Surprisingly functional design of a small modern apartment

Design of a small modern apartment in Lviv

A team of young talented designers from Ukraine came up with the original design of a small modern studio apartment in Lviv. Talented architects turned a living space of only 40 square meters into a deceptively spacious and practical house.

Zoning in a small modern apartment

The authors of the project used every corner and brush. The number of design ideas implemented in such a modest area exceeded all expectations. How was it possible to fit in four walls?

Bathroom is tiled in gray and white tones. Dressing table made of pine. A combined towel and shower maximize the space for water procedures.

A corner, a couple of steps away, begins the bedroom, separated by a glass partition and delicately hidden from prying eyes. The designers left room for the closet. It is built-in from floor to ceiling and represents an optimal place for storing fashionable pieces.

Bedroom in a small modern apartment Bathroom in a small modern apartment

Just one partition, and now the living space is over. The kitchen is also maximally enlarged, the wall is completely occupied with kitchen utensils. All utensils are placed together.

The apron is tiled for mosaic. Lightweight wooden cabinets are built in the lower part, and white, under the very ceiling cupboards, into the upper one. This arrangement is part of the design plan, the space looks stylish and organized.

Kitchen in a small modern apartment

Despite the minimal area, the living room-cabinet is as if sandwiched between the kitchen and the bedroom. In this part of the interior, Edison's lamps are so loved by all, the desk is along the wall, and a large window that fills the room with sunlight. A great place to practice and relax without a hint of a tight space.

The interior uses gray, white and woody tones, a restrained color palette alternates with an explosion of colors, drawings and textures in each individual part of the apartment. The game color does not break the integrity of this mini-housing, but fills it with the maximum style.

Model of a small modern apartment The layout of a small modern apartment

Agree that the apartment looks very cozy?