A wonderful studio design in an empty garage

Plants on the terrace by the pool

Every time Lianna, the daughter of Debbie Gliksman, was returning home from college, her two youngest sons had to sleep in the upper room together to make room for her. Debbie Gliksman knew that the family needed an extra room, but did not want a thorough reorganization.

The family feels affection for this house. They really love him. Therefore, before Lianna came back after college, the designer made a non-standard decision - to use the garage outside of the house separately from the house, which she turned into a chic and cozy studio apartment.

Who lives here: l Ian that G immediately captain. Location:: Los Angeles. The size: 37 m². Budget: $ 23,000, including furniture, TV and kitchen facilities.

The plastering of the outer wall is in sync with the stone elements of the pool and the landscape decor. The author transformed the space next to the entrance to the garage into the original area with plants in pots and cobblestones. Opposite is the backyard of the main house.

The designer wanted both objects to harmonize with each other by connecting elements of stone and greens. 

The corrugated aluminum extension, adjacent to the studio, is used as a storage room and laundry room.

Kitchen with access to the pool

Debbie Gliksman found on Craigslist for a good price of home appliances, decoration and decoration. Microwave oven KitchenAid is a product from the Habitat for Humanity sales catalog, which represents hundreds of discounted items.

The vintage table of 1970, which was still used by Debbie Gliksman's mother, a couple of good chairs from IKEA were perfect for small kitchen.

Tips for shopping on Craigslist from the hostess-designer

1. Play with the keywords

You can just look at the actual names of items, for example, "closet" or "dining chair". But sometimes different phrases are used, like "remade, repaired". So you can find some really worthwhile things.

2. Give yourself enough time to prepare

It is important to start searching for items in advance, before the conversion begins.

3. Assess the reliability of the seller's communication

As a rule, you can make sure of the seller's reliability through correspondence by e-mail or by phone. How quickly does he respond to your request? How detailed is the information provided? Willingly goes to the contact?

Interior of the living room in white color

Although the room has a trendy color in accessories and decoration, there are a few patterned sprays, Debbie Gliksman chose the white color of the walls and furniture for living room and stopped at the neutral surface of the cabinets.

The author opened her secret: there are not so many windows in the space, so white walls and furniture will help visually increase and brighten the place.

Small TV in the living room

Lianna was absent at home during the transformation, but the mother always remembered her daughter's aesthetic predilections in all directions design studio apartments.

The designer knew that the hostess wanted a more modern room that would be different from our traditional home. She also needed an elegant stand-alone space where you can have fun with friends, and home Office. We believe that the author was able to create all this for her.

Orchid on the bedside table in the bathroom Orchid on a glass shelf in the bathroom

The author has purchased a large bed for cozy bedroom, plumbing and mosaic tiles from one contractor who put these items on the online sale.

For an agreed-upon type as bathroom finishes she chose a porcelain patterned tile in the color of a tree and laid it over the entire surface of walls, ceiling and floor.

It's amazing how natural the tiles look. And they are great for the bathroom, because waterproof.

Mosaic on the walls in the bathroom

She bought shower doors - also through Craigslist - before the garage conversion was started and based on their width equipped an area for hygiene procedures.

Interior of a white studio apartment with orange accents Wooden cabinets before conversion

Before the conversion, old cabinets, different boxes and other unnecessary things from the main house were stored in the garage.

It was an unused and unfriendly place. And the masters still can not believe how abundant it is today filled with light.

About this wonderful project of converting an old garage into a stylish studio apartment, readers of Small Interiors learned thanks to Cathy Lara.