Design tiles in the kitchen +56 photo design of the floor

Tile on the wall in the interior of the kitchen

In the decoration of modern cuisine, unconditional leader is tile. To create a stylish and at the same time functional premises approaches to the solution of the problem need to be carefully thought out, to study all the technical characteristics of the material. The right choice will allow for a long time not to care about the change of the cladding, getting from the successful design the benefit and aesthetic pleasure.

Rack in the interior of the kitchen

  • Moisture resistance

Unlike the board, linoleum, laminate, tiles are not terrible flooding.

  • Strength

You can put massive furniture, the coating withstands strong mechanical effects. The object that has been dropped, of course, on condition that the tiles fit according to the rules, will break up sooner.

  • Durability and heat resistance

The tile will last for half a century, no matter what temperature regime is used, the appearance will remain unchanged. Near the hob, PVC panels are deformed, and the tiles do not melt, do not light up.

Apron of bright tiles in the kitchen

  • Large selection of sizes, textures, palettes

Given the specifics of the premises, the taste of its owner, the tile is chosen among the endless variety of colors, patterns, ornaments. The surface is glossy or matte, imitates the texture of stone, wood or glass. The sun's rays do not change the brightness of red or blue.

  • The possibility of replacing individual elements

If the damage happens, the cover does not replace the whole, but only the damaged section.

Dark furniture in the bright interior of the kitchen

  • Ecological compatibility

The material is harmless, with the passage of time, under the influence of temperature, no hazardous substances do not emit, the electric current does not conduct.

The tile has also disadvantages. Some people turn themselves into a plus, approaching the issue thoughtfully and competently:

  • High price

Only the specialist can work independently with the material, therefore the cost of professional services is added to the price of the tile. Wallpaper and painting will be cheaper. Tiles, unlike them, will serve for decades.

Wooden countertop in the kitchen

  • Do not muff sounds.

The problem is solved in the process of laying, if you take care of the presence of a special layer.

  • Material is cold

But it has a high thermal conductivity, so the "warm floor" easily eliminates the problem.

Gray-orange furniture in a light kitchen interior

  • Easily slip

Exit - choose a variant with a rough texture or treat the surface with a special anti-slip compound.

  • Replacement of the cladding is a difficult and dirty work

Choose a color that you do not want to get rid of in a couple of years, design to the smallest detail, so as not to spend money on rework.

Spotlights in the interior of the kitchen Hood with illumination above the stove  Cabinets with lighting in the working area of ​​the kitchen  Stone, wood and tiles in the interior of the tile  Kitchen with white furniture  Stylish kitchen design

Choice and types

Developing the design of walls, floors and even the ceiling in the kitchen of an apartment or a private house, modern trading floors put forward an immense number of proposals. Before deciding, the buyer needs to create a project of the room, take into account its size, environment, the combination of finishing material with furniture, appliances, lighting, other elements of decor.

In the enthusiasm to close all free space tile it is important not to overdo it, do not create from the kitchen some kind of toilet or operating room.

Tile with patterns on the wall

Among the types of tiles are distinguished:

  • Ceramic;
  • A democratic price, a rich choice, is easily combined with other species;
  • Porcelain tiles;
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Durable, looks like a stone. Used in the finish of the floor, from the top without damage put heavy furniture, appliances. Solid and ductile due to the concrete and sulfur in the composition.

  • Glass.

With a glossy or matte surface, colored or transparent, requires special care in the care.

Decorative plates on the kitchen wall

When buying, pay attention not to the following characteristics:

  • Class of abrasion resistance. If the tile is to be laid on the floor, it should not be lower than PEI;
  • Water resistance (from 3%);
  • Focus on the coefficient of friction in 0.75%;
  • Optimal grade - the first;
  • The designation AA means the highest resistance to the effects of chemistry, bacteria. Aggressive environment of the kitchen is not terrible;
  • Color, size, texture - at the discretion of the owner of the room.

Choose options with averages. Better materials do not always increase practicality, only attract unjustified costs.

Table-island with a sink in the interior of the kitchen

Too saving is also not worth it. Products of the first grade suggest the presence of up to 5% of the marriage in the batch, and the third grade allows up to a quarter of the defective specimens.

