"on wheels" or a bicycle, like a work of art

The appearance of this particular transport we owe couriers Tokyo and New York. Their task was to promptly deliver special correspondence, personal parcels and urgent letters around the city, in which: traffic jams, parking problems and gasoline at the price of gold. In principle, almost all cities are acutely affected by the problem of movement, and many countries have already moved to mopeds, motorcycles, as well as bicycles and increasingly prefer cars. A bicycle is not a new invention for a long time, now it acquires grace, beauty, subtlety and style, but also stores all traditions and history.

Nowadays fixed-bicycles again at the height of popularity, and it is like city bicycles. However, today it is not just a comfortable and easy bike - it's a real way to stand out from the crowd. In general, most likely some kind of freedom, because it is for freedom that bicycles are loved. With such a bicycle is not ashamed to drive through the richest areas, because it looks simply luxurious!

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