Brown sofa in the interior +50 photo examples

Brown sofa in the interior

Use a brown sofa in the interior of the apartment or house you need with the mind. This should be the most practical model that will be used for rest or daytime sleep. For guest rooms suitable products folding type. The study of the main characteristics (type, size, stylistics) of the models will ensure their ease of inclusion in a particular style. It is also important to take care of the stylish framing of products with auxiliary elements. These include chairs, ottomans, cabinets, lamps. Separately, you need to study the rules for combining models with textiles, the rules for choosing the best upholstery. Taking into account simple recommendations will make it easy to purchase a convenient model. And useful tips will be a great help for an unusual update of the style of the apartment.

The other types include angular and designer transformable models. The latter can be turned into bunk beds, supplemented by a table (in the folded state it is transformed into armrests).

Psychology of color

The value of color is stability and reliability. It is associated with wood, earth. It is often used for styling rooms in houses, apartments. The presence of elements in such tones creates a cozy homely atmosphere. It promotes calm, easy making of right decisions. Eliminates vanity and creates a special harmony in communicating with others. Allows you to spend leisure in the most relaxed state: without anxiety, heavy thought. Widely used in the finishing of cabinets. Excellent for office space, where meetings with business partners, colleagues, subordinates are held. Allows to create a favorable working atmosphere.

Large brown leather sofa


Shades под дерево или оттенки, разбавленные другими колерами, имеют множество вариаций. Каждая из них обладает своими особенностями и преимуществами:

  • dark brown (close to black). It is distinguished by strictness and restraint. Suitable for non-residential premises.
  • wenge (with a reddish tinge). Attracts saturation and unusual. Well complement the room, decorated for classics.
  • beige-brown (pastel saturated color). Giving away tenderness. Perfectly suited for visual expansion of space.
  • gray-brown. A universal shade that fits into the room with any style.
  • cocoa with milk. Delicate color, allowing to give lightness, airiness to premises. Can be used as the main shade.
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Classic leather sofa

Installation of dark models in premises with a violet, blue or black finish is inadmissible. This combination will create a gloomy, depressing design.

Modern interior of the living room

Upholstery selection

Choosing the right upholstery for models, you need to take into account the differences in materials in terms of stylistics, characteristics. The most popular fabrics for upholstery are:

TapestryHas increased density and wear resistance. Usually it is supplemented with multi-colored patterns.
JacquardIt is a dense material with relief patterns. Highlights elegance, can be monophonic, include 2-3 shades.
FlockHas a smooth, pleasant surface, saturated colors. It is resistant to abrasion.
KanoA natural fabric that preserves its original appearance for a long time does not require special care.
Microwaves and corduroyHas a small reflex. It has a special softness, but with frequent use it is quickly wiped off.
SuedeThe material has a pleasant surface, it is well preserved after a long operation.
LeatherHas the highest wear resistance. But while leather models are very expensive.

Brown sofa and blue pillows

Pros and cons in favor of a brown sofa

Choosing a brown sofa, you need to remember about his appointment. Also, you should carefully consider all the advantages of such products:

  • convenience. Suitable for a comfortable rest, sleep.
  • set of variants of shades. Allows you to choose a model that will complement the stylistics of the premises.
  • universality. Can be installed in any part of the apartment.
  • simplicity of combination. With other shades, styles of design.

Light brown sofa in the hall

Dark brown sofas can lead to a visual decrease in free space. They should be installed in large rooms with a light finish.

U-shaped sofa

Dimensions of the sofa

The optimal size of the model to be purchased must fully correspond to the area of ​​the premises being equipped. Installed products should not restrict the passage: there should be enough free space near them. For small rooms are ideal for products with a seat for a couple of pillows (for two people). In a spacious hall you can install a regular model, a model corner with a seat for 4 pillows. The product will allow you to comfortably spend your leisure time, rest at lunch or evening time. Perfectly suitable for accommodation in a guest room, where relatives or friends of the hosts can sometimes stay.

Sofa by the fireplace Bright sand colored sofa  Divan and sofa  Corner sofa in the living room  Brown sofa made of eco-leather  Velor sofa

To additional nuances of the selection of models are not only the room of the room, but also the features of its design. In rooms with predominant geometric shapes, you can install a model with wide wooden armrests. In premises designed under the Provence, it would be appropriate to have a product with rounded soft armrests, thin rattan armrests.

Rules for combining with other colors

Correctly to combine shades is absolutely uncomplicated, after all dark and light brown harmoniously looks with pastel, bright shades. The most beneficial are the following combinations:

  • with beige. Curtains or decoration of such a shade against the background of new furniture will help visually expand the space of the room, to fall easy.
  • with lilac, purple. The elegance of the chosen model is emphasized.
  • olive, light-green. Ideal tandem for maximum comfort. This combination is suitable for any room.
  • pink, coral. It will impart "warmth" to the stylistics, emphasize home comfort.
  • turquoise, blue. Refers to the best combinations. The decoration of walls or cushions in such shades makes it possible to brighten the model and emphasize its originality.
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Dark brown sofa in a light interior Spacious leather sofa  Textile sofa  Sofa of sand color  A dark sofa in the hall of a private house  Beautiful furniture set for the living room

