Entrance hall design - 60 photos in beautiful design

Arrangement of the hallway should be given special attention, since the first impression of the apartment and its owners is formed from its appearance. The hallway design (photo is presented in the article) is formed on the basis of many factors - the size, layout of the room, the general stylistic direction of the apartment, and personal preferences. In our review, we will touch on various options for decorating hallways with a large photo-selection of successful design solutions.

Wardrobe in the hallway: design and photo of placement methods

Have a separate room where you can store all the necessary things very conveniently and practical. And if the area allows, then you can arrange in it another and a fitting room with a mirror. In addition, its location in the corridor will save the room from bulky cabinets, allowing also to store outer clothing, umbrellas, gloves, shoes. Wardrobe in the hallway, the design of which we see in the photo, will require additional space, so these rooms are mostly equipped in large corridors. A good option may be to equip a wardrobe niche or pantry. The dressing room can be closed (with solid doors), open (without doors or a transparent structure) and combined.

hallway design photo, photo 1cloakroom in the hallway photo design, photo 2cloakroom in the hallway photo design, photo 3cloakroom in the hallway photo design, photo 4cloakroom in the hallway photo design, photo 5cloakroom in the hallway photo design, photo 6

Entrance hall: interior design with a photo of studio apartments

The merge of the corridor with the total area of ​​the apartment gives additional space, but, at the same time, requires zoning. The design of the hallway (photo below) can include the dissociation of the territory with decoration, curly ceilings, lighting, but it is better if it is an element of furniture or a partial partition. A good option will be a high furniture module (wardrobe) from floor to ceiling, an "easy" gypsum board structure or a rack. Sometimes for this, make out a "green" hedge of fresh flowers.

hallway photo design options, photo 7hallway photo design options, photo 8hallway photo design options, photo 9

Hallway design options: photo alignment with kitchen and living room

Once in the hallway of the studio apartment, you can see a kitchen or living room in front of you. To intervene with the elements such as a sofa, located backside to the corridor, a furniture module combining the functions of a chest of drawers and a bar counter will successfully help. The variant of combining the "kitchen-hallway", the design of which we see in the photo, offers thin gypsum plasterboard designs, possibly with shelves for decorative accessories, keys, newspapers. Behind them can be located a dining area or countertop.

kitchen hallway design photo, photo 10kitchen hallway design photo, photo 11kitchen hallway photo design, photo 12photo hallways in the corridor photo design, photo 13design of a narrow hallway photo, photo 14

Anteroom for a narrow corridor: design with photos and comments

The entrance hall, which has a narrow layout, can be divided into two zones. One - at the entrance door, and the second - vestibule. In the entrance area it is necessary to put a more wear-resistant floor tile, which, besides it is easier to wash, and for walls to choose a kind of finishing resistant to various influences. Entrance hallway for a narrow corridor, includes in the design (photos are represented by material) the most necessary elements of the situation: a mirror, an armchair or pouf, a hanger, a shoe shelf. Next, in the next zone of the hallway will be placed a storage system with open shelves or a closet. The design of the narrow hallway, as seen in the photo, is decorated in light colors with brighter accent narrow gaps of the walls to avoid the effect of the tunnel. The walls perfectly complement mirrors, picture galleries, instagram-panels with favorite family photos.

hallway for a narrow corridor photo design, photo 15hallway for a narrow corridor photo design, photo 16hallway for a narrow corridor photo design, photo 17hallway design photo, photo 18hallway for a narrow corridor photo design, photo 19

Small hallway: interior design, photo

Small-diameter patches of corridors require visual expansion. The design of the small hallway (see the photo of the article) should be light, have mirrors that increase space, good lighting. A good option, when the walls are slightly darker than the ceiling, but lighter than the floor. Furniture is often put in the corners of the hallway. A small hallway, the interior design of which is presented in the photo, assumes a minimal set of furniture. It can be a narrow chest of drawers with a mirror, a panel with hooks, shelves for shoes, an ottoman.

hallway interior design photo, photo 20small hallway interior design photo, photo 21hallway interior design photo, photo 22design of a small hallway photo, photo 23

Design of the hallway in Khrushchevka: photo in the interior of the small house

For old buildings "Khrushchev" characterized by small square or rectangular hallways with doors leading into the rooms. From them you can completely get rid by decorating the arched passages, which perfectly complement the design of the hallway with decorative stone (photos are attached). If there is no desire to violate the privacy of the rooms - make the doorways high under the ceiling - so you can visually enlarge the cramped area. The design of the hall in Khrushchev, presented in the photo, demonstrates the successful arrangement of furniture on the "blind" angular territories and ends. The decor is preferable not to load - vinyl stickers, processing of sites by a decorative stone, fragmentary photo wallpapers is enough.

