Competent design of a small bathroom: a harmonious

Bathroom in blue color

Surely most of you are lucky owners of small bathrooms, which, with the next repair, will try to refit and give them not only a fresh, but also a modern look.

In this case, the larger the area of ​​the room, the more constructive possibilities exist. Often have to fantasize, look for original ideas and methods to create a comfortable and harmonious space.

This task will be solved with ease, if we take into account the recommendations of specialists who have been dealing with similar problems for years.

Red walls in the bathroom

The main mistake in the design of the bathroom is the wrong choice of colors. It should be remembered that the dark tile and other decoration materials, however gorgeous they were, make the small room even smaller. But in front of us is the goal of creating a modern, and therefore spacious (at least visually) interior.

The best option will be the use of materials with glossy surfaces, mirrors in all or half the walls, transparent partitions and doors, matt or stained glass windows, etc.

In this case, even a rich red color is not oppressive - it acquires a touch of intrigue and passion, and in combination with white gives a stunning effect of sophistication and luxury.

Glass partitions in the bathroom

Another common mistake is the wrong choice of sanitary products and furniture.

No matter how you would like to buy a fashionable Jacuzzi bath, you need to rationally approach the task - this dimensional product will deprive the room of the last free square meters.

For small rooms, you should choose small and neat models without excessive pretentiousness and a lot of decorative elements. In this case, the rule "The simpler, the more beautiful".

Bathroom in the style of minimalism

When choosing lockers and shelves, it is recommended to pay attention to glass or light plastic products that do not clutter up space, but, on the contrary, create its illusion.

Do not be afraid of the simplicity of their forms and appearance. Competent finishing with wooden slats or decorative elements will give such furniture a very presentable and expensive look.

Bathroom in the style of minimalism

If you have to choose between a bathroom and a shower, you should think carefully about all the nuances, especially if the house is inhabited by small children and elderly people, because this room should be convenient for all members of the family.