Stylish wall-paper in an interior - 45 photos

Does your interior lack a bright accent that would evoke interest or create a certain atmosphere? Do you feel that your monotonous walls need a new breathtaking view? Then this article is for you! After all, no other way to finish the walls can not so affect the space, as do modern wall-papers in the interior. Here you will find 45 photos of magnificent rooms with photo wallpapers on different topics: kitchens, living rooms, children's, bathrooms etc. They will help you to choose the ideal wallpaper on the wall of your home!

Choose wallpapers on the wall: size matters!

To achieve a stunning effect with photo wallpapers, you need to choose their correct size. If you choose wallpaper for only part of the wall, then you should take into account the color and texture of the rest of the site. You can also select wallpaper on the entire wall to set the overall tone of the room. Such wallpaper will be the main attraction in the interior, but they also need to be in harmony with the color of the furniture and the rest of the decor.

More about how different sizes of photo wallpapers look in the interior, the following photos will tell you:

Bright wall-papers in an interior photoBaby wallpapers in the interior Beautiful modern wallpaper photoPhoto wall for animalsWall-papers in a drawing room with illuminationUnusual wallpaper for the living roomWe choose wall-papers in a bathroom

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And how do you like panoramic 3D wallpapers?Photo wallpapers 3d - waterfallPanoramic 3d wallpapers in the interiorIn addition, you can play with the scale of the images. Very strong impression, so-called, macro wallpapers in the interior, representing greatly increased sizes of various objects. It is desirable that their color is combined with the color range in the interior or is neutral, since this type of photo wallpaper has a strong influence on the subconscious.Large-Scale Wall-papers PeacockGreen wallpapers in the interiorPhoto wallpapers flowers for the kitchenUnusual wallpaper in the bedroom

What design and color should have photo wallpapers - 15 photos

Color and design of wallpaper is of great importance. With their help you can make the room look relaxed and calm, or make it stimulating to activity. If you are looking for wallpaper for a small room, then choose lighter shades and small, detailed motifs. For a larger room, on the contrary, you can use more dark and bright images, as well as macro wallpapers.

Considering the following photos of wallpapers in the interior, pay attention to how stylishly black-and-white images can look, wallpaper murals and amazing wallpapers 3D.

Photos of orchids on the stairsStylish wall-papers on a wall of a drawing roomFresco in the living room Photo wallpapers for a teenager's bedroomPhoto wallpapers in the bedroom Photo wallpapers on the theme of winterPhoto wallpapers for a bedroom BirchesCreative interior with photo wallpapers Black-and-white wall-paper on a part of a wallBlack and white wallpaper Marilyn Monroeblack and white-wallpaper-animals

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Exciting children's photo wallpapers on the photoChildren's wallpaper on motives of fairy tales Baby wallpapers for boysBaby wallpapers for girlsBaby wall paper for a teenager room

Where to hang wallpaper in the interior?

The ideal place for photo wallpapers in the interior is where your eyes turn first, when you go into the room. Separate rooms have their own characteristics in this business. For example, wall-papers in the bedroom are most often installed on the wall behind the head of the bed. So, they beautifully decorate the bedroom and at the same time do not have an invigorating effect on the person preparing for bed.

Beautiful wall-papers in a bedroom on a photo

3d wall-paper for walls - a photo of a bedroom Unusual Wall Mural 3D - bedroom photo Original modern wallpaper for a bedroomTrendy wall-paper in a bedroom - Bookcase

Where to install wallpaper in the living room

As a rule, wall-papers in a drawing room are established behind a sofa or on a wall sideways from it. Probably, this trend was due to the fact that the TV is usually hanging opposite the couch, and also because with constant viewing wallpapers are more boring. Photo wallpapers in the interior of the living room in the photo:

Palm trees, ocean - wall-papers 3d in the living room Inspiring wallpapers in the interior photo Wall-papers in an apartment on a wall behind a sofa Quality wall paper on the living room wall

We hang wallpapers in the bathroom

Why not? An inspirational image on the walls of the bathroom will not only decorate the interior, but will also create the perfect mood for relaxation and relaxation. For small bathrooms, it's a good idea to install a mirror in front of a wall with photo wallpapers.

Wall-papers for walls of a bathroom Beautiful wall-papers in the bathroom Waterfall Wall-papers in bathroom and toilet design

Choose beautiful wallpaper for the kitchen

Photo wallpapers for the kitchen can be an excellent option for covering an "apron" or empty walls near the dining table. Fascinating landscapes or simply bright images add appetite. Admire the following wallpapers in the interior of the kitchen!

Black and white wallpaper for kitchen Photo wallpapers flowers for the kitchen Photos of flowers in the interior - photos of the kitchen Dining table and wall-papers - kitchen photo Kitchen wallpapers 3D - photo forest