Dressing table in the bedroom interior

Dressing table in the interior

Dressing table - the place where you style your hair in the morning, apply evening make-up, choose beads-earrings, try on them, squeeze out adolescent pimples, rest after work at a manicure or put a useful mask on your face. There are a lot of cosmetics, all sorts of small knickknacks, a large mirror is always a "woman's kingdom" in the full sense of the word. A large or small dressing table in the interior of different rooms looks different, but in modern furniture stores it is selected for any interior style.

Orange table top  Black table triple mirror  Glass Shelves  White table with oval mirror  Square ottoman

The standard size of a conventional dressing table: height - 75 cm, width 25-50 cm, length - 45-125 cm. Ideally, the ratio of length and width should be approximately 1 to 1.62.

With the help of the angular structure, the geometry of space changes easily, but it is much better to accurately fit it into the existing interior.

What to consider when choosing

Before buying, consider the following points:

  • location - where in which room he will stand;
  • style of the interior - the design should be carefully entered into the overall design;
  • the presence of electricity nearby - lighting for high-quality make-up is required bright, sockets to include a hairdryer, a manicure apparatus, hair curlers are also necessary;
  • the size of the mirror - it should not clutter the room, having a lot of decor, but match the size of the table;
  • place for sitting - should be selected according to style, height of the table.

Red curtains With the effect of antiquity  Lilies in a vase  Decor of stones on a mirror  Chair with a fur pillow  Backlight behind the shelves

For a low-cost interior, a simple, uncomplicated console or bedside table with a mirror is purchased, for a more solid one - a luxurious dressing table with a hard-to-decorate table made of natural wood or with forged items.

Dressing table is desirable to place in a place where no one will touch it, because there it is supposed to accommodate a lot of jars, tubes, bottles with cosmetics, which should not be dropped.


It is important to choose a dressing table in a suitable style:

  • minimalism - a single-folding folding tray with flat, but capacious boxes, complemented by a padded stool of the same color, similar design;
  • Provence - the design is chosen in U-shaped, light colors, for narrow rooms the table top is required narrow, it is possible to decorate with a light cloth, hand-painted;
  • hi-tech - light glass top with chrome legs, matt or transparent, mirror hung on the wall, seat for sitting also made of glass, metal;
  • baroque - a rather voluminous structure of solid wood, with carved legs, with a mirror in a heavy frame, a chair also carved, with a soft seat, suitable for spacious rooms;
  • futurism - pendant, "acid" color, asymmetric shape, complemented by a corresponding puff, a rounded mirror, abundant illumination;
  • loft - a table made of natural lacquered timber, with a minimal amount of decor, simple mirrors, a wooden stool, simple drawers;
  • mouth-deco - a table made of wood, often decorated with carvings, has an oval mirror, several drawers, a chair, covered with leatherette;
  • shebbie-chic - elegant wooden construction, performed "antique", with the effect of "noble patina."
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Style minimalism Gold fittings on drawers  Black armchair  Drawers in two levels  Round mirror  Black chair white table

Classification according to the form of the table top:

triangularusually angular, with a straight or rounded facade
pentagonaltable top mounted on two tables
trapezoidalthe part adjoining the wall is slightly wider than the facade
rectangularhave four corners, any length, width
curlygeometry is complex, streamlined, for some styles "irregular" forms are used

When the room combines the signs of two or three styles at the same time, then the "ladies' corner" should coincide in stylistics with the prevailing direction.

Color and material

The coloring of this interior should correspond to the design of all other furniture in the room, most often chosen light colors, natural wood shades. Materials of manufacture are selected suitable for the style of the general interior design, the most popular:

  • metal;
  • solid wood;
  • MDF;
  • ДВП;
  • a rock;
  • plastic;
  • glass.

Table legs with textiles Set of boxes  Mirror magnifier  Small pictures  Comes with a wardrobe and a large mirror  Box with divisions

The tree is suitable for almost any - oak, rosewood, beech, elm, mahogany, ash, birch, pine, spruce, maple and others. It is covered with varnish, paint, various stains. Metal is present in the form of an integral structure or only legs are made of it - forged or in the form of hollow tubes. From a natural, artificial stone make a table top or separate decorative parts. MDF and fiberboard trim with valuable wood veneer. From a dark or transparent glass, a countertop is created, and entirely plastic structures are installed in the bathroom.

For a summer cottage, if necessary, they build a dressing table from improvised materials with their own hands. Use euro pallets, the remains of old furniture, and a mirror are also cut with their own hands.


The highlight of the "ladies' corner" is of great importance. If it is possible to equip it within the reach of daylight, then it is better to do so. Otherwise, electric lighting is used. This is the main overhead light, the sconce directly above the mirror on the wall, several projectors on the rotating brackets.

Modern designers offer special makeup mirrors - on the frame, along its entire perimeter or two or three sides, spotlights or LED strip are mounted. This allows you to maximize correctly, accurately, accurately apply makeup, fully appreciating its quality. Such an object in a simple square frame perfectly fits into the interior of high-tech, loft, minimalism, industrial. Sometimes a tape with bulbs "allowed" around the perimeter of the countertop or along the bottom boxes, which allows you to visually give the design ease.

