Racks in the interior - 50 original examples

Long wooden bookshelves

Prefabricated rack structures have become well-deserved popularity as a solution that allows to expand the useful space of a dwelling, to organize the storage of things correctly. Kitchen space, service premises of a dwelling first of all need the addition of racks in the interior that increase the functionality of the premises. Due to its airiness, such cabinet furniture makes the limited space easier, "breathing"; allows you to avoid the feeling of pressing gravity that occurs when decorating small-footage rooms with cumbersome wooden headsets of a classical type. Variation of rack structures there is a great variety of light decorative elegant solutions to sections with an increased safety margin not differing in attractive appearance.

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Types and their application

Regardless of the form, purpose, all racks combine the presence of horizontal shelves, located between the load-bearing partitions, the lack of a facade, often the absence of a back wall. They are divided into several main classes:

Built-inThe shelves of these racks are attached directly to the walls of the niche, are common in the decoration of office space, kitchens due to their compactness, ergonomics, and here are gypsum plaster partitions with through shelves.
Standard directThey are simply cabinets without a front door, the design has independent support points.
CornerIn comparison with straight lines, they have a large useful area when they need to accommodate a large number of things.
SuspendedThey carry a decorative function rather, they are distinguished by lightness, intricate forms of performance.

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Some sections are partially closed with doors, complemented by bedside tables, which is practically a full-fledged cabinet.


Using rack structures instead of walls allows you to divide the room space into convenient functional areas. In the zoning may need any room: it is appropriate to divide the cooking and eating area, this distinction is suitable for the separation of the residential area from a bed. The working place in the bedroom is also isolated. In the children's rooms, the shelves separate the bed from the playing area, the sports corner.

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Through performance allows you to adjust the level of transparency of the partition. The greater the distance between the shelves, the easier it will seem to design. Adding to the shelves of the rear wall turns, the design with an adjacent to the ceiling turns the rack into a full wall with an additional function of storing things, a gypsum cardboard rack is much easier to erect than a dead brick wall.

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Use in decor

Correct use of racks for decorative purposes allows to revitalize the situation, visually expand the volume, give a more modern look to the classic interior, some secrets of correct decorating of the shelves:

  • Shelves, made of solid wood, dark color need to be illuminated from the inside. So the rack will not resemble a prison grate, especially if the sections are square, are densely laid out. Point light fixtures located from the top down can advantageously beat the ceramics standing on the shelves and other decorative elements;
  • Through racks are painted with a paint of accentual interior color, the reception allows to unite all subjects of an interior. The back wall also serves as an element of the decor - the Art Nouveau style, for example, provides for its contrasting staining, pasting with textured wallpaper. Shelves of ice white shades of strict geometric shapes became classics of Scandinavian style, as an example can be cited the collection of Callax;
  • The narrow narrow rooms optically expand when the rear wall is made of mirror glass.

Designer shelving

Such shelves should not be unnecessarily loaded with objects, because of the mirroring they double, there is a sense of clutter.


Built-in стеллажи позволяют максимально полезно использовать каждый квадратный сантиметр жилья, что может быть полезным для помещений малой площади. Полки встроенных конструкций прикрепляются в углублениях стен, между другими элементами мебели, вокруг оконных проемов. Длинные ряды полок монтируются на всю площадь стены. Частные дома обустраиваются дополнительными полками под лестничными пролетами, на чердаке.

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The original solution for irregularly shaped depressions is the development of asymmetrical furniture with shelves of different heights, differing in depth. Multilayer sectional racks are built in, creating the illusion of additional volume. Some sections of this kind of shelving are made mobile, their wheels are mounted wheels, allowing you to change the position.


Classics of the genre - racks, leaning on the floor, simply put, cabinets without front doors. The height of furniture changes the purpose of the upper surface - this is either a table top, or one more functional shelf. This kind is typical for:

  • Living rooms - help to store prints, put on display art objects, memorabilia, family portraits. The upper part serves as a stand for TV, home theater. One of the varieties of floor racks is a glass slide, an object that has become an indispensable attribute of a vintage style, it exhibits crystal, valuable porcelain dishes, bottles with elite varieties of alcohol;
  • Bedrooms - replaces an uncomfortable chest of drawers, compact models are installed instead of bedside tables, dressing table;
  • Children - cope with a heap of toys, bright little things, magazines, books. All this splendor is faster, easier to fold on open shelves.

Zoning квартиры-студии при помощи стеллажа

Original models

Urban, loft interiors are complemented by racks of original designs. Imagine a lattice formed by a weird interlacing of metal, rattan, plastic elements diagonally, vertically, horizontally. The lattice racks are devoid of sidewalls, rear wall, can be installed near the wall, suspended.

Shelves cast from bright plastic, round in shape, with shelves in the form of zigzags, waves are inherent in modern stylistics. The location can also be original - the shelves can float in the air in the middle of the room, this is achieved by combining them with a solid transparent line. The sections of the rack can be designed in such a way that they can be swapped without problems, to be combined in the form of a voluminous dismountable composition resembling a sculpture.

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Racks, mounted to improve the overall aesthetics of the room are not very functional, but attractive, original in appearance. Decorative furniture can be so skillfully, uniquely executed, that in itself become an artistic value. She does not need to be comfortable in terms of spaciousness, ease of cleaning, installation. The main goal is to become the center of attention, to attract glances, to be a highlight, the design of the shelves should be remembered.

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Large decorative shelving

Acquisition of the authoring rack can become an investment in the appearance of the apartment for decades, however, the area of ​​the dwelling should allow for the placement of sometimes impressive design works, a place for maneuvering is needed - the usual arrangement can be annoying over the years. Small areas can also be decorated with decorative shelving, a good example - built in the door miniature shelves for pleasant looking gleam.