hallway design with decorative stone photo, photo 24hallway design with decorative stone photo, photo 25hallway design with decorative stone photo, photo 26hallway design in Khrushchev photo, photo 27hallway design in Khrushchev photo, photo 28hallway design in Khrushchevka photo, photo 29hallway design with decorative stone photo, photo 30

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Hallway in the house: a design with a photographic selection

Private houses as well as apartments have different dimensions and the luxury of decorating the room depends on this. It is important to design the hallway in the house in accordance with the general style of construction and interior style of the interior. For example, the Provansov hall in the house, the design of which is shown in the photo, will greet you with a warm decoration of olive-colored walls, wooden white furniture, decorated with antique, wrought-iron mirror, decorative statuettes. Minimalism will prefer smooth glossy surfaces of white, gray tones with high-quality lighting and a slight decor. At the entrance door you can arrange the necessary elements: a hanger, shoe boxes, mirrors, and a storage system to organize in a separate dressing room. The existing windows are decorated with stylish curtains.

modern hallway design photo, photo 31long hallway design photo, photo 32hallway in the house design photo, photo 33hallway in the house design photo, photo 34

Entrance hall in the house with a staircase: design and photo in a stylish design

Quite often in houses, above one floor, in the hallway area there is a staircase rise, which can become the main decoration, if to make it harmoniously blending into the interior. In addition, the entrance hall in the house with the staircase (the design see on the photo) receives additional territory for the arrangement of the dressing room under the staircase. Here you can also install a small sofa, a shelf with accessories or a small room.

hallway in the house with stairs photo design, photo 35hallway in the house with a staircase photo design, photo 36hallway in the house with stairs design photo, photo 37hallway in the house with stairs design photo, photo 38hallway in the house with stairs photo design, photo 39

The entrance hall with own hands: a photo of the design created independently

With their own forces, without the help of hired workers and specialists, it is possible to make beautiful stylish repairs. Choose finishes easier, for example, wallpaper or paint for walls, linoleum on the floor, and the ceilings can be whitewashed. Use the photo or 3d wallpaper to design individual episodes. The hallway with its own hands (photo design is presented in the article) will gain individuality if you add decor elements made by your own: a panel on the wall, a soft knitted rug, a gallery, flocks of artificial butterflies on the walls and ceiling (now a particularly popular kind of decoration).

hallway photo design, photo 40anteroom photo design, photo 41anteroom photo design, photo 42anteroom photo design, photo 43anteroom photo design, photo 44

Design of vestibules: photos and modern ideas-recommendations for different styles

Current trends in interior design tend to choose a certain style, each of which has its own characteristics. The minimalistic design of the hallway (see the examples in the photo) includes the laconic design, where there is no room for lush decor. Everything is extremely simple and functional. The main colors are white, black, gray. Furniture has regular shapes, smooth surfaces, complemented by mirrors (closet or minimal set of modules). Classics, unlike him, will not do without elements of stucco, perhaps carvings, rich chandeliers, the presence of bronze or gilding.

design of anterooms photo modern ideas, photo 45hallway design ideas photo, photo 46

Ideas for the design of the hallway, photos of which are presented by the Provencal interior, will be embodied with delicate pastel colors of decoration, textiles (rugs, pillows, curtains), the presence of wooden aged light furniture.

Loft corridor is equipped with a fairly coarse rough wooden furniture, which is ideal for brick or concrete wall decoration. The ceiling at all can be left in its original form. Especially the style is emphasized by metal constructions, which play the role of an open cloakroom.

The design of the art deco hallway (photo attached) has complicated, at times, intricate shapes, floral ornament. It will necessarily be different brightness, richness of decoration with glossy glossy surfaces, a variety of decor.

design of anterooms photo modern ideas, photo 47hallway design ideas photo, photo 48design of anterooms photo modern ideas, photo 49hallway design ideas photo, photo 50design of anterooms photo modern ideas, photo 51hallway design ideas photo, photo 52design of anterooms photo modern ideas, photo 53hallway design ideas photo, photo 54design of anterooms photo modern ideas, photo 55hallway design ideas photo, photo 56design of anterooms photo modern ideas, photo 57hallway design ideas photo, photo 58design of anterooms photo modern ideas, photo 59hallway design ideas photo, photo 60

The design of the hallway in the photographs of our article demonstrates the most diverse possibilities for decorating a stylish room. Do not necessarily exactly repeat the samples - make this room the most convenient, cozy for your family, and our advice, we hope, will help you with this.