Projects of small houses with a unique style

Interior of a small open-plan house

Stylish designs of small open-plan houses

Greater means the best - not always true, especially in densely populated cities. Fortunately, a designer with proper experience can turn any small apartment into a stylish and functional apartment.

Living room in a small house

The first place is in Lviv, Ukraine. The house occupies 40 square meters, but thanks to the Grits Creative group there is enough space for a young creative family.

A small residential area with comfortable seats, Sixties style chairs and even a small work area is ideal for a little distraction after work. A half-wall holds a kitchen and a dining room separated from the living room, without cutting them off completely from each other. In the same way, a raised bedroom makes you feel in a separate room at a time when in fact there is not much room.

In the bathroom, the creative patterned tiles are mixed with smooth white porcelain lamps, which casts a sense of creativity and a little bit of melancholy.

Work desk in the living room Kitchen set in light colors Kitchen with dining area Bedroom in a small house Small bathroom Interior of a small bathroom Tile in the interior of a small bathroom Beautiful tiles in the bathroom The project of a small house with an open layout Layout of a small house with open plan

The second apartment, known as "Nest", was designed by designer Anton Sevastyanov. 43.5 square meters for an active young man, keen on sports, music and photography. A light open house maintains a fairly simple and minimalistic design, allowing you to visually increase space. White brick, certainly modern, allows you to feel the clarity and brings the spirit of Europe.

Interior of a small house in bright colors

The door from the panel tree separates the bedroom from the living room. Thus, the room feels felt separately and more cozy, but the apartment itself does not seem less because of this. Using mirrors on the body of the bed helps to visually make the room larger. The creative use of dividers and door frames allows the sun to illuminate everything well.

Living room in bright colors Interior of a small living room Living room in an open-plan house Backlight in the living room Interior of a small bedroom Bedroom in contrasting colors Small bedroom Dinner Zone Kitchen with dining area Round dining table in the dining room Corridor in a small house The layout of a small house

Certainly, it is important to stand out in our world - it is important, but this also needs to be done with the mind. Having looked through the article, you have probably added to the stock of ideas that you can use in the future, and this will undoubtedly happen if the desire to apply the mind.