Inexpensive small house for 500 dollars

Inexpensive small house. General form

Seven-meter inexpensive small house

The project of an inexpensive little house was amazing. Some tiny houses are classified as luxurious, they are built from quality materials, and they are not affordable for everyone. Owner Scott Brooks from the northwest Pacific coast built his tiny dwelling of junk material, furnished the donated things and met the entire project in the amount of $ 500.

Недорогой маленький дом. Picnic next to the house

Picnic next to the house

The area of ​​the house is 7.7 m2, it is located on a plot of 8 hectares. The land belongs to a friend of Brooks, who lives in Washington. Scott built a home, after returning from a two-year journey. He visited Africa, Thailand, India, Nepal, Montana and Alaska. He came home to get some rest from tourism and help his friends to found an organic farm. His abode, Scott dubbed the Tiny Transformer, referring to the interior. The structure of the internal design was developed by Scott's friend.

There are only practical and functional things here and there are no systems with alternative energy, there is no water supply and external decoration.

Inexpensive small house. Place for rest

A place where you can rest

The house is heated by a wood-burning stove, which, like other things, was given up as unnecessary. Near the house there is a summer shower. Inside the house space is organized as efficiently as possible, includes a two-level recreation area with a sofa downstairs and a bed at the top. 

Inexpensive small house. Sofa and bed

Sofa + bed

Недорогой маленький дом. A bourgeois cooker

A bourgeois cooker

Inexpensive small house. Working space

Space for work

The portable plate is hidden by the original panel, which increases the working surface in the room, when you do not need to cook.

Inexpensive small house. Plate

Panel-transformer for the plate

Inexpensive small house. Shelves


Contrary to the miniature dimensions, the room is filled with natural light through a large window. Beautiful nature surrounds a unique value house, which friends are very proud of.

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