10 useful tips for the arrangement of a small space - create

Interior of a small studio apartment

Unfortunately, not every one of us can afford a spacious living space where you can equip your native walls with comfort and inherent freedom. But even a compact space should not be gloomy and dull.

Today we offer our readers to get acquainted with cozy and practical mini-apartments, which were designed only for 24 square meters. m.

Development interior of a small apartment belongs to Sam Ben Hamida. The designer wanted to show how to create an ideal and flawlessly planned room.

Clear plan

In small apartments, each meter will be really evaluated. Try to determine in advance with each zone, evaluate the possibilities, measure all parameters to make sure that all furniture will fit the dimensions.

Living room of a small studio apartment

3D Sketches

Try to visualize how the overall situation and the furnished space will look. Especially as they will be used throughout the day. Determination of priorities and proper functioning is what is really needed for the intelligent design of your housing.

Once you distribute all the items in their places, immediately proceed to the details that will complement the image and complete the interior.

Cabinet of a small studio apartment

What to hide and what to show?

Today, each of us can allow the use of more than one electronic device in the house, which is inconvenient because of the large number of wires. Try to find ways to hide them or make them less visible. This will create a more accurate and flawless appearance.

Determine immediately with the necessary elements and less significant, consider that over time you will unconsciously collect items that fill the situation at home.

And if you do not have the opportunity to store them ergonomically and at the same time keep order and impeccability, it is better to get rid of them. It is worth sticking to the belief that empty space is much more valuable.

Rack in a small studio apartment

Correct palette

Design of a small apartment largely depends on the color scale. The most optimal is the use of contrasting shades, best if the furniture is darker, and the walls and ceiling are lighter.

When it is possible to use glossy surfaces, glass and mirrors - do not be afraid of their brilliance, this will only enhance the visual effects.

Small functional studio apartment Entrance hall of a small studio apartment

Easy moving objects

On a compact area, a multi-functional interior will be a must. In the presence of high ceilings, you have the opportunity to acquire multi-level options, for example, a loft bed.

Otherwise, you can use a folding sofa for a sleeping place.

Multifunctionality and flexibility

Small apartments, as a rule, have only one main room, which is used as a living room or bedroom. But in fact, it is much more efficient to distribute zones for sleep, rest and work.

In this case, the room has a harmonious balance, which is created individually to the situation, organized with the help of furniture on rollers. Where the area of ​​sleep and rest easily changes its area thanks to a movable cabinet.

Living room of a small studio apartment

Variety of furnishings

Modern interior of a small apartment It is not very convenient for those who prefer to work at home or students. Many of us have noticed that the quality of labor largely depends on the environment and if there are options when it can be changed, then this is a huge plus.


Having one intense light source in a room can be the simplest way, but there is a second one - the use of several instruments that differ in brightness, location or even the color of the radiation.

This will help to reproduce the ideal atmosphere in the room, where the sources separate some zones, and they look different even in such a tiny area.

Cabinet and living room of a small studio apartment

A friend wants to stay the night

No problem! The second bed can take, almost literally, out of nowhere. Inflatable versions, folding chairs will not overload the interior and will be useful at the most suitable moment.

Interior of a small studio apartment Bedroom in a small studio apartment The layout of a small studio apartment Transformable furniture of a small studio apartment

Home Sweet Home

The longer you live in your home, the more it becomes a part of you. This condition allows you to argue that you should equip the house only in its own way and do not chase trends in fashion.

Fill it with personal details, use only such options that you like and comfortable. And only in this case every corner will be native, and the close walls will be filled with an individual atmosphere, expressing your subtle sense of taste and individuality.