With the help of a master or focusing on the photo in the network, calculate the area of ​​the proposed cladding, its possible expansion on the surrounding surfaces. A visual image in the form of a picture or an electronic version will help to better relate the combination of sizes and colors.

Provencal cuisine

Having decided on the design and choice of tiles for kitchen areas, begin to calculate the amount of material. Its number must exceed the sufficient volume of interest by 10-15. Surplus will be useful in case of marriage, fight. You do not need to be too resourceful. If the tiles after the repair will be a lot, back to the store it may not be accepted.

Calculating the required amount of material, relate the size of the surface to the size of the tile itself, choose the one that should not be cut. Fitting will add to the hassle, dirt and material costs. Drawing on the tile, too, does not always allow cutting.

Tile for wood in the kitchen

At the time of purchase, the quality of the goods in each package should be carefully checked, compare the specimens. There are inconsistencies in shades, texture.

Pay attention to whether the tiles will be convex or concave surfaces, whether there are pushes, ledges, arches in the room. In such places do not use large tiles, you will need a mosaic version. Consider the composition, where friezes and borders will appear.

Black furniture and white corner in the kitchen Interesting hours in the kitchen  Shelves on the wall in the working area in the kitchen  Kitchen design with white and bard tiles  Tile with imitation wood on the kitchen wall  Suspended light in the kitchen

Ways of laying

Before work determine the type of tiles, quantity, way of laying. It is recommended to decompose the test fragment and see if the trimming is done correctly, whether the calculations are correct with the quantity. When choosing the method of laying, the features of the area, the shape of the decorated surface are taken into account.

In addition to the traditional, there are such popular options:

  • Parquet principle

Not everyone will allow himself to have parquet at home. In addition, in the kitchen parquet is impractical. He is afraid of mechanical loads, pollution, moisture, requires careful care, quickly loses sight. Tiles have incomparably higher performance. Ceramic granite slabs successfully imitate the tree of even valuable and rare species. Services specialist in laying natural parquet is much more expensive than the services of a master tiler.

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Parquet laying of tiles on the kitchen floor

The options for laying out tiles for parquet are set. In any method, they use the method of seamless computation. Otherwise, the "parquet" will look sloppy, to give the impression of withered wood.

The novice master will be able to independently decompose the tiles in the house deck way. Classic - the layout of herringbone, in a straight line or diagonally, simulating a combination of different types of wood. "Christmas tree" can be double, triple, which is technically easy to implement, but looks much richer.

Tile under the old board in the kitchen

Parquet laying is a network of two and three breeds, Pavlovsky, Swedish. In St. Petersburg, Versailles had its own drawings of interlacing, which are now also being copied.

Unusually and effectively looks the drawing "well", in which rectangular shape tiles are laid around the square element. Elements have a different size, thickness, color, their appearance is very diverse, but invariably makes a strong impression.

Two-tone floor in the kitchen

  • Diagonal mode

The installation of tiles is done in two ways: along the wall or diagonally. The latter is more difficult to do, but this method is more common, since it is visually able to expand the space. It is used both on the floor surface and on the wall.

If you put a small space "boar" of light tones in the diagonal direction, while picking up a non-contrasting grout, the room visually moves apart, it seems more spacious.

For the specialist, the main thing at the beginning of the job is to maximize the surface level and set the packing direction in the right direction. To do this, in the place of start lay equal segments along the walls. At the point of their connection, a reference point for the first tile is obtained. The work begins not with a piece, but with a whole tile. Use a square tile.

Diagonal laying of tiles on the kitchen floor

  • Mosaic method

Mosaic tiles differ not only visually, the difference in size, the shape of fragments. These squares are smaller and larger, rectangles and circles, arbitrary shapes, a mix of colors. Basis - paper from the front side, which is removed after gluing. Or fragments are united by a lattice from the inside, on it the tile and is fastened. The material for making such decor is chosen glass, ceramics, stone.

Mosaic apron in the interior of the kitchen

With the help of a mosaic create an independent interior, complement it, use elements as a decorative insert. The scope of the mosaic is extensive. Miniature allows you to trim small and hard-to-work areas, lay out the ceiling, furniture, arched vaults, the area around the sink, borders, partitions.

