Design of private house facades

Design facade home

Beautiful and stylish design of the facade of the house will make it stand out among the many buildings. But the materials chosen for the work are also of practical value. They can protect the walls of the structure from the negative effects of precipitation. In addition, under the chosen raw material, you can arrange a heater, vapor barrier film. Such a multilayered "exterior" will create optimal conditions for the household to live. An important selection of jewelry for the walls. They include a variety of columns, cornices. Such components will allow you to easily stylize the structure and emphasize its uniqueness. To auxiliary components it is possible to carry lighting devices. Their location around the mansion and on the walls will ensure the convenience and safety of the owners in the yard, around the building in the evening, at night.

  • American. The optimal solution for single-storey buildings, stretched horizontally. He is characterized by a complex construction of the roof (skat - the minimum), observance of symmetry.

House in American style  Sofa on the podium in front of the house  Pool on site  White fence in front of the house  Lanterns in the garage

  • Classical. Classics require strict observance of symmetry. But objects can have any forms: complemented by rounded verandas, mansard floors.

House in classical style  Lamps on site  Fence with wrought-iron gates  A path of tiles in front of the house  Cypresses on the site

  • Chalet. Stylistics is inherent in the presence of a sloping roof, the cladding of walls outside and inside the tree, the presence of open balconies and verandas.

House in chalet style  A font on the plot  Stapler against the wall  House with balcony  Garage with three gates

  • Fachwerk. German stylistics, suggesting a bright coloring of the walls and their decoration with wooden beams.

House in Fahwerk style  Lamps along the track  Flower garden in front of the house  Facility with glass walls  Outboard chair on the site

  • Rustic. For finishing such buildings only a tree is used. Characteristic features: the presence of carved skates, shutters.

Rustic house  Mansion with closed terrace  Flower garden on the site  Mansion with balcony  Flowerbeds in front of the house

  • Japanese. The direction is characterized by elevated roofs at the corners to the top, light walls, dark decor of the corners, a simple layout.

House in Japanese style  White fence with dark roof  The bridge on the site  Coniferous in front of the house  Shrubs on the site

What color to choose and how to choose it correctly

The original design of the facade of a country house can be drawn, paying attention not only to the style, but also to the selected colors. They can affect the perception of the object and emphasize its merits. Therefore, when choosing the optimal gamma, you should use such rules

  1. Light colors are recommended for small objects: they will visually bring the building closer. Dark colors, on the contrary, remove the object and concentrate on the surrounding environment (even if only the lawn is around).
  2. Bright colors (yellow, orange, red, green) are recommended for use with buildings with simple construction and minimal decor.
  3. It is allowed to use 3 basic colors, 1 of which will be used for decoration. As additional it is possible to use the colors resulting from the mixing of any two basic colors.

House with a light facade

Smooth surfaces make even faded colors brighter. But the rough surfaces of the walls are able to lighten and discolor the colors somewhat.

Lanes of tiles on the lawn

Variants of facing the walls of the facade

When choosing materials for the decoration of a private building, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the object itself, its style and the weather conditions in which the owners live. For example, it is recommended to install sandwiches on top of the foam blocks, which can protect the porous material from moisture well. For regions where temperature differences are considered frequent, it is recommended to buy materials from plastic and polymers. Natural materials are suitable for areas where there is no heavy rain or critical heat. Also it is worth remembering the complexity of care for natural raw materials: wood painting and its processing with an antiseptic will require additional costs after installation. After selecting the appropriate material, you must carry out a design that takes into account the parameters of the individual components and the required number of units. All this will significantly simplify the future construction and eliminate errors in its implementation.

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House with a gray facade

A natural stone

The use of natural stone for styling the house is an interesting solution. With the help of such material, it is easy to create an antique exterior. For work, many kinds of stones are used that differ in characteristics. The most popular stones are:

  • Limestone. A breed with a lot of pores, it is easy to process. Has a white or light yellow tinge.
  • Sandstone. Has high density and strength. Resistant to frost. Has a yellowish and light brown tinge.
  • Travertine. The porous stone is light gray and whitish. Promotes additional warming of the structure, creating the right conditions for ventilation of the walls.
  • Quartzite-sandstone. The stone absorbed the best qualities of quartz and sandstone. May possess a gray, yellowish-brown hue. Refers to the most durable breeds.

