Kitchen design with balcony - 25 ideas

Kitchen with loggia

If you - the owner of the kitchen with a balcony, then there are amazing opportunities for maximally functional use of these additional squares. The overall design of the kitchen with a balcony directly depends on the possibility of combining these two spaces. Such a decision will literally open not just the door, but new horizons, will allow even a small kitchen to play with fresh colors. After accession, any kitchen will acquire individuality and great potential, both in a functional sense and in terms of design intentions.

But to make this decision comfortable in the kitchen, you should take care of the appearance of the balcony exit. What techniques exist:

  • The sliding transparent doors are made - it is essential to save space without a swinging design;
  • Even the usual balcony door is completely made of glass at the top and bottom.
  • A single tinting of the walls of two rooms, even separated by a door, will facilitate visual expansion.

But the presence of a balcony in the kitchen makes it possible to allow a lot more than just beautiful curtains in front of the door.

Dining area on the balcony


Owners of standard kitchens with a miniature balcony or large ones with a huge loggia, regardless of cubature, find such an attractive, albeit not quite budget solution. Regardless of the tasks that the balcony itself performs, the combined solution allows:

  • to embody unusual designs, thereby to achieve originality;
  • add a general level of illumination;
  • maximize the increased area.

Additional area on the balcony

First, they only specify the degree of unification, which are fundamentally different in technical execution:

  • Dismantle only the balcony door with a window opening. Such a decision will allow in case of changed circumstances to return everything to the place without problems.
  • The partition disappears - additional possibilities are opened, for example, to make a spectacular arch.
  • Absolute demolition of all partitions is a complete merger.

Panoramic window on the balcony

First action

From the technical possibilities the design of the combined kitchen solution with the balcony directly depends. After all, in houses of "advanced" age, obtaining permits is not easy. Most often, complete scrapping of the partitions is impossible and, in addition, there are nails.

Attention! Rules and technical aspects of harmonization differ not only for each concrete house (panel or brick), but also for each region.

Expansion of the kitchen area due to the balcony

Before you start implementing the design project you like, you should take care of those technical moments, without which such an idea is impossible:

  • Warming of the balcony. You can not transfer the battery - heating systems like infra-red floor will help out.
  • Possible glazing in the floor, especially on the loggia - French windows, but three-chambered;
  • Transfer of communications and engineering systems.
  • Consider in case of a balcony the permissible load.
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Rest area on the balcony with a kitchen

Specificity of design

Thinking about the design of the kitchen with access to the balcony, you should definitely consider how often and much it is used for its intended purpose; how many necessary appliances are planned to be placed. After the violation of the rule of the triangle (the scheme of the most ergonomic arrangement of the plate, refrigerator and sink) can turn into discomfort.

Panoramic glazing on the loggia from the kitchen

Usually the balcony has:

  • the most cumbersome technique (refrigerator, freezer);
  • Work area (corner in the case of a loggia or linear).

A full area, obtained by joining a loggia, calls not to limit the choice to several styles. For miniature versions, too, there are many suggestions. The presence of a "non-cleaning" window sill is the starting point in creating an original, functional kitchen design even with a small balcony.

Dining room on the balcony in the shape of a bay window

It becomes possible to turn an annoying hindrance into:

  • an effective bar counter;
  • very comfortable worktop;
  • a beautiful dining place;
  • a small kitchen island.

Kitchen table in the loggia

The balcony turns-

Sometimes the first place is the need to create another full zone, not directly related to cooking. The balcony or loggia, depending on the format, is transformed dramatically, if you use the latest design achievements and interior innovative elements:

Combined kitchen with balcony

Functional zoneBalconyLoggia
Dining room - reception of foodLinear arrangement along the window with high chairs, transforming modelsRound table with spectacular chairs
Relax with elements of wildlifeA small sofa to fit even in the smallest spaceSoft group is supplemented with special furniture for plants
ExistsStools on the balcony are taken out and a partition in the form of a rack is usedAdds the most unusual decor, a vinotheque, a coffee machine

Design of a small kitchen with a balcony

Style preferences: classic of the genre

Each style has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes you want "everything at once," and the budget and cubic capacity of space, even with the association, have limitations. It is worth to look more attentively to the most common styles, carefully analyze the possibilities of each interior.

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The ageless classics still occupy a leading position, because most owners are eager for respectability, harmony. Unification allows full use of this direction, because the general appearance of the room directly depends on the appearance of the kitchen set.

