10 delightful interior projects of a miniature bedroom: the

Interior of a small bedroom with a view of the city

Elegant and refreshing design of a small bedroom

Bedroom decoration is a task that is very different from planning the rest of the house. As you know, unlike the kitchen and living area, it is a private shelter for rest, relaxation and of course, intimate fun! And this is the only room in the house that really reflects your tastes and shows what kind of person you are. The decoration of a small cozy bedroom is practically no different from working with a large space. Here the main creativity and sufficient ingenuity in order to demonstrate their imagination, character and sense of style.

When everything is done correctly, thanks to their small size, they can have very intimate parameters, not yielding to elegance and ergonomics to large rooms! All you need to know is several fundamental design principles that will help this limited space visually make it more open, airy and free. Here are 10 tips that are easily implemented and help add a sense of relaxation and modern energy to your holiday destination.

Create an area in which there will be no confusion

Interior of the bedroom in the style of minimalism

Follow the principle of minimalism - the less, the more

Use simple color schemes

Small bedroom in light calm colors

The color scheme should be simple and not irritating

Multilevel lighting

Bedside sconces and shelves above the bed

Smart lighting and smooth shelves create a refined setting.

Cleverly placed storage space

Baskets for things in the form of a bedside table

Places for things are done like a bedside table

Do not clutter your way of travel

Pendant lamps at the head of the bed

Hanging lamps and sconces help to save space

Use modest and proportionate furniture

Simple furniture in the bedroom

Things try to choose simple and proportional, but so that they are also part of the decor

In the interior, strive for verticality

Bed-clamshell, which saves space

Space-saving clamshell bed with shelves

Create a focus in space

Contrast decorative elements in the bedroom

Making a bed, put on it gazing away the decor elements, for example, a different texture of the pillow and a cover of contrasting color

Add mirrors and reflective surfaces

Mirrored closet in the bedroom

Mirror allows you to make space visually more

The director's view of the situation

Stylish small bedroom in black and white colors

Enjoy the comfort that a small bedroom offers

To have it beautiful and small is much better than great with a general design and faceless style.