8 tips for decorating the round table

Do so that your round table looked great, regardless of the size - with the help of creative compositions of flowers, vases and other decor elements.

Simple decoration of round tables

It does not matter where the round table is - in a large foyer, in the corner of a small hallway or performs a double task as a reading space and a dining table, you can count on the fact that such a piece of furniture will invariably add grace to the design of your house. Here are eight ways to decorate this classic interior detail.

1. Group of Vases

Find 3-5 vases of different heights that would fit together in style - they should not be the same, but this group will look harmonious if its elements are the same color or made from the same material (for example, if they are all blue or made of glass).

Advice from the decorator: Put the highest vase in the center of the composition and arrange the remaining vases around it - the highest in the first place and the small ones - in the last. Fill the vases with seasonal flowers or cut branches. To create a special atmosphere, place a few tilight candles around the vases.

How to decorate a table?

2. Sculptures and books

Select a sculpture whose height is half the diameter of the table and put it in the center, and then lay out books around it - piles (two or three books in the stack will be enough), in the form of spokes of the wheel.

Flower compositions for table setting

3. Vase, books and stools

Another option is to put a large vase in the center of the table, fill it with fresh flowers or cut branches. Lay out around the vase piles of books in the same way as in the previous paragraph. Finish the composition by placing a pair of stools under the table - very comfortable if you want to read or sit down to put on or take off your shoes. If you do not want to bother with fresh flowers, choose a vase that looks great, and in itself, like the one shown in the picture. Then you can fill it up when you want (or not at all).

Using a vase to decorate the table

4. Asymmetric composition

If you plan to put a round table in a corner or if it is located so that you will basically bypass it on one side, put a vase or sculpture on the far edge of the table and put the beautiful books in front.

Asymmetric compositions for table decoration

Creating an asymmetric composition is also a great way to make sure that the round table does not look too strict. Try to place a large vase a little further from the center of the table and surround it with small stacks of books, as demonstrated in this picture.

Decoration of the table in the hallway

The main rule for placing small items: two seats are occupied, one is free. If you want to decorate piles of books with small decorative objects, put them on two of the piles, and leave one free of accessories. So your composition will look more balanced.

Design of a round table in the hallway

5. One massive pot for plants

Choose a pot for indoor plants that would occupy two-thirds of the surface of the table (measure the pot before purchase), and plant in it some beautiful and interesting plant - for example, bonsai, orchids or a whole set of different plants.

Before implementing this advice, make sure that there is enough natural light in the room, and also that you have enough time to care for the plants - and after making sure, go to the nearest flower store and select the plants that will be good look in your interior.

A large pot of flowers as an element of decor

6. Tablecloth to the floor, sculpture and books

A long tablecloth up to the floor looks elegant, but it is also good because it can hide things lying under the table. If it is a question of a foyer, you can place under the table two large baskets that will be hidden from the eyes - in them you can add winter things (gloves, mittens, scarves) or just use them for small debris.

Put a sculpture or vase in the center of the table and lay out around interesting books. The table shown in this photo is in the dining room, but if you exclude the chairs, it will look great in the foyer.

Beautiful table decoration in the dining room

Speaking of dining rooms: a table covered tablecloth is a natural choice for a simple dining room that is often used as a library or study. Let books and other interesting objects be on the table most of the time, and when you want to use the table as a dining room, they can be removed for a while.

Decoration of the table in the living room

7. Tablecloth in the floor, lamp and books

A small round table will look great in the living room, if you cover it with a tablecloth on the floor and place a lamp and books on top. And remember: this long tablecloth will fit perfectly if you want to hide things from the eyes under the table - an excellent solution for small rooms.

Cleaning Council: in order to easily remove stains from spilled drinks, cover the table with a glass countertop (put it on the tablecloth).

Beautiful round table in the living room

8. A small but spectacular trio

Small tables for the lobby can also look spectacular. The main thing is not to force them with a lot of small objects.

Massive round table for the hallway

Designer's tip: select two large objects that fill most of the surface of the table (as shown in this picture are a horse sculpture and a pot with a house plant) and another small object (for example, a candle or a small tray for mail) in front of them.

Tell us: Do you have a round table in the foyer - or anywhere else in the house? How do you decorate it?