Why do people in developed countries choose tiny houses?

Tiny Houses in the USA

Tiny houses change the face of America

Against the background of the ongoing crisis in the housing market and the recession in other areas of the US economy, tiny houses are gaining immense popularity among the population of the country, pushing to the background the traditional "American dream" - a luxurious mansion of immodest dimensions. Perhaps, they are the new American ideal, more appropriate to modern conditions?

Christopher Smith and Meret Müller from Colorado are just one of many who today choose an ultra-compact housing for themselves. In 2011, they began building their tiny house, which eventually amounted to 11.5 m2. The couple decided to document this experience and the like, resulting in a film called TINY: A Story About Living Small, a fragment of which is presented above.

A tiny house in Colorado

In their tiny house there was a place for a mini-kitchen, a bathroom and a bed, organized at the mezzanine level (the height of the ceilings in the house is about 3.3 m). There is also a small closet, two built-in shelves, a writing and dining table made from scraps of reclaimed planks, which were used for finishing the floor.

A tiny house and its owners

The construction of the house was not finished yet, and Christopher and Meret already felt the advantages of living in it. They realized that a compact area promises them significant savings in time, energy and money, as well as the ability to focus on what is really important to them.

As Smith says, all the characters of the film they shot (they and other owners of tiny houses) now own their own business, actively participate in the life of local communities and spend a lot of time with their friends. And all this is the result of refusing to chase after square meters.

Building a tiny house

A tiny house, according to Christopher, makes it possible to see the real dimensions of the talent of its creator. It is quite simple to create a functional and attractive living space, when you do not have to limit your imagination, and the slightest defect does not threaten to turn into a catastrophe.

Moving to an ultra-compact house is worthwhile, if only to understand how few things a person needs for a full and happy life. Are you ready to support this idea?