Restoration of upholstered furniture by one's own hands:

Not every old and well-worn sofa has a place in the dump. Restoration of upholstered furniture can bring as much joy as buying a new one. And maybe even more if you like to do things yourself. In this article Dekorin will tell and show how the constriction of the sofas and armchairs with a new upholstery is performed, what can replace the filling of the pillows, how to fix the springs and disguise the minor damages. Let your old furniture become a source of pride!

Restoration of upholstered furniture inside and out. Step-by-step examples

Repair and restoration of upholstered furniture can consist of the following stages:

  1. Disassembly of the object into its parts. Typically, this is required for furniture with wooden legs, armrests or other parts that need to be repaired or replaced.
  2. Grinding of wooden elements with sandpaper, followed by cleaning with a damp cloth. Wet cloth must absorb all the fine particles, so that the paint (or varnish) will lie evenly and will last longer.
  3. Painting a tree. Before applying paint brush, the surface is recommended to cover with a primer. We still recommend using an aerosol paint that is applied easily and evenly, which will greatly simplify your work and save time. Usually 3 layers are more than enough. After the paint has dried, a protective coating can be applied to it, which will prevent the chips from appearing.

Restoration of upholstered furniture - a dining chair step by step

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  1. Replacement of internal filling and upholstery. About how to fix the springs inside the old sofa or armchair, we will tell you in detail later in this article. As for the constriction of upholstered furniture, everything depends on the features of the restored product. For example, sitting chair in this example was enough to wrap a new cloth, which was fixed with a stapler. More examples with step-by-step photos you'll see below!
  2. Assembling a piece of furniture into a single whole.

Repair and restoration of upholstered furniture - ideas and step-by-step photos

How to you such transformation?

Restoration of upholstered furniture - a photo of a dining chair

Restoration of pillows for sofas and armchairs

Perhaps, this item is the most simple and inexpensive in the process of restoring soft furniture. You will need to measure the height, length and width of your pillows and, based on the data obtained, purchase the required volume of foam rubber. Subtract about 5-10 mm from each edge to get the right dimensions for filling the pillow. For softness and longer life, be sure to wrap the foam with batting or sintepon. Here's how the finished content looks on the photo:

Restoration of old upholstered furniture - filling pillows

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Repair of spring soft furniture: the best way

This method of repairing a spring sofa or a chair is considered the most reliable of all existing ones, although it requires a lot of time. Let's consider its execution step by step:

  1. Make sure that you have removed all the upholstery, staples and nails from the frame. In this case, the furniture body was already fully ready for the installation of the seat (cleaned, polished, washed, painted). The springs were removed and laid aside for later use. Before this, the master took a few photos to remember how they were located.
  2. Place the strap (sling) for the springs on the bottom of the seat. The more of these strips you install, the stronger will be the seat. Fix them with a stapler, leaving a couple of centimeters of matter from each edge. Stretch should be moderate, so that the line slightly bends when pressing on it.
  3. Extra centimeters from each edge should be bent and also attached to the frame with a stapler. Repeat these steps until you have installed all the vertical lines, then go to the horizontal lines. Do not forget that they must intertwine with the vertical ones, and not just go under them.
  4. Strengthen the strength of each strap with three small upholstery studs. Here's how this whole process of repairing upholstered furniture looks in the photo:

Repair of upholstered furniture with springs

5. Now you can go directly to installing the springs. You can use the old photo or just evenly distribute them on the support of the lines. The end of each spring should "look" in the same direction as all the others.

6. Springs are attached to the straps either with a special tool, or with a thick string of twine and a special button. Each spring must be fixed at three points.

7. Screw 2 nails at the end of each vertical and horizontal row of springs.

Repair of upholstered furniture by own hands - springs repair

8. Measure the length of the twine, which will be 2 times the length of the seat plus 40-50 cm. Fold the piece in half and create a loop around the nails, as shown in the photo below. After that, pulling the string, hammer the nails with a hammer until the very end.

