Beautiful design sample with motives of scandinavia: a

Black accents in the office

Turn a shabby apartment into a model of modern interior and a paradise for a freelancer - that's what the Scandinavian style is capable of, which is the main weapon in the hands of a skilful designer. Several original solutions will help you to learn more about the existing techniques of decor and to realize some of them in their small dwellings.

General characteristics of the interior and its features

The main goal of the designers was to unite in the territory of the existing small space such functions as comfortable living and no less comfortable conditions for a quality work process, taking into account the possibility of extending the practical advantages of housing in case of adding members of the family.

Visual perception of the kitchen was increased by raising the level of kitchen cabinets, and the living room is combined with the bedroom and dining room, where the corresponding zone was designated designer dining table. Thanks to these actions it became possible to release one of the rooms under the office, and the other and leave it completely empty for re-registration, if necessary, under the nursery. The displacement of one of the doors made it possible to install a sofa, which, despite its modest dimensions, is an excellent sleeping place for two guests.

And here interior of a small bathroom caused real difficulties, which could only be solved after the toilet installed here turned 90 degrees along the axis relative to its previous location. This simple reception allowed to save so much of the space that even a small washing machine with a laundry basket fit there.

Accent wall in the corridor Bright accents in the living room Black and white tiles in the bathroom


The combination of colors in the interior of this style is aimed at expanding the available space, which is possible only in the case of using light colors. White color in the interior, with which the design of the walls was made, not only contributed to the presence of this factor, but also allowed to solve the problem of scant lighting, due to the high reflective effect.

The floor and the flooring are decorated in light woody tones, which made it possible to give the room a clear geometry that positively affected the visual boundaries of the useful area. In addition, the apartment has become much lighter and more comfortable than before these changes. It should be noted that these actions, in addition to the worthy external characteristics that appeared after their implementation, allowed to save a sufficient amount of money.

Black and white carpet in the living room White tile in the bathroom Pattern with flower pattern in the corridor


The abundance of light is one more technique that made it possible to achieve such a spectacular result. The open windows filled the premises with sun rays, which had a positive effect on the overall mood, and the various artificial lighting sources installed in each room, depending on its functional purposes, increased the degree of their practical correspondence. The extra lamps that were installed above the dining table and rest area made these places much cozier and more comfortable. It is worth noting that the original lamp in the form of a plate was generally found with relatives, after which it was restored by the owners of the apartment. This suggests that any decisions can have an alternative basis, involving a small amount of money.

Kitchen in white color Original black chandelier Hanging lamps of different lengths


Simple small-sized furniture is an excellent option for housing that has similar dimensions. Stylish chairs upholstered in a material whose texture resembles curtains used in interior design. This technique allowed the design to become more harmonious and original. Bright pillows decorated the sofa and brought in the image of new colors and a welcoming mood.

Cabinets, which are a product of the Soviet furniture industry, have been restored and successfully entered into the existing interior. Most pieces of furniture are ordered at the usual carpentry. A fireplace, placed instead of the usual TV, has become a source of special home comfort.

Paintings on the wall in the living room Bright accents in the dining room Crockery in the cupboard under the glass Original wall clock Decorative items on the bedside table Bright door in the hallway

Storage System

Traditional wardrobes and chests of drawers are complemented by such an unusual solution as a library, snugly located in the storeroom of the apartment. This simple technique allowed to save a significant part of the usable area, saving owners from the need to install a bulky cabinet or appropriate shelving, giving the interior the perfect functionality.

Bright accents in the living room Turquoise accents in the bathroom Outdoor rack in pantry

Tips to create a Scandinavian interior in your apartment

1. Do not hesitate to use white color. Its combination with warm natural tones completely excludes the appearance of a sensation of sterility.

2. Decor and interior items are best set in mind, using open shelves for this, rather than sections of your cabinets.

3. Kitchen requires a special approach to the process of forming an interior. Not only the right arrangement of kitchen furniture elements, but also the transfer of columns, as well as counters - a solution that can have a beneficial effect on the creation of the ideal image of the apartment.

4. Try to use some brand elements in the context of the existing design, this immediately affect the status of the interior and its visual perception.

5. No tight curtains. Only open spaces and a maximum of light.

Excellent color design solutions for the formation of the Scandinavian image

Kitchen. Use only those types of paints that perfectly withstand fungus and excessive moisture, especially in places where food is cooked.

Living room. This room accepts exceptionally light tones, which will greatly enhance the visual perception of existing boundaries.

Children's. Here, the main attention should be paid to the safety of the paint and the absence of its harmful effect on the children's body. A light background with small bright patches will help your child maintain a positive mood for a long time.

Sunny sides are best to decorate in cool colors, and northern and shadow, on the contrary, in brighter.