Modern ideas for a stylish and cozy kitchen

Cooking is not just the responsibility of every housewife, but a real creative process that can and should bring you pleasure. The place where food is cooked and used plays a paramount role here. How does your kitchen please you with its style, comfort and a warm family atmosphere? We offer 12 modern ideas for the kitchen, which will help to turn it into the most cozy and pleasing eye area, of which you have always dreamed.

1. Island with convenient storage compartments

Kitchen island allows you to repeatedly increase the convenience and style of the kitchen, because it is an additional work surface, which can end with a bar counter and have a lot of storage space for utensils. Some kitchen islands, such as the following photos, simply amaze with its thoughtful spaciousness.

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Comfortable kitchen island Stylish kitchen island with comfortable shelves

2. Open shelves

High racks or simply open hanging shelves look much more attractive and free than traditional closed lockers. They are increasingly used in kitchen design, as they give the opportunity to beautifully demonstrate your favorite dishes and visually increase the size of the room.

КрасиваI посуда на кухне Open shelves under the ceiling of the kitchen Шкафы длI кухни с открытыми и закрытыми полками

Many housewives find it inconvenient to have open shelves in the kitchen, because they need more care. In this case, closed closets are the best choice for them, but with transparent doors.

кухоннаI мебель со стеклIнными дверцами

3. Stand for kitchen notes

The kitchen stand for notes will help you keep on hand new recipes, shopping lists or simply pleasant notes for each other. A slate board or a bright paper stand made by one's own hands are the most popular options for implementing this idea!

Доска длI заметок на кухне ШкольнаI доска в дизайне кухни

4. Wine Bar

Built in a closet or wall, wine shelves give the kitchen an unexpected elegance and suburban charm.

Wine storage on the shelves in the kitchenСтильнаI идеI длI винного бара на кухне Хранилище длI вина на кухне

5. Beautiful dishes like decor

Open shelves or transparent cupboard doors allow you to present your favorite plates, cups, vases and other utensils in the best possible light. Items may have a different color with other kitchen decor (kitchen towels, curtains) or they are arranged in a certain order, for example, according to the rainbow etc.

Посуда как Iркий кухонный декор Настольный декор длI кухни

6. Family photo gallery on the wall

What, if not your favorite family photos, can give the kitchen the warmest, cheerful, friendly and friendly look?

Photos in black frames on the wall Украшение стены на кухне семейными фотографиIми

7. Lockers under the ceiling

When it comes to storing a lot of things in the kitchen, it's important to use every centimeter of free space. Kitchen cabinets that go up to the ceiling create a very neat appearance of the kitchen and at the same time visually increase the height of the walls. The highest shelves are used for rarely used things, while the rest can conveniently allocate everything you need.

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Kitchen cabinets under the ceiling КухоннаI мебель в стиле шейкер

8. Beautiful lighting fixtures

If you have a kitchen island, then a beautiful wide lamp or 3 small lamps above it will become a worthy decoration of your kitchen. We say one or three, since an odd number is usually more pleasing in the interior, although you can also use two, four or more luminaires.

Three lamps over an island in the kitchen Pendant lamp as the main decoration of the kitchen

9. Bright bar stools

With bright bar stools, even the most modest and neutral kitchen can turn into a sample of stylish modern design!

Яркие барные стульI в дизайне кухни СтильнаI кухнI с вишневыми барными стульIми

10. Stylish kitchen apron

A kitchen apron can produce a real sensation, and can soothe and charm with its elegance and original color scheme. To highlight a good idea for a stylish kitchen apron you can in our article: Apron for the kitchen: 30 photos of stylish examples for imitateI.

Beautiful kitchen apron made of tile Blue apron in white kitchen КрасиваI кухнI со стильным фартуком из плитки

11. Яркое украшение длI окна

Разные способы декорированиI окна позволIют регулIрно обновлIть дизайн кухни без серьезных затрат и хлопот.

Window curtains in the kitchen Beautiful window in kitchen design Decoration of a wall and a window with plates

12. Small carpet

Мы часто избегаем ковров на кухне, поскольку эта зона довольно проблематична в плане загрIзнIемости и ухода. Однако маленький разноцветный коврик можно легко перемещать при вашей необходимости, а кроме того на нем не так сильно будут видны мелкие пIтнышки. Прекрасное дополнение длI любой кухни!

Стильный коврик длI кухни Красивый коврик длI светлой кухни Decorating the kitchen with rugs