Exclusive: arte laguna award 12.13

Award ART LAGUNA 12.13

  • Total prize fund: 170,000 euros
  • Sections: painting, sculpture and installation, photo art, video art and performance, virtual art
  • Deadline: 8th of November, 2012
  • Exhibition of works of 110 finalists: March 2013 - At the Venice Arsenal

The seventh edition of the Venice International Award Arte Laguna, awarded to artists regardless of age, gender or nationality. Terms of the contest include a collective exhibition of finalists in the Venice Arsenal, programs for passing master classes abroad Artist in Residence, personal and collective exhibitions, participation in international festivals, publication in the official catalog and other awards:

5 Money Prizes for 7,000 euros: for the winners, one in each nomination.

4 Creative Visits: Technymon ARTresidency - in Mumbai or in Chicago; Glass School Abate Zanetti - in Venice; Art Stays - in Slovenia; iaab - in Basel.

1 Award Бизнес для Искусства: development of the artistic project of the winner in the Virtual Art category in cooperation with FOPEgioelli.

2 Collective Exhibitions: Open, International Exhibition of sculptures and installations in Venice; selection exhibition of young artists (under 25 years) at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice.

21 Personal Exhibition в международных галереях: Award Arte Laguna предоставляет художникам возможность выставляться в международных галереях, что дает старт их карьере в мире Современного Искусства. Каждая галерея выберет одного художника для организации его персональной выставки.

Curator of the Prize:

  • Igor Zanti - (Italy, art critic)


  • Umberto Angelini Italy, (Director Uovo Festival)
  • Gabriella Belli (Italy, director of the Venice City Museum)
  • Adam Budak (US, Trustee of the Washington Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden)
  • Cecilia Frescini (China, independent trustee, founder and director of lab-yit, the Italian Contemporary Art Platform in China)
  • Mario Gerosa (Italy, editor-in-chief of AD¬, curator of digital art)
  • Канчи Мета (основатель и главный куратор Chameleon Art Projects & India Editor for Flash Art)
  • Sabine Schachl (Switzerland, Director and Trustee of Kunsthaus Basel)
  • Felix Schober (Germany, independent curator)
  • Claudia Cangfi (Italy, art historian and cultural manager)

MORE DETAILS: www.artelagunaprize.com [email protected]

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