75 ideas for the manufacture of furniture from pallets

Pallets in the interior

Pallet, pallet, pallet - rigid, usually wooden, cardboard, plastic, metal stand, for moving, storing cargo with the help of special mechanisms. They come in different sizes, carrying capacity. Wooden pallets are durable, ecological, durable enough. They are made from larch, pine, spruce, birch, alder, poplar and other species.

To make any things you should choose whole, without chips, cracks, falling pieces, knots. They are made from coarse wood, therefore, pre-treatment is required:

  • clear of dust and dirt. The easiest way is to wash with water, soap, and dry it in the fresh air;
  • Remove irregularities - roughness, burrs, make the surface as smooth as possible. This is done using a grinder, a simple sandpaper, with an average grain;
  • when it is planned to make furniture for the garden, rooms with high humidity, all surfaces should be covered with water-repellent impregnation for outdoor work.


Tip: "zashkurivat" all parts is not necessary - you can process only those that are directly in contact with the body, if it is not a complex design.

Bed by the window  Shells on pallets  Loft style interior  Lantern on the table  Stone floor in the kitchen

Manufacturing of furniture, interior decoration items

From euro pallets for home interior produce:

  • sofas, beds;
  • tables, chairs, chairs;
  • bedside tables, shelves, wall organizers;
  • cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers;
  • curbstones for TV;
  • baskets for clothes;
  • shelves for shoes;
  • a hanger for outer clothing;
  • children's furniture, including a toy;
  • a variety of decoration items.

Furniture from pallets

When the materials are selected, the necessary tools should be selected.

For work we need:

  • corners of metal;
  • drill, drill to it;
  • bolts, washers, screws;
  • abrasive, large, medium or polishing machine;
  • priming, impregnation or paint for wood;
  • metal measuring tape or ruler;
  • protection - gloves, goggles;
  • a simple pencil;
  • adhesive PVA or any on wood;
  • paint brushes.

Divan in the windows

In many cases, whole pallets have to be partially or completely disassembled. Then you will additionally need a naildriver, a screwdriver. For the manufacture of various intricate designs will need additional accessories - legs, door handles, castors, pieces of glass, fabric, leather, decorative film, foam rubber, etc.

If there is no electric drill, it does not matter. You can use nails and a hammer, but the time will go a little longer, and the look of the finished product will be a little worse.

Office with tables from pallets  Lamp against the wall  Shelves in the headboard  The combination of chocolate walls and white furniture  Mosaic in the bedroom

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Tables and tables - lunch, coffee, stands

Various tables are the most popular piece of furniture made from pallets. They are easy to manufacture, because they are very popular with "folk craftsmen". From three to four pallets, simply make a written or computer desk in loft style, rustic, art-belief. One pallet will be a table top, two - sidewalls, another one can become a shelf for books, a computer keyboard. On the "cover" of the table is nailed board, plywood, put a thick glass. The wooden structure is covered with varnish, paint. The dining table for the whole family is made from five to seven pieces, the children's table is painted in bright colors. On the sides of the table, narrow shelves are nailed. A low table is suitable for Japanese style, painted with light paint - for Provence.

Table of pallets

Stand for shoes is obtained from a single euro pallet, placed on its side or two, laid horizontally on each other. The stand for the TV, depending on its size, is made of two to six pieces. They are fastened directly, placing one on top of the other or in the form of a pyramid.


On the smooth surface of the countertop, using acrylic lacquer, using the technique of decoupage, you can translate any photo, a picture printed on a laser printer.

Blue chairs around a white table  Parquet on semi  Table with glass cover  Pillows on benches  Dining room in bright colors


The frame, the head of the double bed is also often made of pallets. A low base of the items laid in one row, suitable for sleeping in the Asian style - the furniture of the Asians is very low. If you make two, three tiers, and put a thick orthopedic mattress on top, there will be a full "European" bed. Only here it is not necessary to jump heavily on it - the boards can not stand it. The head is made of pallets, set with an end or sidewall up, of them, here, you can make several shelves, if sawed. At desire in a headboard the box for bed-clothes is arranged. For a cozy bedroom in the style of country, minimalism, modern, this bed is ideal. Single children's beds with backs, sides, are made of several parts, depending on the growth of the child, the size of the pallet.

