Chair in the interior - 75 examples of models

Armchair in the interior

Usually, beautiful chairs are installed in spacious halls or living quarters of the house. But with careful selection, you can easily find the original chair for the dining room or children's playroom. First of all, the owners must take into account the required size and style of the furniture chosen. With the help of a new product they can emphasize the style of decoration or make it colorful and unusual accents. Also for the house you can choose a special chair that will serve as an extra bed or will be a useful helper for elderly households. Taking into account the specifics, design and decoration features, it is not difficult to find the right furniture for each room. To do this, you just need to study simple guidelines for choosing seats and follow them when considering the options available.

Pillows on the floor  Bookcase against the wall  Chest of drawers  Basket with flowers on the table  Curtains with patterns on the window

To a certain style

To pick up original armchairs for different rooms of the house is easy, using the following tips on the style of decorating rooms:

  • modern and urban;

The traditional chairs and models without skeletons in saturated or pastel colors will complement the direction well.

Armchair in the interior в современном стиле  Floor lamp at the couch  Картина на камине  Stapler against the wall  Large windows in the interior

  • loft and country;

For such stylistics models of small sizes with skeletons made of wood and fabric or leather upholstery are suitable.

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Armchair in the interior в стиле лофт  A statue of a dog by the bed  Skin on the floor  Armchair by the hearth  Stars above the door

  • classic;

In this direction, the traditional chairs will be appropriate. It can be models with fabric, leather upholstery, coach coupler.

Armchair in the interior в классическом стиле  Mirror on the floor  Picture on the wall  Gilding in the interior  Fireplace in living room

  • retro;

Low models with wide backs and seats will perfectly fit into this design.

Armchair in the interior в стиле ретро  Posters on the wall  Lamp on chests  Pot with a flower on the table  Wood burning stove in the living room

  • shibbi-chic;

Ideally complement the direction of double bears in light colors.

Armchair in the interior в стиле шебби шик  Basket with firewood near the hearth  Mirror at the window  Chest of drawers  Floor clock in the corner

  • Provence;

The best solution for stylistics will be wooden chairs with neat backs and seats.

Armchair in the interior в стиле прованс  Table by the window  Figurine by the fireplace  Books on the floor  Panels on the wall

  • ethno.

Well complement the direction of wicker papasan, rocking chairs and cocoons.

Armchair in the interior в стиле этно

Upholstery selection

For rooms decorated in low-key shades, it is recommended to select seats with upholstery that has a tone similar to that of walls. An interesting solution is to emphasize the direction due to the same color curtains and upholstery chair. They will create an original tandem and make the atmosphere cozy and comfortable. Selection of models with a bright upholstery (for example, yellow, red or green) allows to make their accent a room. Also, the highlighting of the upholstery can repeat the vibrant colors of wallpaper, unusual paintings on the walls or multi-colored designer lamps. Of great importance is the fabric from which the upholstery is made:

  • tapestry: refers to materials with maximum wear resistance;
  • jacquard: dense fabric with minimal wear and tear, supplemented with relief patterns;
  • flock and velor: materials like velvet;
  • leather and leatherette: they retain their original appearance for a long time, but they impart greater rigor and restraint to the overall design.

Leather chairs in the interior The book on the table  Photo of the Moon  Dark floor in the interior  Suitcases on the floor  Bright picture in a bright living room

In the interior

Original complement the design of the room, using beautiful chairs with high or low backs, neat armrests or without them, will help a careful selection of the appropriate option. A sure design solution will be their search for stylistics. This will reduce the number of initial options. Next, pay attention to the size of the product. In spacious rooms, you can install and a large armchair, more like a sofa, and a group of medium-sized double chears. In a small room can be located exclusively ergonomic models: otherwise, a redesign of the situation is required. It is also important to consider that the installed furniture should not block the passage or interfere with the movement to the far corners, cabinets and shelves. It is advisable to evaluate all accommodation options before choosing a purchase and choose the optimal one.

Interior with armchair

Living room

Just a couple of seats will change the overall design of any living room. At the same time, you can place them in different parts of the room. For example, you can install a pair of fireplace models in the center of the room, along with a small coffee table. And you can place under the wall a set of sofa and a pair of massive armchairs with footrests. This area is perfect for family holidays or meetings with friends. The tone of the selected upholstered furniture can be as bright (for example, olive, blue or orange), and have an upholstery of neutral tones (beige, cream). The main thing is that this color is well combined with the design of a spacious room. When installing one chair in front of the window, you can create an individual rest area. Then it is recommended to place a coffee table or a cube with books and magazines nearby.

