A great solution for arranging a small apartment

Workplace under the stairs

This children's room was designed by talented craftsmen for a young boy. Owners of the apartments wanted to form a functional and aesthetically attractive workplace for their son, which would fit organically into the bedroom furniture and did not take up a lot of space.

Instead of having to equip a massive desk in the room, the engineers came up with an original modular design that is laconic and exquisite in appearance.

The staircase leads to the living room and the playroom for the boy. At the same time, one of its rails is used to support the countertop.

The lower part of the headset reclines, providing additional working space. When it is not needed for creative activities and homework, it is easily hidden under practical table.

Other steps of the stairs are used to support book shelves, on which there are educational literature and accessories.

Вся конструкция была сделана специалистами компании Adrian Burns Design & Fabrication с применением крепкой и надёжной стали, что обеспечивает высокую функциональность, дополняя при этом минималистский и индустриальный интерьер.

Buttrick Wong Architects was involved in the development of the architectural design.

Interior Design The children's room is made by studio Agins Interiors.