House with a facade made of natural stone

If in the interior of the house (for example, in the hall) there is a masonry, then this style of the exterior is recommended.

Lawn in front of the mansion  Fountain on the site  House with balconies on columns  The flower garden before the mansion  Rooms above the garage

Facade tiles

Stone tile is an advantageous replacement for a conventional stone, designed for styling facades. The material from natural raw materials has the form of rectangles and squares. It has a high cost, so it is often used for decorating corners, laying out socles. The material allows you to emphasize the originality of a country cottage or a small house in a suburban area. Analogues from artificial raw materials also have many shapes and sizes, but they have a more affordable price. Important and superior characteristics of such products. They are minimally subject to temperature changes. They are not afraid of the constant effects of the scorching sun. In addition, you can install the artificial stone material under the stone yourself. On each component are mortgages (places for fasteners). Therefore, fixation is easy and fast. Self-tapping screws are usually used in the work. Fasten the components to the crate.

House with a facade of tiles

Facing bricks

The choice of decorative bricks to protect the facade makes home ownership a real pleasure. Unlike other materials, such products are able to serve owners for a long time, without requiring special care or treatments. To lick even the largest building will take a little time. Therefore, the owners can only choose the optimal type of materials:

  • Clinker. It is made of special clay rocks. Minimally absorbs water, therefore it has high frost resistance.
  • Silicate. Refers to budget decisions. But at the same time its service life is much less than that of clinker products. And it looks very simple.
  • Hyper-pressed. Refers to the most popular due to the variety of colors. Such a lining material can have a special tinting coating. It is attractive non-standard texture: the surface of the material seems torn.

House with facade made of facing brick Mansion with a bay window  House with a closed balcony above the porch  Mansion with garage  Flower garden behind the house  Bushes at the porch

Decorative plaster

Facade plaster refers to the most accessible materials used for styling buildings. It can be plastered as a mansion, and a cottage. Thanks to the use of auxiliary tools (rollers, scrapers), the surface of the hardening raw material can be given any form and relief. In this case, the owners can plaster the house with their own hands, using such simple tips:

  • Before work, get everything you need, including an antiseptic to remove the fungus from the walls (if it is available), colors for painting the material.
  • Plaster raw materials should be prepared for work exactly as instructed by the manufacturer. Application is carried out at a temperature of +5 to +30 degrees. In dry weather, slightly moisten the walls.
  • The leveling of the substrate before the application of the material consists only in the puttying of the joints (it is possible to use similar raw materials at a more affordable price). During application, the base material will hide unevenness. Begin the application of auxiliary paint (for example, gilding, silvering) should only after the complete drying of the main layer.
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House with a facade of decorative plaster Lamps at the porch  Windows in the basement of the house  Shrubs along the edge of the lawn on the site  Columns on the porch of the house  Two-storey mansion on the plot

Decoration with vinyl panels

Conducting the external cladding with vinyl panels refers to one of the simplest options for creating an unusual architecture. Such material is made as an imitation stone. But while it easily tolerates both heat and heat, unlike the original raw materials. Individual elements are neatly connected to each other, creating a solid surface, which has an original relief. As for the color range, it is diverse: producers offer customers olive, cream, brown, caramel materials. With the correct fastening of the product will remain pristine for many decades. But even in case of damage, individual components of the assembled wall can easily be replaced with new ones: the difference between adjacent surface components will not be visible. A reliable material is suitable for leveling walls. Under it can be located insulation and insulation layers (with additional installation of the crate).

House with a facade of vinyl panels


Siding относится к универсальным решениям, которые применимы даже для быстровозводимых дач и подобных строений. Продается в досках-полосах с длиной около 3,5 м. Подходит для стен с любыми неровностями. По виду сырья, из которого он производится, этот стройматериал разделяется на такие категории:

  • Metal. Refers to the budget group. Requires a neat fixation, because if damaged, the sheets can become rusted and lose their original appearance and condition.
  • Wood. It is produced from a wood-cellulose mixture, glued according to the MDF principle. It has a short service life, needs annual dyeing and protection against moisture, bark beetle.
  • Plastic. Has increased wear resistance. Does not burn out, does not deform with time. A more expensive and reliable analogue of this type are vinyl material. It can withstand temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees without problems.
  • Fiber cement. Refers to the most expensive kind. It easily withstands severe frosts and heat. It is not subject to rotting, corrosion.

