Types of roller blinds

Modern designers are constantly looking for options for decorating windows to protect the room from bright sunlight, as well as from unnecessary curiosity. Roller blinds day and night are one of such devices that can fully provide protection from sun rays and excessive curiosity.

Roller blinds day and night the invention is not new, but thanks to the improvement acquired completely different technical parameters that can fully provide the level of control of daylight control that is required at the time of use. One of the original solutions are roller blinds with photo printing, which on the surface of the material used to protect against light, display a different theme of the picture.

Roll-blind day-night

Roller blind "Zebra" or day-night consists of two stripes of fabric transparent and opaque. The mechanism of curtains is arranged so that when lifting and lowering the bars are shifted and you can only choose the necessary lighting.

Light roller blinds

Simplicity of the design of roller blinds allows you to install the mechanism on the walls, ceiling or opening of the window. Advanced curtains can be controlled remotely using an electric motor.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Principle of operation of the system
  • 2 Protection system and types
  • 3 Scope of application
  • 4 Selection rules: how to measure the canvas
  • 5 Installation of roller blinds
  • 6 Roller blinds on windows without drilling. Video
  • 7 Roller blinds made of straw, bamboo and plain cloth

Principle of operation of the system

There is no need to prove the need to protect window openings from getting light or the looks of strangers from the street: different devices are used for these purposes. Roller blinds in the interior of apartments and other types of premises perfectly fit into the overall style.

The subject of roller blinds recently is one of the most popular for use in different types of premises. For the arrangement various versions of materials are used, from which this type of protection of the premises is made.

Roller blinds are very easy to operate, it can be done mechanically by setting the desired level manually, or by using an electric drive and a remote console, where a special program is used. By wrapping the material on the shaft, the level of clearance necessary for viewing and protecting is easily adjusted.

Curtains made of straw

Roller blinds made of straw in a wooden house. Ecology is 100 percent.

Decorative curtains made of linen

Original decorative curtains made of linen will fill the living room with a natural range of color shades.

Tissue roll wallpaper

Like no other, roll curtains made of fabric are ideal for a small bedroom with a small window.

Protection system and types

Blinds rolls are made of a variety of materials, used as a traditional material, for example fabric, and other newer versions: bamboo, paper, imitation leather and cellulose. For the production of roller blinds one of the most popular materials is fabric. This material is well suited to all technical requirements for this type of protection. Roller blinds in the interior of the housing, made of fabric, perfectly complement the overall style. Particularly distinguished are roller blinds with photoprinting that meet certain themes, which serve as an additional element of the interior. Listing some of the types of roller blinds, you can identify the following options that are popular:

  1. Curtains of a standard pattern. Can be used individually, or combined with conventional types of curtains, completing as a protective agent against tissue burnout under the influence of sunlight. The air space between the glass and the curtain is an additional protection in the cold period to cut off cold air from the window aperture.
  2. Roller blinds with photo printing. The latest technologies are used, where any of the landscapes or photos you like are applied to the fabric. For these purposes, a special seal is used, which transfers the selected pattern to the surface of the roller blinds.
  3. Curtains mini. To make this kind of roller blinds do not require a lot of space, this type of blinds is fixed directly on the window frame. Mini roller blinds in the interior are indispensable in the design of small-sized rooms, where non-standard sizes of window frames are used.
  4. Bamboo roller blinds. One of the types of natural material for them is bamboo. The material is ideal for the category of tenants who want to choose not only beautiful and original curtains for their habitation, but also an environmentally friendly design element.
  5. Roller curtains zebra. Still this kind is called "day-night", since the control mechanics allows to regulate the flow of light from the street with the help of strips of two types: transparent completely and partially transmitting illumination. Original solutions of design groups make it possible to use roller blinds with photographic printing of special shades, which make it possible to completely localize the light entering the room and vice versa, to maximize the flow of daylight to the desired area of ​​the room.
  6. Curtains of other types of material. As a material for them, designers use not only the usual fabric for eyes.

Today's choice is so diverse that it often puzzles when it comes to choosing this device.

Bamboo curtains

Bamboo curtains are made of split strips of bamboo interlaced with natural fibers.

Curtains made of bamboo

Qualitatively made curtains made of bamboo look good in spacious living rooms and offices.

Application area

Traditionally, using roller blinds in the interior of various types of living quarters, the adaptations have found their application also for the open view of the structures of summer outbuildings. Country houses and suburban areas, where there are outdoor hanging facilities for recreation, use special roller blinds for arbors. They protect the room not only from sunlight, but also partially protect against the penetration of natural precipitation in the form of rain, fog, strong wind.

Curtains for gazebos and verandas are made of material that is traditionally used for all types of similar devices:

  • polyester;
  • fiberglass;
  • nylon;
  • the cloth;
  • other synthetic material.

Used almost any tone, often curtains decorate the decor elements, for example, brushes, fringe, braid. In the curtains, which are used in office buildings, often install structures with an electric drive, which help to control them from a distance using a remote control.

The superiority of roller blinds in operation: the convenience of using such curtains is primarily expressed in the fact that the surface that protects the room from the light flux does not collect dust, which is very characteristic of other species. To clean the surface of a simple uncomplicated wet cleaning, while the usual require considerable effort: washing, drying.

Selection rules: how to measure the canvas

Before you buy a finished product, you need to measure the window opening, so that the dimensions of the canvas were of the appropriate size. In the sale there are several options for curtains for the standard size of windows, if the window opening was manufactured individually and has a non-standard width and height, you must independently make measurements or call for this master.

When measuring, it should be borne in mind that a large reserve of cloth during operation will interfere with the clinging to the hardware, and the size of the back-end can let in strips of light. It is enough two or three centimeters of margin for height and width, which will ensure maximum protection of the room from the flow of daylight.

Installation of roller blinds

With a tool attached in the literal sense of the word for half an hour. The kit contains all the necessary fasteners, you only need a screwdriver, a drill and the right type of screwdriver.

Roller blinds can be fastened in several ways:

  • on the rock;
  • on the window;
  • on the ceiling.

This point is very beneficial, if you need maximum space clearance. Another undeniable convenience is the installation of curtains by an electric drive. Such an improvement is very convenient in use in bedrooms where you can adjust the flow of light without getting out of bed.

Roller blinds on windows without drilling. Video

Roller blinds made of straw, bamboo and plain fabric