Small, but so luxurious! stylish interior of a hotel room in

Interior of a small studio apartment in brown color

Luxury is not a simple phenomenon in itself. In a confined space, the more so.

We share with our readers information on how this was achieved by Chinese designers in Hong Kong.

The project called Mount East Flat was developed by the architectural studio Another Design International.

Painting on the wall in the studio

On the photo you see a room in a respectable luxury hotel. And such a location to many artists required. It was necessary to think it through very well, also, because it was necessary to preserve the original Chinese traditions in the design of housing.

The room is open plan. The beautiful view is based on carefully selected and high-quality finishing materials.

Lighting devices also said their weighty word. Particularly prominent are the long suspended chandeliers cascading down to the floor.

Small kitchen in white color Luxurious lamp in the bedroom Office with city view Reading corner Suspended light in the bedroom Small bathroom in white color Corridor in a small studio The layout of a small studio apartment

Obviously, even temporary residence in such a refined atmosphere with national color will remain in your memory for a long time.