Cheap mass models of the economy segment are manufactured by joining parts cut from MDF, chipboard. Despite its cheapness, such furniture is versatile - suitable for any interior style. More durable, expensive options are made of wood, as the basis for luxury class is taken from valuable wood.

White bookcase

Glass shelves look good in modern themes, business style. But they are quite fragile, I require very careful handling, the surface of the shelves are quickly covered with scratches. Racks of such furniture are either metal, or for classical forms - wooden. Representatives of Art Nouveau are cast from high-quality polymer materials. Eco-style allows rattan, bamboo cabinet furniture. Stamped models of cheap Chinese plastic are worth saving for laundries, cellars, dark closets.

Location rules

Large bright rooms allow you to install racks without restrictions in the place of installation: in the center, in the form of a partition, in the whole wall, replacing the long-obsolete Soviet "walls". The most important thing is the color, the shape must match all the rest of the furniture. A little more complicated is the situation with miniature rooms - furniture should not be further cluttered, it should be selected in such a way that it replenishes the space deficit, does not oppress the general atmosphere, perfectly performed its organizational functions. Do not neglect the mobile versions on wheels, they can easily be taken to the next room during general cleaning, cleaned out of sight if an influx of guests is expected.

Wooden shelves in the dining room

Original architectural solutions for housing construction often mean the presence of depressions, hidden niches, secluded corners. Do not miss the opportunity to put in them built-in furniture. The rooms of irregular shapes are simply asked to supplement them with author's models, so the situation will become even more original.

In the interior of different rooms

In the living room

The common room is constantly used by all members of the family, the furniture in it is installed most capacious, functional, voluminous. The dark, clumsy "coffins" of the living rooms, typical for the Soviet interior, have long been replaced by more topical rack structures. It provides for combining open shelves with closed shelves, all kinds of nightstands, lightweight cabinets. A mandatory attribute is the place under the TV, home theater, audio system. For soft furniture set narrow book shelves, supplemented by dot lighting.

Shelving for living room


In addition to traditional solutions, the shelves in the bedroom are often equipped with a bed head. In this case, the rack has the form of the letter "P", this non-standard move allows you to additionally use the useful space. At the head of the bed is an alternative to closed bedside tables - small shelves in a couple of shelves, here are stored glasses, magazines, creams are installed lamps for evening reading. The medium-sized rack, supplemented with a mirror, successfully replaces the traditional dressing table. Outdoor furniture is used to store everyday clothes except underwear.

Rack in the bedroom

The Cabinet

The personal cabinet is equipped with furniture in the tone of the working table located at arm's length in order not to be distracted from the intense work process. Racks in the interior of the cabinet are installed in accordance with the general rules for housing furniture. A separate position is occupied by the furniture of the personal library - the shelves are massive, deep, reach to the ceiling.

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Rack in the office


The main requirement - juicy, attention-grabbing colors, forms in the form of machines, houses, huts allow you to use furniture as a game element. The design must meet the safety requirements, be easy, firmly fixed, suddenly the kid will want to climb on it. Shelf height should not be large, the child reaches out to the very top with an outstretched hand.

Racks in the children's room

In the kitchen

Shelving in the form of partitions demarcate a large kitchen into the working, dining area. More compact types serve as a substitute for grandmother's buffets, they store a "strategic" cookware. Mobile metal versions on wheels help to facilitate the movement of dishes, equipment for the huge kitchens of private households. Small kitchens of apartment buildings are equipped with shelves almost all around the perimeter, so each item of kitchen utensils finds its place.

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Manufacture by own hands

Step by step we will describe the process of manufacturing a simple rack:

  • You will need: a pencil, a screwdriver, screws, bars, material for shelves, slats, fret saws, tape measure;
  • Measure the place of furniture installation, determine the number, height, width of the shelves;

Under the storage of heavy objects, the shelves are not made longer than 90 cm, otherwise they will sag.

  • Draw a future rack in the form of an approximate drawing indicating the dimensions;
  • After preliminary marking of the wall, proceed to the installation of the supporting bars;
  • Further, to the uneven bars, the support rails are screwed, shelves will be laid on them;
  • The next step is to cut the shelves of the desired size, lay on the load-bearing slats, additionally fix the screws. Do not forget to check the elevation angles during operation.

Racks with own hands

After installing the shelves, you can start decorating the edges with a melamine tape, it is glued with a hot iron. Wooden shelves can be painted with paint in the tone of the rest of the furniture. Above, the tree is opened with a varnish. If you are asleep artist - the side surface can be decorated with painting.

Decor and filling

On the shelves you can store everything that comes your head, but if you want to add an artistic component that decorates the situation, do not forget about the basic principles of filling the rack:

  • In the foreground are exhibited only things that deserve attention. Do not keep in mind too personal, any rubbish;
  • Avoid color chaos, cutting eyes of incongruous shades;
  • Try to correctly arrange objects in shape, size, there should be a certain tendency - a pyramidal arrangement, from large to small, on the contrary;
  • Leave enough space between objects;
  • Remember the principle of symmetry of placed things;
  • Larger things - from below, trifles - at the top;
  • Collections devoted to one theme look great.

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The appearance of modern shelving is far from an ordinary parallelepiped with boring rows of shelves, design options are almost infinite due to the variety of materials used, sizes, textures. Moreover, a breakthrough in the design of such furniture occurred relatively recently, open shelves in residential buildings began to appear with the rapid development of the urban direction at the beginning of the last century. Until then, the destiny of such constructions was storage of things in warehouses, production premises, a little later they moved to offices only after becoming not only a useful, cheap kind of furniture, but also a subject of creativity of specialists in the field of interior design of housing.