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Large mirror Mint Blinds  Lamps on the mirror  Fur chair  Bright lighting  LED Strip Light

The abundance of light raises the mood, and when it comes from all sides, you can feel like a real star on the podium.

Mirror arrangement

Mirror add:

  • on the wall - usually this is a large mirror cloth "in the whole wall", less often - round or square, size 50 to 50;
  • fastened to the table top - there is a "back", of the same material as the table, it is mounted on a mirror plane;
  • folding-folded looks like a custom countertop when it is understood to the wall, becomes a mirror, opening under itself sections with jewelry, cosmetics;
  • portable on a stand - usually small, can have "legs".

Oval mirror in the center Vase with Flowers  Glass surfaces  Horizontal mirror  Rectangular mirror vertically  Transparent chair

Using the mirror create interesting accents in the room - the large is able to visually expand the space, filling it with light, a small round creates a sense of home comfort.

Comfort seat

The seat is hard, if it was intended, but it's much more comfortable to sit on the soft. A stool, an ottoman, a chair, an armchair, a bench are decorated with a cover, a cloth, combined in color with other textile interior design, with a soft flat pillow. This subject can become a bright accent in a monochrome room.

Armchair with backrest

Addition will be a small soft, color-appropriate style, a rug under the table, especially if it is planned to rest for a long time with bare feet.

Location of the table

They put a table in almost any room, but most often in such places:

  • near the window - the location allows you to save on daylight, which is convenient for applying daytime make-up;
  • in the dressing room - acceptable, if there is enough space there;
  • at the head of the bed or bed, sofa;
  • in a spacious hallway or bathroom.

Round large ottoman Soft stool  Table on thin legs  Decor of gold  Chair with back to grid  Three Cats

When there is only one room in the dwelling or it is a studio apartment, the dressing table is located in one of its corners behind the screen.

In the bedroom

Most often this item of "ladies" interior is placed in the bedroom, because this is the most secluded room, where no one puts himself in order. If there are a lot of women in the family, such tables are placed in the bedrooms of each of them - for mother, grandmother, daughter, etc. At the head of the bed, put a narrow console, with a small round or rectangular mirror fixed to it, in the same way, it is possible to install it "In the legs." When the structure is placed near the wall, this corner is decorated with curtains, a textile pile on the table and chair.

Wooden furniture in one style Mirror of polygonal shape  In the bedroom возле окна  Black chest of drawers  In classic style  Mirror with gold

If the dressing table was decided to be placed in the living room, as there was not enough space in the bedroom, it becomes an independent art object for which they are allocated their own special zone.

In the dressing room

Dressing table in the wardrobe room is installed in case the bedroom space has to be shared with a man or there simply is not enough space. Here, too, a large dressing table is mounted to immediately assess the conformity of hair, make-up, clothes, shoes. Well, if there is a window - make-up, applied in daylight, looks more natural on the street. The design is preferable to light colors to visually slightly expand the room, because not many houses can boast of a spacious wardrobe.

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Retractable chair

In the hallway or lobby

In the presence of free space in the hallway, set the table with a mirror in the wall. It is convenient to arrange this design in a niche - it will occupy it completely or it will recline to the side, revealing a large mirror. When there is very little space, a walled semi-circular table is mounted, sometimes it is placed in a corner - in the form of a sector of 90 degrees. If there are several mirrors in the hall, they are made in a similar manner - carved wooden frames, LED illumination, engraving along the edge.

In the hall

In the bathroom

When placing the structure in a bathroom room, you should carefully consider ventilation - otherwise the mirror will constantly fog, it will have to be continuously wiped. The best option - a plastic cabinet with a mirror. If there is a window, then the countertop is combined with a window sill, and under the box are mounted boxes for everything necessary. When there are not enough places in the combined bathroom, the table is put between the bathroom and the toilet, but this arrangement is "for the lover."

Between the shells

If the "ladies' corner" is mounted in a combined bathroom and there are many people in the family, you should have a "spare" dressing table in another apartment of the apartment, otherwise the time for applying morning make-up can be very limited.

In the nursery

For a girl over the age of ten, the "ladies' corner" will also be superfluous. It is made in a little childish style, gentle tones. The table is equipped with drawers, shelves, where the future woman will store her children's cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry. Materials of manufacture are selected environmentally friendly. Dressing table and chair for the "little princess", should correspond to the height, ideally - to have an adjustable height, that is, "grow with the child." Sitting behind such a design it is convenient not only to look after the face, hair, but also to read, to do needlework. If necessary, use a low footrest. Lighting is done using a table lamp, contour lighting with LEDs.

Pink wallpaper

A simple dressing table for a girl is made from old writing, slightly changing the shape, covering with beautiful paints, adding a mirror cloth.


Dressing tables are now produced by every self-respecting furniture company. Ikea alone offers several names - Malm, Brimnes, Hemmes, etc. They have secret drawers, strict shapes, are made in the form of a simple chest of drawers, elegant design on thin carved legs. The factory "Kamel-group" creates classical folding tables-chests of drawers with a mirror from a series "Platinum". If the choice of dressing table, which is suitable for the furnishing of the bedroom, living room, making up a single ensemble with a closet, a bed, causes some difficulties, then turn to the professional furniture designers to make it to order.