Design and interior of the living room in the style of

Design of the living room in the style of minimalism

Comfortability, high functionality of any element of the interior and unsurpassed aesthetics without excesses - this is what the modern design of the minimalist style living room looks like. A close relative of the current high-tech embodied the perfect balance of ergonomics and refinement, thanks to which it is possible to easily recreate the unique decoration both in a large country house, and in a compact city apartment.

The Japanese culture, popularized in the West after the Second World War, became a fresh sip in the development of architecture and interiors. At that time, society was tired of fanciful and screaming design ideas and gratefully accepted the original decisions of its eastern neighbors.

The cradle of the development of laconic flow became the walls of New York apartments in the 20s of the last century. The style was transformed right up to the 60s, flexibly adjusting to the needs of people. Having crossed the line of the new century, minimalism does not lose its charm and relevance, acquiring more and more admirers.

Black carpet in white interior  TV on the wall in the living room  Armchair by the window  White table by the couch  House trees by the window

Features of style

The characteristic features of minimalism are associated with a thin intertwining of progenitor currents and a peculiar symbiosis of eastern and western cultures.

  1. Removing excess interior items that are not functional elements in the room.
  2. Abundance of natural and artificial lighting.
  3. The maximum unlimited space, the rejection of screens and partitions.
  4. The predominance of neutral and calm tones, the use of monochrome color.
  5. Zoning of the hall with the help of light, wall and floor finishing.
  6. Strict observance of proportions and symmetry when planning furniture arrangement.
  7. Perfect order in which every thing is in its place.

Style minimalism in the interior of the living room

When decorating a living room and kitchen in a minimalist style, choose lighting devices that allow you to adjust the intensity of light. The ability to select the brightness of the lamps independently is not only convenient for users, but also at the right time will create a cozy or romantic atmosphere in the room.

Lockers on the wall  Corner sofa in the living room  Gas fireplace in the interior  Floor lamp at the couch  Red painting in a light interior


The minimalistic design is a hostage to the monochrome palette, which makes it discreet, but not boring at all. The ability to filigree harmoniously combine colors allows the designer to create modern and acceptable interior concepts for any room. The hall is usually one of the largest rooms in the apartment, for which light colors are suitable. To recreate the atmosphere of minimalism in the interior of the living room, it is appropriate to use one of several characteristic colors for the style:

  • white;
  • ash gray;
  • steel;
  • cream;
  • light brick or pastel ocher;
  • beige or sand.
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Light colors in the interior of the living room in the style of minimalism

Do not avoid dark tones: exquisite graphite, soft shades of brown and blue-black serve as excellent tools for creating the right accents. It is important only to follow the principles of brevity and rigor without turning the furniture into a rippling cloth, in which different colors compete in dominance over each other.

Multilevel ceiling in the interior  Columns in the interior  Divan on the podium  Sliding doors in the interior  Green mat on white floor


The decoration of the living room in a minimalistic manner only at first glance may seem economical. In the embodiment of this style, the emphasis is not only on the appearance of the decoration, but also on the quality of the materials that create his picture. And the real price is square. m of similar building materials usually significantly differs from the average market.

Parquet on the living room floor in the minimalist style

The natural tree is the main source of inspiration for the minimalist designer. Wooden can be not only floors and furniture, but also decorative panels on the wall, behind which it is convenient to hide the wires.

The abundance of stone, glass, glossy and polished surfaces creates the same aura of luxurious simplicity inherent in the minimalistic current. You can supplement this atmosphere by incorporating brickwork, uncomplicated metal structures, smooth cement surfaces, porcelain stoneware and a low-key carpet in the interior.

Concrete walls in white interior  Armchairs by the fireplace  Built-in ceiling lights  Zoning with color  Table and chair in front of the window

Sex: restrained nobility

For finishing the floors in the living room most often use practical materials of deep dark shades. The optimal solution will be a solid floor covering made of wood or other imitating analogs. In particular, the granite looks adorned, decorated with a laconic carpet in the classic style.

Bright floor in the living room in minimalist style

Floors can be made and in light colors, in harmony with other furnish of a premise. But you should follow an important rule: the color of the floors must necessarily be darker and more saturated than the color palette of furniture sets.

Also, when forming an interior in the spirit of minimalism, it is permissible to use a simple and devoid of pretentiousness of linoleum, dark parquet board or laminate and carpet, which is less practical and convenient to clean, but has a high aesthetic qualities and a tactilely pleasant surface.

Black shelves on a white wall  Indoor flowers on the floor  Decorative fireplace in the living room  Large windows in the interior  Panels on the wall

Walls: monochrome

Bright walls, devoid of non-functional decor, serve as an impeccable background for a minimalistic composition of the living room. When decorating them, you can use a variety of materials that will be able to emphasize an atmosphere of rigor and restraint:

  • wallpaper, suitable for later staining;
  • brickwork;
  • decorative plaster;
  • inserts in the form of panels of wood or bamboo;
  • smooth concrete.

White walls in the living room in minimalism style

With the installation of panels from other materials, you can effectively split the room into functional areas. This method is especially relevant for small living rooms in the "Khrushchev", in which, often after re-planning, the hall turns out to be combined with a kitchen. It is possible to distinguish two areas from the bar counter, in which it is customary to mount beakers and additional lighting.