House with a facade of siding The combination of gray walls and white windows  Ate in front of the house  Well at the site  Mansion in country style  Red house with white windows

Combined lining and its variants

Creating a suitable project for the stylization of their homes, the owners are considering the possibility of combining the use of quality materials. With their help, you can identify the individual parts of the structure. The optimal methods for the use of different types of materials include:

  • Separation horizontally. The best solution for a building that has two floors. The lower part can simply be leveled and painted, and the upper one can be decorated with a bar. Also attractive is the combination of the painted upper part and the stone bottom.

House with combined facade horizontally

  • Allocation of the socle. Optimum for any buildings. Allows you to visually make the height of the wall larger. As excretive materials can be applied materials for wood, stone.

Allocation of the plinth

  • Allocation of corners, socle and entrance. The best solution will be laying of tile materials and stone. Such framing for house buildings is usually applied by experienced architects. Separation of the walls into separate parts makes it easy to stylize any structure.
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Allocation of corners and socle of the house

Decoration of the facade

To complement the created stylistics of the building will help to choose different decorations. The simplest solution will be the separation of the multi-storey building cornices. They can separate the basement and floors, be located under the roof. Over the entrance door or in separate "empty" parts of the walls you can arrange a small bas-relief. True, it will be appropriate only when stylizing classics, baroque. To the universal type can be attributed columns. Their presence will make a beautiful large porch with a visor. Near the front door you can install a couple of flowerpots with flowers or figurines. You can also choose flat columns with capitals. They will visually increase the height of the walls. Rusts also belong to the popular molding. They are stylized under the stone and will be a beautiful frame of corners, suitable for vertical separation of the structure.

Decor facade home

Decoration of windows and doors

Select windows and doors in the building will help the use of stucco. It will allow to stylize these parts of the structure and make them unusual. The original replacement (for example, in German stylistics) will be the use of wood materials. It can be just lumber, framing openings or carved details. When choosing these products do not forget about the window in the attic. For him, you can pick up a more complex performance and a more beautiful frame. But a spacious bay window will look very beautiful with illumination or hanging flower pots. This styling will give the structure a special cosiness and make it unique. It is allowed to frame openings and a stone. It can be the same or different in size and shape. As for the balconies, the railings for them must fully comply with the chosen style. They can be gypsum, forged from metal or made from sawn timber.

Home window decoration

Facade lighting

Quality lighting around the building allows owners at any time of the day to safely navigate the courtyard. When choosing lamps it is recommended to give preference to street models that are attached to walls. They will provide the most accurate illumination of the perimeter of the building. To select such illuminators should be in accordance with the created stylistics of housing. So, luxury buildings can be supplemented with small flashlights, and objects in the style of minimalism are better equipped with searchlights. For low buildings, the location of the illuminators directly under the roof will be optimal. Open and closed terraces should be lighted separately. After all, it is here that people can spend their holidays with guests. Above the entrance door, you must make external lighting. The best option is to install a standard type luminaire or a motion sensor.

Facade lighting дома Steps with illumination  Lamps on the base  Window above the door  Mansion with illumination  Lake house


For each owner, their own housing is not just a building, but also a real patrimonial nest. Therefore, the owners want to give it such beauty, which will allocate the original construction against the background of others. Begin work in this direction with the choice of the optimal stylistics. It will allow you to easily determine the required materials and make a work plan. Also do not forget about the appropriate color scheme. It can influence the perception of housing, make it extraordinary. In addition, individual decorations of windows, doors, walls should also be selected. They are used to emphasize stylization, visual increase in the structure or its division into parts and floors. Following simple recommendations and tips in carrying out all the steps will make it easy to transform even a very old house or a newly erected object.