Bed of pallets

Under the bed, sometimes drawable drawers for all sorts of small things, the original backlight.

Lavender walls in the bedroom  Lamp in the roof  Picture with elephants on the headboard  Backlit bed  Brick wall in the bedroom

Sofas and armchairs

Garden, home armchairs, sofas for any room, it is easy to make out of several pallets yourself. For a standard chair, they need three or four. Two sidewalls, the back part is made of one piece or a pallet saw in half, making a seat, a backrest. "Sidushka", backrest, armrests are covered with pillows, foam rubber with a cloth, and can remain "bare". Inside the armrests there is room for several books, newspapers, magazines. On the side do a shelf under a cup of coffee, a saucer with biscuits.

Sofas and armchairs из поддонов

For a low, "eastern" sofa will require at least eight pallets, thick mattresses on the back and seats, cushions for the armrests. The pallets are stuck together, varnished, the soft parts are sewn together, covered with a sheath. For a high-grade, high, wide sofa, you need up to twenty pallets - if desired, it is made foldable, but this requires loops, some other parts.

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Pillows on the couch

Such furniture is made out of the entire living room, making a whole ensemble of sofas, several armchairs, a dining table, shelves on the walls.

Shelf above the couch  White door in the interior  Chairs on the porch  Pot with flower on the floor  Floor lamp at the armchair

Bar counter

In modern cafes, coffee shops, bars, hookahs, it is often necessary to see that the interior is completely made of various materials at hand. A striking example is a bar counter from pallets. Such a rack is very simple to do by yourself, having at least three pallet. For the countertop it is better to use a whole flat board, with a width of 30 cm., Which is cut in L-shaped or U-shaped, depending on which rack is planned. It will look great in the interior of eco-style kitchen, loft and many others.

Bar counter из поддонов

It is important that the design of the room is appropriate. For example, on the front of the bar, LED backlighting is made and the same on the kitchen rack of pallets. From one pallet placed on its side, an excellent stand for wine bottles in a home bar will appear - in the boards it will be necessary to make cuts for bottle necks, bottoms. With a bar counter, they sometimes combine a kitchen table from the same material - a dish washer, a hob, an oven, etc. are installed in it.

Chairs at the counter  Ducks on the wall  Pirate flag in the interior  Backlit stand  A cup of coffee on the wall

Decorative elements

Among the pallets, among other things, a lot of various decorations are made:

  • decorative panel - all the plaques are painted in different colors, pictures, souvenirs, small shelves are nailed to them;
  • if you attach metal or rope handles to the top, you will get an original tray;
  • from pallets a bed for a domestic dog is made. In the middle a soft pillow with a removable cover is attached, along the edges there are bowls for food, water. For a cat, the back of such a "sofa" is equipped with a scratching pad. For animals in the village you can make a full booth;
  • wall or floor rack will be obtained if you remove the vertical bar, insert horizontal, wider. If you screw the chiseled legs to the bottom of the old table, the design will be retro;
  • the pallet can be leaned or nailed to a wall, and on it on hooks or bolts to hang flower pots with plants, pots;
  • panel for the design of a plasma TV - one or two pallets are painted, lacquered, nailed to the wall. A plasma screen is hanged from above.

Decorative elements из поддонов

Such items made by "home designers" will fit the style, called art and craft. In it, priority is given to natural materials, objects made by hand.

Panel  Tray  Lounger  Shelf for flowers  TV Stand

Production of furniture for infield

Furniture from a natural tree is very organically looked on a background of the nature. If you do not plan to use it under awnings, then the wood should be pre-lacquered, dried, so as not to rot.