In which style is it more profitable to place

To become an integral part of the room, sustained in a certain style, models with different parameters and design can. It's easy to find the right product for the popular direction with the following tips:

  • classical. Products with rounded armrests, a lot of cushions will fit well in the premises, decorated for classics.
  • loft and chalet. For rooms with brick walls, wood decor, a leather model with a wooden frame is perfect.
  • baroque and rococo. Royal style will be well complemented by a model with carved elements of wood. Also, they will fit into the products, complemented by forging with gilding.
  • Renaissance. Simplified and even strict forms of products, upholstery made of velvety fabric, two-colored jacquard will be a perfect addition to the Renaissance.
  • empire. Exquisite models with carved wooden armrests and legs, velvety upholstery will complement this direction.
  • minimalism. The strictness of the shade allows not to distinguish the product in the general style, but it is appropriate and practical to supplement it.

Loft style interior

Interior applications

Having determined the best model and its design, you can safely move on to choosing the part of the apartment in which it will be installed. It is considered good to place new products in residential or non-residential premises. For example, a small model is ideal for a spacious hallway or a wide corridor. The correct solution will be the installation of products in the guest, facilities intended for family leisure. Ideal for a strict model for placement in home offices. With a large area of ​​the house can be installed products in the dining rooms. Suitable models for teenage, children's bedrooms, where boys live. The products will help to emphasize the originality of the style and increase the comfort of living.

Corner sofa in front of the TV Classic corner sofa in the living room  Wide sofa in the hallway  Brown-beige sofa and armchairs  Dark sofa in the interior of the room  Cozy living room in a big house

In the living room

Installation of the original model in the living room allows creating better conditions for leisure, meeting with friends and relatives. A large model can be installed under the wall opposite the TV. Products of medium size are perfect for a spacious room and can be located in its center. A perfect complement for modern models will be a pair of armchairs, floor lamps, located on the sides. They can be replaced by high bedside tables with table lamps. It would be appropriate to look and a coffee table with a lower shelf. Its color scheme, the prevailing forms and style should fully comply with the chosen model. Also, using hints on color combinations, it is recommended to pick up a stylish rug that will be placed in front of the product. He will emphasize the shade of the model, complement the overall design.

Compact sofa Bright sofa from velor  Combination of leather and velor  Small sofa made of genuine leather  Cozy interior of the living room  Sofa in a classic style

What color to choose armchairs

A beautiful combination with armchairs should be based on the overall color scheme of the room, the shade of the model. It is necessary to take into account the conformity of the style of design. The most suitable shades of chosen armchairs are:

  • white. Playing on the contrasts will make it possible to highlight the central product, making it the main element of the room.
  • red. Allows to smooth out dark tones and emphasize their stylistics, shapes.
  • yellow. It will become a catchy addition, will give the created combination an ultramodern look.
  • light emerald. It will help to successfully and stylishly clarify the model, emphasize its elegance.
  • Orange. A bright shade will make the composition original and unusual. It will help to emphasize the simplicity of the design of the product and the overall style of the room.
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A simple brown corner sofa Sofa with large pillows  Brown sofa by the window  Light brown sofa in the hall  Dark furniture in the living room  Coffee-colored sofa

In the bedroom

The selectable folding model can completely replace the bed. In this case, it is better to stop the choice on the disassembled couch, products such as "dolphin", "accordion". Comfortably arrange a bedroom with an already installed bed will help selection of models that will not be laid out. They must be selected for the original zoning of the room. Optimal fit not folding products, complemented by beautiful sofa cushions. Next it is recommended to install a high cabinet with shelves. It will allow compactly store books and magazines that the owners can read at their leisure. Harmoniously complement the recreation area and floor lamp, table lamp. With limited space, it is recommended to replace them with spotlights mounted in the wall, with a pair of sconces. In large rooms can be installed coffee table, a pair of ottomans.

Corner sofa in the hallway

In the kitchen

For the kitchen, a model that is easy to care for. For example, products with leather upholstery will retain a pristine appearance for many years. From their surface, any type of contamination is easily removed. Washing the product takes literally 10 minutes, which is very convenient for maintaining cleanliness in the room where food is prepared. Picking up models with jacquard, canvas or similar upholstery, you need to take care of the quality work of the hood. Otherwise, the materials will absorb odors and will soon need their dry cleaning. In this case, the selected products do not need to be decomposed. A small one-piece model will be an ideal addition. Perfectly fit and products installed in the corner, near the dining table. They will occupy a minimum of space and will be practical in use.

Modern interior of the living room-кухни Huge sofa in the hall  A dark sofa in a bright room  Sofa in studio apartment  Interior in the style of country  Sofa in the country house


Careful selection of the model in size, style, shades allows you to practically equip any room apartment or house. Simple recommendations will be useful for owners of housing, designed in non-standard ways. With the help of advice, even a small Khrushchev can be arranged comfortably and concisely, without overloading the area of ​​the premises. With special attention you need to approach the selection of a shade to create a cozy or austere environment. And with the help of additions in the form of armchairs, bedside tables, sofa textiles, you can beautifully design a recreation area for the whole family. Also, we recommend that you carefully study the data on the characteristics of shades and the possibility of their combination. Such data will be useful for carrying out unique styling of premises with different area and purpose.