Unique ideas for stylish and budgetary decoration of

Original lamp on the bedside table

The best way to find out which decorations and elements are most suited to your decor is simply to spend some time experimenting. Move furniture, rearrange things and change the situation, playing with different accessories.

Mix and combine different bedding

For example, you can harmoniously combine a bright duvet cover with a vegetative ornament of a rich red hue with turquoise pads.

Bedding with different ornaments

Form a concise and simple interior design

In the next photo, an ordinary table and a set of exquisite chairs on a patterned carpet looks cozy and attractive.

Exquisite chairs in the dining room

Use vintage items

If you want to save and at the same time create a unique decor, the best solution will be the old furniture. In this project, experts picked up the chairs that they found in an antique store.

Vintage chairs in the dining room

Update the room with the help of the bulletin board

Use burlap, flax or canvas to cover a wooden panel. To this element, you can easily attach photos, notes and notes.

Board for ads in the office

And do not skimp on the hooks!

They are great for a budgetary design of the hallway.

Hooks for clothes in the hallway

Give the bathroom an individual look

This will help you with unusual accessories, plumbing and interior items.

Mirrors on the wall in the bathroom

Use bright and colorful pictures in the decoration

Print out some of your photos and attach them to the wall in the bathroom. They will look great on a snow-white background.

Colorful snapshots on the wall in the bathroom

Use old things in a new way

Vintage suitcases, for example, can function as an original side table and a place for storing off-season clothing.

Old suitcases in the interior

Pay attention to the IKEA store

The IKEA store is the place where you can find a large number of headset items and jewelry at affordable prices. Creative racks, gorgeous lamps, tables and chairs from this brand are great for decorating any apartment.

Furniture from the IKEA store

And how do you like the white furniture?

Use for the decoration of the apartment with flawless white elements unusual furniture.

White furniture in the office

Learn how to economically use every square centimeter of the square

In the following example, the guest cabin was equipped with a compact workstation that harmoniously and aesthetically fits into the apartment's furnishing.

Study in the living room

Decorate the walls with a large number of photos in an eclectic contrast framework

This solution not only brings individuality to the environment, but also creates a cozy serene atmosphere.

Photos on the wall

Make the room expressive

Choose for decoration of rooms in the house or apartment the textural and expressive things and furnishing, which emphasizes the architecture of the building.

Textured furniture in the kitchen

Use budget furniture

Budget couches with stiff backs and seats will look better in any apartment. You can easily take it when moving to another home.

Sofa with a hard back in the living room

Decorate the house with unusual lighting

Choose for the decoration of the house original lighting with an interesting and unusual appearance. So, for example, the following model from the brand Urban Outfitters has a creative shade consisting of three brass rings. This decor and interior perfectly fit into the atmosphere of any home.

Lampshade of brass rings

Mask the shortcomings of the walls

If the walls in your apartment are far from ideal, you can disguise them using an original carpet with an expressive geometric ornament. This model in smoky colors with a snow-white pattern looks very stylish and unusual.

Carpet with geometric ornaments

Update some products

If your financial possibilities are limited, buy beautiful towels for hands, cups for coffee or vases. New dishes or textiles will allow you to bring to your apartment incredible elegance, warmth and comfort.

Towels for hands

Do not forget about indoor plants

Green floral compositions can give the living space incredible expressiveness, natural charm and freshness.

Indoor plants in the interior

We presented to the look of our regular readers an unparalleled selection of budget accommodation options that will help to give the apartment expressiveness and warmth.

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