Light kitchen with access to the balcony

Classics assumes a special look at household appliances, which can affect the final cost:

  • Hidden household appliances. You have to spend money on additional facades, concealing, for example, a large refrigerator, multivark, microwave, if necessary even a washing machine.
  • Use of stylized antique kitchen gadgets. Modern manufacturers have tried to take into account the needs of consumers, but the price segment is shifting somewhat in the direction of increase.

Existsная стойка на балконе совмещенном с кухней

For small spaces, especially with the rest of the wall, it does not quite fit, but the arches fit perfectly, becoming a central accent. Performed in a smooth manner, they enhance the charm of such interiors.

Arch to the balcony from the kitchen

Existsокко, арт-деко и другая роскошь

These styles are known to be suitable only for large rooms, because their distinctive features are various decorative elements. For the kitchen interior they are not often chosen, sometimes the planning itself pushes the owners to make a decision.

Corner kitchen

In new buildings there are quite often bearing pillars in the form of columns - structural elements. And in these styles, they are practically necessary components. Adding them to a semi-circular, shaped partition, decorative stucco and expressive kitchen set, you get an impressive, luxurious interior.

Dining room in the balcony area on the podium

Если позволяет площадь, зачем себя ограничивать? Loggia превращается в обеденную зону с солидным столом, богатой сервировкой и драпировками. Можно позволить кресла на кухне и другие излишества, которых лишены владельцы миниатюрных помещений, ведь им придётся выбирать более лаконичное в деталях, функциональное исполнение. Но и тратить время на поддержание порядка и чистоты придётся гораздо меньше, ведь нет необходимости полировать многочисленные завитушки, которыми так славятся роскошные стили.

Yellow kitchen

With the times

Modern styles have long found their loyal fans who are not afraid to put forward home appliances or bright colors. Even small rooms can be decorated in bright, fashionable colors, for example, turquoise. Only for a small space, the interior is diluted with enough white.

Small kitchen with a combined balcony

What design techniques have found a response in the hearts of consumers:

  • Two-color set. The top part is executed in cardinally white color or its shades (pearl, tender-milky), and the bottom - bright.
  • Glossy facades with a minimum number of external elements, a system of closers is possible.
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Interior of modern kitchen with balcony

Innovative technology, for example, kitchen hoods in the style of high-tech becomes a source of pride in such interiors, and not superfluous for the look of an object that must be quickly hidden behind the curtain. Not infrequent will be innovative systems for placing kitchen utensils, all sorts of organizers for headsets.

Exit to the terrace from the kitchen

Any small kitchen will be pleased with the simplicity of decoration. Its role is assigned to functional things - a spectacular mixer, a kitchen apron. The latter is executed in a mosaic pattern, it is completely mirror-like, metallized.

Together forever

In the design of the kitchen of any footage with a connected balcony or loggia, the bar counter is not just a beautiful element of the interior. Very often, it plays a major role in zoning. With its help it is easy to beat such annoying hindrances like the remaining threshold.

Narrow and long kitchen with attached balconyRectangular kitchen with attached balcony

Effectively complement:

  • podium with an alternative basic coating, possibly wooden;
  • ceiling configurations with different textures;
  • different lighting.

Kitchen with a transparent ceiling in the country house

Existsная стойка выглядит особенно эффектно, когда её дополняет разноцветная подсветка. Всевозможные системы хранения понравятся педантичным пользователям; более творческим подойдёт пластиковое исполнение, имеющее абсолютно футуристический вид. Современные барные стойки имеют много модификаций, без труда впишутся в любой стиль. Особую изысканность легко получить, заказав одновременно гарнитур и стойку.

The main rule of the blind bar is the convenience of the seated. Knees will rejoice even a small ledge of the upper surface and additional space.

The idea of ​​a small kitchen interior

Area of ​​special attention

Windows and their decoration in interiors are central. It is only necessary to filter out those techniques that are most relevant in each case:

  • Non-standard methods (French windows, sink in front of the window) directly depends on the number of storeys, the general location of the house and the corresponding view from the window.
  • The inability to leave the "bare" windows in the daytime - will have to abandon the trendy roll, Roman curtains.
  • Light tulle, organza will help out any style.
  • Too heavy, complex draperies is not a kitchen solution.
  • For a special, creative design - colored window frames.

Balconies arrangement

Modern interiors mean as much as possible open, free space. Having access from the kitchen to the balcony or loggia, it is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity. Do not turn the balcony into a storage of unnecessary things, and try to fit your kitchen to the ideal, allowing yourself a little more than giving a standard option.