9. Now our goal is to twist the springs together to form a seat and connect all the springs into a single whole. Begin and finish tie the knots from each edge on the second "ring" from above, then immediately turning to the upper rings. This will give a dome-shaped seating.

10. After you tie all the springs together, wrap the twine around the stud and hammer it with the hammer until it stops. Secure the free end of the thread with a stapler.

11. For the second thread from each fixed loop, repeat steps 9 and 10, but only it should be tied already exclusively on the upper rings, without "falling" to the second level from above.

12. Tie all the vertical rows, then horizontal, and for confidence you can still walk diagonally. As a result, none of your springs can move apart from the others. Follow the step-by-step photo to fix the springs in the upholstery:

How to repair furniture

Finally, there is still a constriction of the ready seat. In this case, the master just sewed the fabric (which could also be done with a stapler), and the seams masked with a ribbon.

Upholstery furniture - a step-by-step example with a photo

Stretching or changing the upholstery upholstery

Stretching upholstered furniture can also be quite difficult, but it's definitely worth it, especially if you do not have any special plans for the weekend. Next, you will learn how to correctly carry out the constriction of an old sofa or armchair with your own hands.

Stage 1. Removing old upholstery

  1. You may think that you know this piece of furniture by heart. But before taking off the upholstery, take a picture of it inside, outside, front and back, taking close-ups of particularly complex areas at the armrests etc.
  2. Carefully remove the old upholstery, trying not to damage it, or the furniture itself. Perhaps, for this you need an antistagler, a screwdriver and other tools. It is recommended to remove the cloth in the following order:
  • From the bottom base (having turned a sofa on a back or upside down);
  • From the outside of the backrest and armrests;
  • From the inside of the backrest and armrests;
  • Since sitting.

The old upholstery will be used by you as a template. Before applying it to a new fabric, we advise ironing it with an iron.

Stage 2. Sewing of new upholstery and peretyazhka of upholstered furniture

  1. Use your photos and old upholstery as a guide. Begin a constriction of the furniture from the lower base, then work on the armrests, the backrest and the seat in this order.

2. Cut the fabric according to the prepared template taking into account the following:

  • On the edges that will be sewn with threads, leave an additional 10-15 mm of fabric;
  • On the edges that will be attached with a stapler, add about 50 mm, which will be used to stretch the upholstery on the sofa.

3. Sew the areas of the fabric where necessary, and pull it to the bottom, securing the stapler along the edges.

Repair and upholstery of upholstered furniture - sofa with pillows

4. Next is the inside of the armrests.

Repair of the sofa with your own hands - a constriction of the armrests

5. Following it - the outer part of the armrests.

How to replace the upholstery of a sofa - step by step

Pay attention to how the master did without seams and fixed the external upholstery of the armrests with a hammer.

Pulling out upholstered furniture - step by step example of a sofa

The photo below shows an alternative version of the restoration of the armrests. The master secured them with a stapler, then covered the braces with a beautiful braid.

Pulling up the upholstered furniture with your hands - photo of the sofa before and after

  1. We return to our example. After the armrests came the turn of the back. Woven along the perimeter of the rope gives it an interesting and expressive shape.

Restoration of upholstered furniture - ideas for the constriction of the sofa

This technique can also be used to give expressiveness to the armrests, which was done during the restoration of this chair.

Restoration of upholstered furniture by own hands - chair overturning

  1. The outer part of the backrest is fixed similarly to the external upholstery of the armrests. In addition, the sofa was decorated with buttons and new legs. On the following photo you can compare the sofa before and after the repair and necking.

Repair and restoration of upholstered furniture - a stretch of the sofa

Restoration of upholstered furniture: before and after photos

In conclusion of this article, we offer you several more photos of upholstered furniture before and after restoration. We hope that these examples will demonstrate to you that any furniture can be repaired beyond recognition and bring you pleasure with your new style, color and upholstery!

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And if you do not have a desire to restore and re-create furniture, then here are a few simple solutions for camouflaging problem areas and repairing upholstered furniture by yourself:

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