Mirror furniture for a spectacular interior

Mirror furniture in the interior - it's like red lipstick in a women's handbag: always helps out in situations where you need to add a little glamor and chic. And also as different shades of red (for example, the color of a cherry or a rose), the types of mirror finish are designed to create a certain mood or image. So, the clean mirror surface of furniture has a modern look, while the addition of patterned wood or metal finishes and / or scratches "antique" gives it some mystery and antiquity.

Depending on which style you prefer, mirror furniture can be used in combination with a simple and minimalist decor or in combination with exquisite wallpaper, carpets and other elements. Thanks to the reflection of the environment, it makes any interior look much brighter and airier. At the same time, the elaborate finish adds even more glamor to his characteristic levity. Therefore, they say that mirrored furniture is ideal for facilitating space in a literal and figurative sense.

Bedside tables, consoles, chests of drawers, coffee tables and dressing tables are the most popular mirror objects, although reflecting the dining tables and beds also look very beautiful and impressive. Do you want to transform your interior into something artistic, spectacular and unusual? Then choose mirror furniture, like the one we collected in the 30 photos below!

Inimitable mirror furniture (photo):

The combination of mirror furniture and black decor Design of a room with mirror furniture Dressing room with mirror furniture Glamorous living room with mirrored furniture Living room with mirror furniture Refined interior with mirror furniture Dresser with mirror walls Mirror table for the hallway Beautiful mirror chest of drawers Bedroom design with a mirror bed and other elements A set of small tables Mirror writing desk Mirror cabinet in the modern bedroom Glamorous bedroom with mirror furniture and decor Luxurious mirror with wood trim Stylish bedroom with mirrored furniture Cabinet with mirror doors and drawers for the bedroom Modern dressing table mirror Bedside table with mirror door Mirror stand under the washbasin High mirror bedrooms for the bedroom Mirror furniture for the bathroom Mirror furniture and decor Mirror decoration of the bedside table Mirror cabinet in modern style Mirror table top A set of unusual mirror tables Minimalist mirror chest of drawers Mirror dressing table in the women's bedroom Mirror coffee table on thin legs