Furniture for backyard from pallets

What can be done from pallets in the country:

  • bench, sofa;
  • table, bedside table, stools;
  • swings, hanging bed;
  • shelving;
  • a doghouse, an enclosure;
  • pergola, shower stall;
  • holder for a hammock;
  • stairs;
  • children's play area;
  • a platform for the summer terrace;
  • a fence, a gate;
  • decorative well, flower bed.

Swing on site  Rest area near the fence  Booth  Sofas on the podium  Alcove

garden furniture

Garden corner sofa, table perfectly complement the resting place, located in the open air. For a zone with a barbecue, a street fireplace, a barbecue, a low long sofa and the same table will do. The sofa will need ten or twelve pallets - two or three of them will be sawn, forming a back. The height of the seat is about 25 cm. Pillows, bedspreads are optional. The table will turn out if you connect two or four units together, it will also be low. For higher furniture, the number of pallets increases. Practical, comfortable garden bench, with seats at the sides, high or low table in the center.

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garden furniture из поддонов

A table, armchairs, a small sofa are made mobile by simply screwing the wheels to them.

Sofa on the lawn  Laptop on the table  Furniture in the gazebo  Lane of plates  Candles on the table

Garden swing

For the manufacture of the original swings for children and adults, you will need one or two euro pallets, several meters of a strong steel chain. The construction is suspended on a metal crossbeam, a frame. It is usually a swing with a backrest or in the form of a hanging bed with a mattress. The frame can also be made of parts of pallets, if you make additional ribs, a small canopy. On a similar design, sometimes hanging pendants for children's games. When making a swing, you should consider how they will withstand weight, but necessarily with a "reserve".

Garden swing из поддонов

As an attraction for the youngest, a pallet-like machine is made on wheels, on which the child can be driven along garden paths. Backrest and retaining belts are required.

Recreation area under the tree  Swing on the tree  Tree by the fence  Pillows on the seat  Swing on a rope


Sunbeds из паллетов сделать проще простого. Из двух поставленных один на другой получается основа, еще из одного – спинка, под нее делаются две «ножки». При желании спинку делают подвижной, регулируемой по высоте. После конструкция красится, покрывается лаком. Чтобы было мягко, наверх укладываются самодельные подушки, матрасы. Таких приспособлений обычно делают несколько – по числу членов семьи, чтобы каждый мог комфортно отдохнуть после рабочего дня на даче.

Sunbeds из поддонов Table between the sun beds  Sunbeds у забора  Red sunbeds on the plot  Vases on the path  Pillows on sun loungers

Vertical flower beds

Wooden euro pallets, with flowers planted in them, decorated summer cottages, balconies in the apartment, the outer walls of private houses. Such a flowerbed significantly saves space. Depending on the planned size of the flowerbed, one or more pieces, special geotextiles, a furniture stapler, seedlings or flower seeds will be required for its production. Preferred for vertical planting petunias, marigolds, spicy herbs, strawberries, strawberries. Pallet sanded, covered with paint. The back, bottom, side parts are covered with a landscape cloth with a stapler. Then he turns over on the "back", the soil mixture is poured inward. It can be done differently: do not cover the whole pallet with a cloth, but arrange "pockets". Then they plant flowers there, beginning with the bottom row. After 10-15 days, the plants are sufficiently rooted, the bed can be placed vertically.

Vertical flower beds из поддонов

Watering, feeding such a flower garden is often necessary, with the help of a diffuser. If perennials were planted, they are insulated for the winter so that the roots do not freeze.

Violets  Pallet с цветами  Saw in the flowerbed  Flower garden near the wall  Plants on pallets


To independently produce for a country house, the interior of the apartment are different creative design items, it is not necessary to be an expert. Make furniture without much time, finance is able to even a beginner. Even a complete furnishing of pallets throughout the apartment, will cost several times cheaper than the store, but in strength, appearance will not yield to it. This interior will be unique, original, eco-friendly. Observing a uniform style of decoration, furniture, various items, independently made of pallets, it is easy to furnish your house, garage, garden, country plot.