Design studio for the artist from midden studio

Design studio in Scotland

Design Studio by Midden Studio

Recently, the architects of Midden Studio presented the design of a surrealistic atavistic studio with very interesting elements. This art studio with an unusual facade is located by the river on the west coast of Scotland, on the stones on the top of the hill.

Original house from Midden Studio

The studio is located by the river

House with an unusual foundation

Foundation on stones

The artist, for whom the studio was designed, has a special connection with this place, and most of her works describe exactly the relationship between man and nature.

Not far from the building are old agricultural buildings, and the studio is noticeably different from them and draws attention with its elements, which can be seen only on closer examination: the cantilevered bridge just above the river, the strange gable roofs and, of course, the exterior decoration of the walls.

The layout of the studio от Midden Studio

The layout of the studio

The table is equipped with a glass platform, so that the artist can see under it a river and part of the bridge. The facade design is an interesting diamond-shaped masonry - reminiscent of the decoration of the Diamond Palace in Ferrara, Italy, and the decoration of the Gesu Nuovo Church in Naples.

Designers wanted to show how the building becomes a receptacle of culture and evokes the memory of the European influence on the architecture of Scotland.

Window in the floor of a small studio

Bridge under the glass platform

The facade of a small house from Midden Studio

Unusual building facade

Inside, almost all the elements are made of wood. From furniture items here only a bookcase, a table, an armchair and an easel - everything necessary for creativity.

Interior of studio от Midden Studio

Interior of studio