Design of the private house 2016 - modern trends in the

To support ourselves and you, our dear readers, in the course of modern trends and novelties in the design of private houses and apartments, we constantly monitor the requests of Internet users and themed sites such as Houzz and Pinterest that unite millions of designers and decorators from all over the world . In this article, you will learn how to create a stylish and fashionable design of a private home in 2016 - for this we have collected here the main trends in the design of the interiors of private houses. How do people of our time see the house of their dreams? Read on!

The design of houses in our time requires the ability to combine many styles and currents into one living space. The problem is that even when using different directions in one location, get the most organic result in the form of a house, where it will be comfortable and comfortable for its owners.

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Modern design of a private house - photo inside

Modern design of a private home - general trends 2016

Today's stage of development of design of dwellings can be called a period of a combination of contrasts. We enjoy the convenience presented with new modern technologies, but they also make us miss the nature and uncomplicated comfort that the parent house gives. We are equally admired by the luxury of classical styles - Baroque, Rococo, Empire etc., And the inspiring expressiveness of minimalism. We have learned to see beauty in the rough industrial style, and instead of hiding the industrial elements of the home, they began to emphasize their vintage and romantic decor.

The diversity of our culture has created a need for homes that will allow us to be light and free for reflection, expression and contemplation. Here are 5 general trends in the design of private homes that we see today:

1. Open lay-out

This is, of course, the trend number 1. Everything began with the unification of the kitchen, living room and dining area, then the walls between the bedroom, the bathroom and the dressing room began to disappear. Balconies, verandas and terraces have become larger, and the partitions between them and the rest of the house are more transparent. Following the glass doors and partitions came the fashion for glazing the facades and huge windows. We are a part of the world around us, the beautiful world, so why isolate it from it?

Interior design of a wooden house by the garden

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2. Smart technologies

It's not just about expensive "smart house" systems, but also about preserving the environment and own money. Taking care of ecology today is not only fashionable, but also profitable. Systems saving water, solar panels and collectors are decent, but pay off with interest. In addition, looking at the success of these devices in the west, we can expect that soon they will become more affordable for the inhabitants of the CIS. Among other popular smart technologies for home - security control, chromotherapy, climate control, etc.

Design of a private house with solar panels

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It is especially interesting to observe how this modern trend is combined with the next - it seems to him, quite the opposite.

3. Elements of old estates

This is exactly what we mentioned above: new technologies make life easier and more comfortable, but we also need romance, comfort and a spiritual atmosphere. Therefore, in modern private homes, regardless of the style of decoration, today you can increasingly find such elements of old estates as:

  • Libraries. Yes, they return to the design of the private house. There is something soothing about being surrounded by books. Even if the area of ​​the house does not allow to allocate a separate room for them, you can equip a cozy reading corner in the bedroom or living room.

Cabinet with a library in the design of a private house

  • Wine storerooms and cellars. While one is a small enough bar rack or shelf for wine, others bring their love of collectible drinks to a new level by setting aside for them a special room. In general, wine has long been not just a drink, but also an element of luxury in interior design.

Shelves for wine in interior design - photo Wine cellar in a private house - 2 photos

  • Offices. Elegant home offices with comfortable furniture return to fashion on a par with libraries. Perhaps the trend came from the fact that many modern people work at home? But even those who do not apply to such workaholics today are assigned a separate room or angle to creativity, planning, housekeeping, document storage etc.

Design of a private house inside - home office

  • Women's boudoir. Most modern women work on a par with men, and therefore need a space where they can just be ladies. Within each careerist lives a fragile and refined lady, who sometimes wants to hide and dream under the canopy, or spend several hours in front of the dressing table, smartening up.

Luxurious bedroom design in a private house Feminine bedroom design in the interior of a private house

4. Home Sports Corner

Not everyone can afford to make a gym in the house, but this is not required. Your sports corner can include both different simulators, just a treadmill or "bike", a yoga mat, a Swedish wall, a pylon, dumbbell shelves and other equipment. The options for playing sports at home are hundreds, and a small budget is not an excuse for your laziness. Add here motivational posters, mirrors, a small TV or audio system, houseplants ... You will like it!

