Beautiful bunk beds in the design of the nursery

Are you going to buy a bunk bed? Then you should look at our collection of 35 photos to see how different bunk beds can fit into the design of the nursery, provide additional functions and bring joy to the child!

Even if you have a small apartment, your children can still be roomy for things that are free for games and cozy for a good night's sleep. A simple two-story bed will save space, and a good one will provide an opportunity to use this place to the maximum. Children and teenagers, colorful and elegant, themed and homemade - here we have assembled just such bunk beds that meet the wishes of children and their parents.

Children's bunk beds

Each of the beds shown in the photos below was designed to fit well into small rooms. In addition to children's rooms for 2 children, you will also see bunk beds for 3, 4 and even 6 children. Some of them stand on the floor, others - are built into the walls, and still others - are carefully fixed with ropes, which corresponds to the boys' favorite style of the sea.

Many of the presented options have comfortable shelves, drawers and lockers that were compactly built into the walls and steps of the beds. Among other things, homemade bunk beds made of boards and squares of natural wood are especially prominent. In a rustic, tropical, marine or cosmic style - which one would you choose?

Bunk beds (photo in the interior)

White bunk bed Children's room, finished with boards Bunk bed in the girls room Elegant bunk bed for boys Children's room for 6 children Two bunk beds in the nursery Bunk bed with own hands Bunk bed in the form of a house for girls Bunk bed with wardrobe for adolescent girls Suspended bunk bed for teens Two bunk beds made of wood Bunk bed of young cosmonautsCozy two-storey bed made of wood Baby for 4 children White bunk bed возле окна Bunk bed in rustic style Bunk bed with drawers for 4 children Functional bunk bed with shelves Two-story bed from IKEA Beautiful room for girls with a bunk bed Compact Bunk Bed for BoysBunk bed in the form of a house Two-story bed and tree in the room for girls Original staircase to a bunk bed Two-story bed in a large nursery Backlight bunk beds for children Three hanging beds in the children's room Bunk bed in minimalist style Homemade bunk bed made of wood Bunk beds connected by benches Stylish modern children's room Three-level bed in the attic Bunk bed with rope ladder Retractable bunk bed Children's Tropical Style