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Transparent ceiling in a small living room

Small rooms - not only domestic realities, leading world experts also regularly face difficult tasks to decorate a limited space. Today we will consider their original solutions.

Large window in a small room "In a small volume, everything matters" So says the designer Beata Heuman, commenting on his London apartment. She demolished the partition between the kitchen and the bedroom, leaving only the supporting column, and placed there a thin cabinet. Stylish stool serves as an additional storage place. Paintings in interior design

Jane Churchill of 4 small bedrooms left only 2, using the liberated area as a terrace. She developed interesting chairs near the fireplace, in harmony with the proportions of the sofa.

Large window in the living room Large windows in the library "Mirrors - an effective way to deal with crowdedness" So says Gabby Deeming. Directing the light in dark corners, you can create the illusion of a doorway - a brilliant simplicity solution in a 17-meter room. High mirror in the hallway

Mounting the mirrors in front of the windows, Ann Boyd has achieved ease and elegance, the bark completely copies the picture frame.

Mirror wall in the living room Mirror wall in the living room

Light can work wonders. Following this uncomplicated principle, Eve Mercier ventured and made a glass roof. The result is obvious.

Transparent ceiling in the living room

The architectural firm Studio 29 went a little different way - hidden lighting uses the ceiling as a reflector.

Vase on a small window sill "When a client wants to open up space, we recommend breaking it up with open book shelves or mirrored partitions, they work like theatrical scenes." The designer Andrew Winch shares with us. The design behind his bed mimics the passage to a non-existent room. Mirror on the wall in the living room

Kitchen is nothing more than a bar in the living room - says Emily Todhunter. A two-way bookcase with a dispensing window is a vivid confirmation of this. The curbstone under the sink is a simple and roomy chest of drawers.

Bookcase with mirror insert Large window in the library Large mirror in the bathroom

The children's bedroom in the Louise Glyn house is an exemplary example of a scrupulous area saving.

Sleeper in the second level

L-shaped sofa in the studio Emily Todhunter unfolds when it comes to children twins. And the duvets are stored in a large black box.

Corner sofa in the living room

The stumbling block is the storage of things. Open racks are visually hidden behind the headboard.

Mirror head of the bed in the bedroom Wardrobe in a narrow dressing room

Glass balcony in front of the cabinet - it's cool!

Wardrobe in the second level

Under the stairs, there is always a usable area - the very place for a washing machine.

Laundry under the stairs

Venetian plaster forms the illusion of open space - the muted light of the floor lamps gently dissipates on the wall.

Fireplace in the small living room

The active terracotta color is surprisingly in harmony with the pale blue - the dark parquet closes the color composition.

Cloakroom behind curtains

A collage of ceramic tiles will bring dynamics to a tight room.

Collage of ceramic tiles in the bathroom

A cheerful lining and an end mirror form a pretty optical illusion.

Mirror in bright bathroom

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