Interior design: what it consists of

The acquisition of a new apartment or the upcoming renovation in an old, long-required change, make you think about a way to translate your own ideas into its design. No one can design a interior better than a designer. Only in this case it is possible to achieve a 100% result. Professional approach, modern technologies and creative vision of the problem suggest the creation of a project, which takes into account all the customer's wishes, analysis of the premises, as well as a plan that needs to be translated into reality.

The design project of interest from what consistsThe ready design project is a document for the work of the construction team and a visual aid for clients. First of all, it is needed to display planning options. This is an excellent opportunity to provide options for solving existing problems, to work out the ideas you liked and to assemble them into a quality version of the interior arrangement.

What does the interior design project consist of?

What does the interior design project consist of?

The designer with the help of the design project is able to solve not only the problem of redevelopment, but also to suggest what color range is to be used in the interior, which of the style trends is better to choose, so that harmony and comfort always reign in the house.

The design project of interest from what it consists of

Design project of interest composition

Composition of interior design projectSelection of decoration materials, planning of placement of light sources, arrangement of furniture - so much should not be missed and at the same time work professionally. To do this, you need a design project, the elements of which are:

Technical task. This is the first stage in interior design. It is aimed at studying the wishes of the customer, allows the designer to form an understanding of the problem and find the right solution.

Planning solution. The most difficult part in the project development process. The plan should contain a plan for redevelopment of the premises, furniture location. The result largely depends on experience, approach, knowledge and skills in creating optimal zoning. It is important that the area of ​​the room is not lost, but, conversely, it could acquire a physical and visual extension. Usually, the designer is faced with the task of preparing 2-3 variants of the alteration, in order to choose a more suitable one together with the customer.

3D-visualization allows you to see your future apartment in a three-dimensional dimension with a brand new repair. This is an additional opportunity to change some details, while the project has not moved to the execution stage.

Additional plans for the placement of electricians, lamps and other no less important communications and facilities that require planning.

Estimating the cost of materials and interior elements - furniture, plumbing, home appliances, window accessories, decorative ornaments. Here you need to calculate the maximum cost in order to get the amount, which will cost the alteration of an apartment or a separate room.

Design projects are interested in what they consist of

Design projects of interest - what they consist of

Design project of interest compositionляющие

Varieties of design project

Depending on the need for a range of designer services, the design of the interior design can be complete and provide the full range of services. It consists of a list of documents - plans, drawings, as well as all information relating to types of finishing materials, such as paint and other.

Interior design of what it consists ofThe draft variant assumes the creation of a general picture of the room where furniture is arranged, special attention is given to the design of walls, floors and windows. This type of project does not involve complex changes in the design of a house or apartment. All attention to the style of the interior.

Interior design of what the project consists ofThe working draft contains drawings and plans for the arrangement and is considered standard. It displays all the information about the transfer of walls and the features of the zoning of space. Additionally includes a visual version of the final result.

Find out what the interior design project consists ofPrice for interior design project

The cost of the design of the project is discussed individually and depends primarily on the object itself, its area, the complexity of repair and other nuances. When it comes to creating a modern interior, you can not economize precisely. Therefore, in order to assess the financial possibilities, it is better to start by calling a specialist at the location, to assess the forthcoming amount of work.

Read: the design of the project of interest from what it consists ofSince the project provides complete information and calculation of the necessary amount of materials for the floor, walls, furniture selection and interior details, this will help to formulate an estimate of the implementation of the design of the project.

What does the interior design project include?In order to get a decent conversion of an apartment on the output, it is necessary to entrust the business to a specialist - to order a design project and look forward to quick changes in the interior.

Components of interior design project

What is the design of the interior design?Ideally, entrust the designer with the execution of works from scratch and until the final result is obtained. This will help an additional service - author's supervision. In this case, you can guarantee a 100% match of the plan and the real picture.