this combination makes the design too eclectic, fit more creative natures. This is one of the most controversial combinations, and even an ideal selection of shades is not a guarantee that the interior will be liked for a long time.

Telephone and chair under the stairs Butterfly in the picture next to the sofa  White furniture in the nursery  Red carpet in the bedroom  Dining room opposite kitchen  Armchair opposite the bed in the bedroom

Red and green: playing in the association

Most ready-made palettes with these two colors are natural, embodying nature. For a calm, soft combination:

  • Noble marsh, rich, green, fashionable shade of young greenery.
  • Pure crimson, burgundy with notes of brown.
  • For the cold palette: dark contrasts, extremely close to black (purple, blueberry), creamy-white with a bluish base will perform contrasting.
  • For a warm palette: dark brown and a lot of diluted light yellow, vanilla. Peach, orange - a spectacular addition.

Together, "red + green" set a certain mood, require the embodiment of decor and decoration: floral and floral ornaments, berries, bouquets of flowers, autumn palette. Different color saturation, adding wood, stencil elements will make it possible to realize country-style for the bedroom, dining room.

Furniture for interior color

Important. Lighting strongly affects the tandem of red-green, sometimes not the best way - will help preliminary colors, tissue samples.

Too clean, not muted colors - for the youth environment, as this is a fairly rich combination. Just avoid the overly obvious implementation - for example, wallpaper with poppies, tulips. The closeup is able to quickly get bored, and in smaller rooms the room looks oppressive, despite the life-affirming palette.

Original chandelier in the bedroom TV in front of the sofa in the living room  Pictures by the bed  Pistachio-red kitchen interior  Unusual chairs next to the table  Glass wall in the house

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Red and brown - noble chic

The classic solid combination of red and brown is still used in the design of the office, the library. This noble harmony is in many historical styles, supplemented with gilding, natural wood, leather.

Some designers were able to rethink it to a more modern style. And the first thing to consider when a bet is made on this duo is the gloominess of the room. Do not interfere with additional sources of lighting - from the wall with beautiful lampshades, giving diffused light, to the spotlight of the wall decor, paintings.

TV in front of the bed

One of the varieties of brown is chocolate, with which you can get beautiful combinations. Fans of dark wood, wenge for the floor and furniture, it is worth looking at brick-red, terracotta, other warm colors.

There are several rules for error-free design:

  • one shade of red;
  • light yellow, vanilla companions;
  • many glass elements.

Actual. Red-brown shades of floor carpet with ornament - a win-win solution for many interiors, luxurious, but not pathos.

Wood in the interior of the kitchen Books in the room  Bedroom с шикарным интерьером  Furniture made of wood in the dining room Chess floor in the kitchen  Strict kitchen design

Red and pink: the right to exist

Unlike brown, the combination with pink is an ambiguous combination. With an abundance of these two self-sufficient colors, rapid fatigue is possible. They can cause strong dissonance, and it's not surprising that the photos of such interiors often become anti-examples, as one should not do.

Pink furniture in the living room

How to get rid of "puppetry", excessive infantilism? In any case, this color combination will be considered exotic, but it is quite possible to get away from stereotypes about purely feminine affiliation:

  • Red and pink scale, supplemented with gold - a typical oriental interior.
  • Complex patterning, including, for metal (Moroccan and other ethno-styles).
  • The addition of the third companion is lilac, celestial, yellow for micro accents.
  • Strict lines, conciseness, a share of minimalism, simple forms of furniture.
  • Dark pink (fuchsia, purple) against the background of burgundy - muffled, as if powdered side surfaces.
  • Moderate share of the decor with the character posing a positive mood, only a few antique things that do not lead to a sense of "museum".

Sofas and a table opposite the fireplace

Red and gray: a new level

This combination is pretty jaded. For sure, all met posters with English themes (buses, phone booths). To move away from the templates, from the budget to bring to a new level, you should:

  • Use a bold combination: gray with a bluish tint and crimson.
  • Supplement the main red accents - yellow, orange.
  • The main gray should be different - for example, light walls and a dark (close to a graphite) sofa.
  • Dullness, muffled shades of red color will give the interior refinement.
  • Different textures - for example, a gray stone, trend concrete and a laminated surface.
  • Natural light wood (floor, furniture legs), mirrors, silver metal will refresh the interior, making it more interesting.

Table and sofas in front of the TV

Too much dark gray in combination with scarlet tones can make an oppressive impression, especially if it's a living room. But the bathroom is very elegant. Straighten the situation, even in a small space:

  • logical large amount of white (standard plumbing);
  • silvery shiny components (like a heated towel rail);
  • mirror surfaces.

Modular picture in the living room Gray interior with red décor  TV on the wall in the dining room  Glass wall in the bedroom  Red refrigerator and gray furniture in the kitchen  Illuminated painting on the wall in the hallway

Red and black: dark contrast

Even if gray does not always make the interior comfortable for sensations, suitable for permanent finding, then black - the champion of depressiveness. Special:

  • small room;
  • the ceiling is not white;
  • Inadequate lighting;
  • lack of a clear stylistic position.

Adding a snow-white, as a way to "dilute" the interior, sometimes does not work. You can achieve the opposite effect, only increasing the contrast, turning the interior into a gothic one. If this task is not put, then others are added, softening the categorical design: pastel, light gray.

Black bath in the red room Sink and mirror on the red wall  Red furniture in a room with black walls  Shelf with illumination in the bathroom  White paintings on the wall in a black interior  Table and sofas opposite the decorative fireplace

Natural greens, metallized surfaces, forging, wood, interesting and relevant items (piano, fireplace) are able to smooth out excessive sharpness. Black-and-white interiors, despite the lack of novelty, do not give up the leading positions on demand. To emphasize on red as an accent is an option for confident owners who love clarity, structure.

All presented photos demonstrate a variety of cold and warm tones, and it is important to find "your". Individuality is an integral part of a successful project, but to a greater extent it manifests itself in decor. This is a good way to create a red interior not only in those rooms where you are awake, but also make a binding color for the whole house.