Mosaic floor in the kitchen

  • Imitation of brick masonry

If you want a kitchen in the antique Greek style, loft or Provence, it is not necessary to bring home a brick. With this role, the clinker tile handles, combined with wallpaper, plaster, with a different kind of tile, household appliances, metal and glass.

Imitation of brickwork in the interior of the kitchen

Used for finishing doorways, fireplaces. On the floor is not subject to abrasion, does not slip, it is well cleaned, has high thermal insulation properties. The main colors are white, gray, beige, terracotta and brown. The surface is rough-hewn, smooth, rough. The clinker is released in the form of a square or rectangle, thin, thick, heavy or light. It is universal, because helps to realize any designer fantasies.

Tile apron under brick

To care in the kitchen for coating it was easier, it is covered with glaze. In budgetary versions, use plaster tiles. It is not so durable, to prolong its operation, it is treated with a silicone compound or a polymer varnish.

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Kitchen design with brick wall

  • Seam in the seam

One of the simplest and fastest facing technologies. Due to the strict verticality and horizontality of the rows of tiles 100/100 the space visually expands, becomes more orderly.

Tile seam in the seam in the kitchen

The master does not need pre-markup. The surface of the floor or wall will be clearly divided in rows of tiles. The slightest bias in one direction or the other will spoil the view, so in the process of work you will need a gon, a plumb and a level. Also it is necessary to monitor the observance of the same thickness of the joints.

A popular idea is a black and white floor composition in a spacious room.

Floor mat in the kitchen work area

For the floor

The most wear-resistant specimens are selected for the kitchen. Ceramic tiles or granite tiles are ideal. The main thing is to maintain harmony with furniture, walls, the color of the surface of the countertop.

The design solution can be laconic, the floor will act as a background for the kitchen set and other accessories, or it can become a bright central element of the decor. In an apartment with a small kitchen do not lay on the floor a dark tile, a light finish will add sun and air.

Tile under the wild stone on the kitchen floor

Glossy monophonic surface for the kitchen does not fit, makes the slightest debris and spots visible. A matt granular structure is preferred.

Kitchen and dining room in classic style Kitchen with white interior  Floor illuminated in the kitchen  Tile with patterns on the kitchen floor  Pistachio furniture in the kitchen  Kitchen interior with white furniture


The kitchen can be divided into zones using light, color, combining different finishing materials. The working area is usually done using tiles. The dining room can be laminated. Sometimes designers share space, applying tiles for finishing, but using a different color scheme.

Zoning на кухне при помощи плитки и паркета

Divide the zones and keep harmony, working with shades of the same color. Kitchen-living room decorated using contrasting.

Tile and laminate flooring on the kitchen floor

If you allow apt. m, on the floor of the dining room or along the working area, an unusual ornament or geometric pattern is collected, there are many options. Simulated with the help of tile joining different coatings, the interior of the most simple kitchen is transformed into an interesting and attractive.

Suspended chandelier in the interior

The problem of cold floor can be solved with the help of heating elements.

Kitchen in a classic style

For walls

The design of the kitchen allows the walls to be tiled completely or partially. The main thing is the combination with the headset, the correct layout scheme. Whether the walls are monochrome or sustained in two or three colors, depends on the taste of the master, the general idea.

In modern kitchens use a coating that imitates wood, metal, textiles. Bold contrasting colors, original prints are intriguing. On a motley background, the best companion will be neutral light or even white furniture with a glossy surface. Figured relief looks impressive with the most straightforward color solution.

Tile with drawings on the walls of the kitchen The combination of gray and white flowers in the kitchen  Kitchen with an interior in the style of Provence  Wood in the interior of the kitchen  Kitchen with modern design  Light green kitchen interior

For the apron

The finishing of the working area should not only be functional, so that fat and soot are well washed from it. The apron will attract attention with a non-standard form, an interesting way of packing. You can paint it yourself, buying a special paint in the shop for artists.

Turquoise apron and gray furniture in the kitchen Apron of blue tile with white stitches  The combination of white furniture and a light green apron  Backlit cupboards in the kitchen  Furniture from a natural tree in an interior of kitchen  Kitchen with white furniture and a light blue apron

It will be bright and unusual to look like a special photopanno with a plot that takes into account the specifics of the room. A stove in the kitchen will add individuality and sophistication to the room.