Registration of a sports corner in a private house Loft design in the interior of a private house

5. Built-in furniture

This trend in the design of private houses perfectly echoes the trend number 1. Built-in furniture is great to save space and gives the rooms a more integrated look than when there are separate bulky cabinets, chests and pedestals. Built-in furniture today is often made out in the color of the walls and is crowned with skirting boards and ceiling friezes to be as "invisible" as possible. Also popular are built-in wardrobes with open shelves for books, dishes and decor, which visually increase the volume of premises. A very smart trend, which can be safely attributed to "eternal" or timeless design solutions!

Stylish built-in furniture in the design of a private house Interior of a bedroom in a private house - photo

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Features of modern kitchen design in a private house

Since in the design of private houses the kitchen increasingly began to unite with the living room, it ceased to be just a working room and turned into the real heart of a modern home. Below are some of the main trends in modern kitchen design:

  • Heated floors, usually covered with stone or ceramic tiles;
  • Availability of functional kitchen island and / or bar counter;
  • Kitchen appliances of restaurant quality;
  • Availability of a pantry or built-in storage closet;
  • Smart organizers for storage of products and accessories;
  • Purification filters for water;
  • Built-in lighting for worktops and shelves in lockers;
  • Stylish and creative "aprons" for the kitchen.

Stylish kitchen design in a private house - photoChic modern kitchen furniture - photo of private house kitchenBeautiful design of a private house - kitchen photoIdea for decorating kitchen in a private houseA cozy pantry in the design of a private house

Bathroom decoration in a private house - a combination of luxury and spa

This room in the interior of the private house began to receive increased attention. The modern bathroom is a place for rest and relaxation, and people want to feel here, as if in a luxurious five-star resort. This is indicated not only by the growing popularity of marble bathroom finishes, but also by trends such as:

  • Asian style decoration of bathrooms (in particular Chinese, Japanese and Moroccan)
  • Separate standing bathrooms and large open showers, which replaced the closed booths;
  • Stylish heated towel rails and floors;
  • Built-in appliances, including audio systems, chromotherapy, LCD TVs etc.;
  • Decoration of the bathroom with natural materials (wood, stone) and indoor plants;
  • The presence of large windows with chic curtains.

Modern design bathroom in Asian styleModern bathroom in the design of a private houseBathroom design with Moroccan tiles Luxurious bathroom in the design of a private house

Fashionable design of the living room and other rooms of a private house

Finally, let us cite a few more trends in interior design of a private house, which you should take note if you are going to be engaged in repairs in the near future:

  1. Exciting lighting, which increasingly acts as the main design element (LED lighting of various elements, spot lights, luxury suspended lamps and chandeliers, industrial lamps, etc.);
  2. Stylish stairs to the porch and between the floors (with illuminated steps, walled photo galleries, unusual handrails or other features);
  3. Spacious and bright hallways with a friendly decor;
  4. Large and comfortable cushioned furniture (in particular modular sofas, pouffes and armchairs);
  5. Bright window frames (in particular in the fashion black color, gray metallic, as well as brown wood shades, at the same time, typical white frames are not welcomed, especially with the color facade);
  6. Elements of nostalgia (old children's toys, retro posters, lace curtains, vintage refrigerators and other antique items that look stunning on the background of modern interior design);
  7. Light, "old" and roughly processed wood, which gives a special connection between the inside of the house and nature;
  8. Scandinavian textiles, geometric patterns and restrained-bright ornaments of which ideally look both in modern and traditional interiors.

Interior design of the living room in a private houseDesign of a private home 2016 - interior photo of a living room Beautiful fresh design of a private house - photo of an interiorPhoto of the living room and stairs in a private houseInteresting design of a private house - photos of roomsFashionable hallway design in a private home in 2016