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Armchair in the interior гостиной Floor lamp in the corner  Red armchair in the interior  Light carpet on the floor  Divan in the windows  Beams on the ceiling


To complement the beautiful design of the bedroom with the help of unusual armchairs is quite easy and simple. To emphasize the "ease" of the situation will help woven rattan or vines model. They are ideal for day and night recreation. To emphasize a more stringent design, you should give preference to the traditional, fireplace model or double cahars. Next to them you can install a small coffee table and floor lamp. When decorating a room in the style of the 50-60's, it is better to choose low chairs with thin wooden armrests and wide backs and seats. They can be supplemented with an oval table on low legs. In the ultramodern bedroom you can install a cocoon fixed to a high frame, or a couple of models of papasan. Relevant in the bedroom will be various swaying models: with a wooden or beautiful rattan frame.

Armchair in the interior спальни Panel on the wall  Painting on the headboard  Ceiling fan  Lamps at the bed  Lamps on the ceiling

Dining Room

The spacious kitchen, combined with the dining room, is great for setting up a non-standard dining group. In it, ordinary chairs can be replaced with comfortable armchairs. They should be selected according to the general layout of the premises. So, for classics fit refined fireplace models. In a simplified style, chairs with thin, "empty" inside, wooden armrests will be appropriate. To maintain an attractive appearance of new furniture, you need a powerful hood above the cooking area. Otherwise, the odors will persist and soon the upholstery will have to be cleaned. Also, as a practical and less expensive option, fit chairs with a color leatherette upholstery. They require less care and are easily cleaned, long retain the original appearance and condition.

Armchairs in the dining room Lanterns on the floor  Mirror on the chests  Figurine on the window  Chandeliers over the table  Blue furniture in a light interior


In the child's room you can install a variety of chairs. For example, adolescents and children 9-12 years old will love the cocoon, in which you can ride, play and read books. It will look good in such a room and a pear-shaped or round sack. Such chairs can have any design: to have a monochrome coloring, to supplement with patterns in the form of flowers and stars, to simulate a football or basketball. In the room where the small lady lives, it is recommended to install a reduced double of Chears. But in the room where the child lives 2-6 years, it is necessary to place a small armchair of the traditional type. It can be stylized as an animal or have upholstery made of plain or multi-colored fabric.

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Armchair in the nursery

When buying stylized animal chairs need to make sure of their convenience. Models with protruding muzzles and faces on the backrest will not allow the child to sit comfortably.

Letters on the wall  Bunk bed in the interior  Tree on the wall  Pictures above the crib  Tiger on the floor

The Cabinet

In a home office or study on a balcony, it is recommended to install practical chairs. The best option will be models with adjustable seat height and adjustable backrest tilt. Adjustment of individual parts of such furniture will ensure the achievement of the most comfortable conditions for sedentary work. The presence of a swing mechanism is also welcomed: it will allow you to take the most convenient position for reading. The optimal upholstery for these seats is leather. It is abrasion resistant and minimally damaged during continuous use. To less expensive are office chairs with a dense fabric upholstery. An additional advantage of such furniture is minimal heating in case of sunlight (it is almost impossible to sit on sun-heated skin).

Armchair in the office Furniture from a tree in an interior  Bust on the table  Gray wallpaper on the walls  Room tree in the corner  Wooden panels on the walls


The installation of original armchairs with wooden or fabric armrests is able to transform any room in the house. But to make the new furniture look appropriate in the overall design, you should choose it very carefully. Both the stylistic pitch and the upholstery color should be taken into account. Also it is necessary to remember the quality of different types of fabrics used for making seats and backrests. If desired, the owners themselves can make new chairs by updating old models.

Outdoor candlestick next to the seats

It is quite easy to perform this work yourself, carefully removing the old upholstery and cutting out new pieces of cloth on it, as in patterns. In addition, replace the filler seat and back, upgrade the frame (paint, varnish). Thus, you can make very stylish and practical furniture without much expense. Renewed armchairs will certainly serve the owners for many years to come.