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Interior design of a small apartment in London

Sometimes, there are very expensive, multi-storey multi-storey country houses, the interiors of which do not produce any impression. And there are cases when each element of the decor of a small apartment attracts our attention.

For an example, let's dwell on the design of a small room, in which everything is fine. Here, finding fault with nothing can not. It is located in London, and more than once it was to be repaired, and during the last perestroika the result surpassed all expectations. The most interesting is not even that it was perfectly matched furniture and the colors are ideally chosen.

The secret of the uniqueness of this design solution is that its authors managed to emphasize the features and individuality of the owner of the apartment. It's hard to believe, but simple and understandable principles were used to implement this project, which can be adhered to in the arrangement of any dwelling.

First and foremost, what is very important for small rooms is the choice of the color scheme for the walls. They should be as light as possible. This choice will help to visually expand the space and lighten even the darkest and nooks.

Kitchen design in a small apartment in London

Please note that the basic details of the interior are done in fairly calm tones. But, sometimes, there are bright, natural colors.

When decorating the living room, the masters used the unusual color of the lead in combination with a light tree and sunny-yellow hues. She looks just fine. Thanks to the game with different textures, the two bedrooms that are available here look absolutely different. Color is capable of miracles. The main thing is not to get involved in this difficult matter.

Bathroom interior design in a small apartment Interior design of a small apartment in London

Owners often make a very big mistake when placing furniture in a room. It consists in the fact that people are oriented to the walls and put furniture closer to them. This is the case in which such a decision simply destroys the whole idea and can spoil everything.

So, the main rule during the arrangement of furniture is that only one object should be placed in the room to the wall. The head of the bed or the closet is best for this.

Interior design of a small apartment in London Bedroom design in a small apartment in London

In addition, you must use only a natural floor covering of stone or wood. In the first case, it still has to be covered with a carpet. For this, the mat is perfect.

Staircase in a small apartment in London

Bedroom in a small apartment in London

To give the interior an atmosphere of lightness, it is worth choosing furniture on legs. It visually raises it and disguises even bulky and large cabinets, which in most cases rest on the floor or in the ceiling.

Furniture on legs

Using mirrors in frames is a simple and affordable way to make an apartment bigger. And the matt plafonds in the luminaires, due to the uniform dispersion of daylight, illuminate the apartment when disconnected from the network.

Bathroom Design

Kitchen design in white tones Bathroom Interior Design