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Bright curtains in the bright living room

Reception of guests, family gatherings and watching television - all these activities are often organized in the living room. But if this room does not have enough dimensions, and you think that this situation can not be fixed, it is simply impossible. Refer to the opinion of experienced designers, and the necessary result will be provided.

So, let's start from the very beginning.

1. Furniture

Luxurious furniture in the form of super comfortable sofas and armchairs, which by their size, and also by breathtaking forms attract everyone, a passing person - this is all that they do not accept interiors of small living rooms. Existing spatial limitations assume only simple and small-sized products in the spirit of high-tech and minimalism.

Compact furniture in the living room Living room in black and white Black and white in the design of the living room Furniture in the style of minimalism in the living room

A common set for such premises includes such decor and interior items, as a small folding sofa, several armchairs, a TV cabinet, case furniture made to order, in the form of several closets, or, alternatively, an additional pedestal or chest of drawers, as well as a coffee table.

The quantitative and qualitative composition of this set is influenced by the area of ​​the living room and the composition of the family living in the house.

Today, there is a large selection of products designed to complete the interior of small spaces, and specialized stores located on the Internet, in general, will save you from having to make long trips.

2. Arrangement of furniture

It is the arrangement of the available pieces of furniture that will allow us to finally form the existing image, indicating the level of ease of its perception.

Remember that it is better to give up some products than to allow the effect of piling up the living room, making it even smaller. The location on opposite sides of the sofa group and the TV cabinet will allow the narrow room to look more attractive.

TV on the wall in the living room TV on the curbstone in the living room Bright sofa in the living room Dark furniture in the living room

The correct definition of the number of pieces of furniture will greatly facilitate your task of decorating the interior. And the ability to use some standard layouts, in general, will deprive you of the chance to make the wrong decision.

Options for arranging furniture in the living room

3. Competent use of zones and partitions

Abundance of color zones, partitions, screens, as well as other similar products - moments, the presence of which is not desirable in the conditions of small living rooms. Similar techniques are typical for large spaces, and small interiors Several other ways of forming a design are acceptable.

Arrange the furniture elements on the corners of the imaginary figures, which can the right triangle, square and in some cases, even a rectangle. It is this arrangement of things that will cause the brain to perceive the image more holistically and harmoniously.

Remember that fighting for image quality and choosing an option with fewer components, you automatically get rid of the risk of various junk that always accumulates in case of a new shelf or bedside table.

Interior of a spacious living room Furniture on the legs in the living room Bright accents in the design of the living room Living room in white

4. Choosing the color scheme

remember, that combination of colors in the interior, based on the use of light tones, adds to the existing space a certain amount, which, you will agree, is rather important for small rooms. But, as you know, white, sand or beige shades quickly get bored, and transform the existing image, which once so pleased the eye, into a sad and sad landscape.

To avoid such a sad outcome and preserve the feeling of spaciousness, use bright strokes and inserts in the form of pillows, some furniture elements and accessories. In addition, one of the walls in general can be painted in a bright color, which completely eliminates the appearance of negative emotions for a very long time.

The advantage of this method is that it is easily implemented in practice and eliminates errors in the case of self-repair.

Black accents in the white living room Bright sofa in the white living room Bright accents in the white living room Gray furniture in the white living room

5. Lighting

The abundance of light, both natural and artificial, will suit absolutely any living room, which has small dimensions.

An additional advantage of abundant lighting is the possibility of using different lamps and fixtures as additional accessories.

6. Sense of Measure

The love of decor and various accessories can harm even the most thoughtful image. Therefore, it is worth limiting your craving for such elements of design and remembering the saying that everything is useful only in moderation.

The advantage of this advice is the final saving of money, which is formed due to less acquisition of various, in fact, unnecessary things.

Interior of the living room in blue Turquoise accent in the design of the living room Living room in warm natural colors Red furniture in the bright living room

I want to believe that these tips will help you create the image you need, even in a small room, sating it with the warmth of your heart and the light of your soul.