Interior of a small house in bloomsbury, london

Interior of a small two-level house

Interior of a small house in London

Studio Stiff + Trevillion presented the interior design of a small house, built in 1990. Designers have done a serious job, transforming the old building into a modern two-level cottage of compact dimensions.

Interior of a small house in white color

Dining area in a small house

Snow-white walls and pine wood flooring are ideally combined with the design of a home mini office in the loft style. Partitions in the main residential area on the second level are made entirely of glass, which creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

The windows of the building offer a beautiful view. Almost invisible glass partitions, supporting the original style of the interior, divide the open space into several zones.

Interior of a small house with glass partitions

Glass partitions in the interior

At the first level there is a dining area and a small library. Kitchen cabinets are located behind a massive column of granite. The only bathroom of the combined type is decorated in gray.

Kitchen interior in a small house

Kitchen on the first floor