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Huge windows - a business card of a minimalistic flow in the interior. If possible, enlarge the window openings if the original dimensions do not correspond to the style norms. When choosing a metal-plastic structure, you should not focus on boring classical white windows. Manufacturers of the profile offer a wide range of interesting colors, imitating wood and natural stone.

TV on the partition  Orchids on semi  Beams in the interior  Blinds on the window  Colored chairs in white interior

Ceiling decoration

Ideal for the design of ceilings in the design of the living room in the spirit of minimalism - the installation of suspension and tensioning structures. Typically, the designer's choice falls on light-colored monophonic canvases, but an interior solution in deep dark tones is acceptable.

The ceiling can be decorated with drawings, however, their selection should be taken with a special responsibility:

  • The images should not cover the entire ceiling surface, but be located only above the specific functional places in the living room;
  • Unacceptable bright ornaments, for minimalism are characterized by strict monochrome prints.

White ceiling in the living room in a minimalist style

French and suspended ceilings can be multi-level. Cascades allow you to equip the surface with additional spotlights, increasing the intensity of lighting the room. But ceiling structures should not be complex and ornate: focus on strict lines and simple geometric shapes.

Dark furniture in the kitchen  Table of logs on a green carpet  Shelf partition in the interior  The combination of white and green salad in the living room  Table with a lamp by the couch


The abundance of textiles in minimalism is a bad form. The variety of decor from the fabric is appropriate in French country, and not in a restrained urban flow. Even if you are engaged in design of a drawing room in a private house, it is necessary to refuse tablecloths, capes for upholstered furniture and various decorative napkins. These elements of the interior can look very sloppy and completely contradict the main principle of the minimalistic current, which consists in the absence of unnecessary and not useful objects.

Textile в гостиной в стиле минимализм

When choosing a tulle, look at lightweight monophonic fabrics that will not interfere with the penetration of natural light. Curtains can be selected in a contrasting color. The optimal combination of shades will be the choice of curtains in tone to the dark floor and light tulle, harmoniously combined in color with the decoration of the walls.

Pot with a room tree near the wall  Laminate on the walls  Sofas around the table  Red accents in the white interior  Niche over a decorative fireplace


При подборе гарнитуров для гостиной в минималистичном стиле важно найти не только эстетичные, но и эргономичные предметы. Furniture должна содержать удобные ниши для хранения, которые скроют от любопытных глаз личные вещи.

Dark furniture in the living room in minimalist style

Preference should be given to low-end sets with a wooden frame. Ornate carving is considered superfluous and too pretentious. The correct geometric shapes and minimum details are the main directions, which should be guided when searching for furniture kits.

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Wall with illumination in the interior

One of the principles of minimalism is observance of symmetry. A regular corner sofa can disrupt the proportional arrangement of interior items, so these furniture should be used with caution.

Decorative plaster in the living room

In the living room of a private house, it is appropriate to install a fireplace, which not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but is also an important part of the heating system. You can decorate the facade of the decorative stove with a stone that will emphasize the stylistic features of the room.

Large mirror on the floor

Mirrors and glass surfaces can bring to the room an original airiness and create the effect of unlimited space. For minimalism is typical the introduction of glass shelves on fasteners made of natural wood and elegant tables with a glass top.

Brick wall in the interior


Light - an important component of decoration in any style, but for minimalism is characterized by an abundance of light flux, which can be obtained by installing high-power lamps. Installation of a large chandelier in the center of the room does not solve the problem of sufficient illumination. Therefore, carefully plan the layout of the ceiling luminaires built into the ceiling.

Lighting в гостиной в стиле минимализм

The interior can be decorated with floor lamps and lamps, the laconic forms of which emphasize the restrained spirit of minimalism. The ability to independently regulate the intensity of glow will be a godsend for those who plan not only to take guests in the hall, but also to spend time with loved ones in a more calm and romantic atmosphere.

Lamps on the ceiling

Side and cornice lamps are ideal for lighting the perimeter of a room. With them, even a small living room will remain bright and visually seem more spacious at any time of the day.

Original chandelier in the interior  Niches with illumination in the wall  Violet curtains on the windows  Living room combined with dining room  Original armchair in the interior

Decorative elements in minimalism

A minimum of decor and accessories is the key to maintaining the authenticity of minimalism as a flow. Perfect order and lack of unnecessary details make the interior simple and spectacular at the same time. Any element of decoration should be not only beautiful, but also rationally useful for the owners of housing.

Decorative elements in the living room in the minimalist style  Black sofas in white interior  The partition between the kitchen and the living room  TV on the leg opposite the sofa  Modular sofa in the living room

Do not forget about the observance of symmetry. Therefore, as a functional decor often use paired objects, for example, stylish outdoor vases or interesting sculptures. It is appropriate to decorate the walls and laconic frames for black and white family photos, when placing them, proportions are also observed.

Glass table in the interior  The floor in the living room  Bright picture on the wall  Lamps on the wall  The original shelf above the sofa

A plain neutral color carpet will serve as an excellent floor decor. The coating can be selected both in the related color scheme, and in a contrasting shade, combined with the basic tone of the walls.

Minimalism in the interior is perfect for both large rooms and small rooms that need the rational use of limited space. Simplicity, restraint and emphasis on ergonomics find more and more fans among connoisseurs of simple and functional interior solutions.