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Each of us saw a perfectly smooth colorful and attractive English lawn. However, not everyone knows that the content of such a green coating is an extremely complex and time-consuming process. Recently, more and more people are trying to recreate a similar gardening in their own area. Not always these efforts lead to the desired result. There can be many reasons for this. It is necessary to consider how the real English lawn is arranged in more detail and try to understand the failures of modern gardeners.

English lawn does not need additional decor and can act as an independent unit of landscape design.

English lawn does not need additional decor and can act as an independent unit of landscape design.

English lawn

English lawn is organically combined with a decorative path made of granite. A nice composition for the stylish courtyard of a country house.

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English lawn in the landscape design of the site

English lawn got its name in honor of the state where it was first used. It was England that was the progenitor of this cover. Even in the ancient times of palaces and estates, the most well-off and titled individuals strove to create a smooth and even natural covering in their houses. Fortunately they had a sufficient number of gardeners and landscapers who looked after the lawn and corrected its smallest inaccuracies. In modern society, somehow it is not customary to keep a different servant, so all the work and stages of creating such a decorative plane fall on the shoulders of the owners. Of course, there are many firms involved in creating interiors that will form the necessary English style in landscape design. However, all these works will require significant financial investments. Therefore, the independent re-creation of all stages is the best solution for saving the family budget and implementing the necessary details of the garden interior.

Green English lawn

English lawn is ideal for large areas. Uncomplicated in the care of the grass is hardy, long retains its external characteristics.

Flower bed of perennials

The perennial flower bed perfectly matches the English lawn. An excellent decorative solution for the design of landscape design in any style.

What does English landscape design mean, apart from creating a special lawn? All at once presented castles and palaces of the Renaissance and their near-court arrangement. English lawn, of course, is an integral part of it. It was created in those days, mostly not for decoration. No one put a tablet on it "Passage forbidden". Rather, on the contrary, it was intended for holding picnics and celebrating various celebrations outdoors. In addition to the lawn, the design in the English style implies the use of a variety of natural objects. Winding garden paths, figures from bushes, spruce and pine, an abundance of various stones and, of course, flower beds - all this is an integral part of English pedantry and devotion to its principles. It is the sinuous forms and naturalness of objects that are the hallmark of this landscape design.

A well-groomed lawn

Example of properly groomed English lawn.

English lawn

English lawn is created from light-loving herbs, but in the shade it grows as well, as in the sun.

Create an English lawn with your own hands - it's easy

Is it possible to create an English lawn on your own site? The answer to this question will be as much as possible affirmative. For precise detail it is necessary to structure all the stages and highlight them:

  • preparatory work;
  • sowing lawn;
  • its processing.

The first step in creating a lawn in the English style is to make a clear plan with all the details and layout of the terrain. Terrace, flower beds and flower beds should be clearly delineated and singled out. This will make it possible to lay the main layer of the green veil more densely and naturally. After this, following the markup, it is necessary to prepare the soil in the selected places. It should be taken into account that it must be fertile with a relatively low content of alkali. Excellent suited for planting turf soils and chernozems. The preparation consists in removing all irregularities and depressions, as well as in neutralizing the weeds, which will stand out against the background of the common green plane. After completing all these procedures, you can proceed to plant the lawn itself.

Choosing seeds to create a green blanket is very important.

Bright yard

English lawn is suitable for organizing landscape design in small and large areas. Elegant decoration of any yard.

Strassed turf

English lawn in the garden in the west of Spain.

For our climate, it is significantly limited. However, there are still varieties of herbs that are maximally adapted to our conditions. These include such species as bluegrass, fescue and grassworm. They are the most ideal for creating an English lawn in our climatic zone. In addition, of course, the time and seasonality of sowing is important. The best condition for planting seeds will be laying them in the ground in the middle of spring, when the ambient temperature is already more or less warm, and no frost is expected on the surface of the earth. To make the lawn turn dense and beautiful, lay seeds in large quantities. Only such a seating arrangement is able to give the result, which will most correspond to the concept of an English lawn. After this, it is necessary to water abundantly the future planting and give it some time to sprout.

From this moment begins the most difficult and fascinating part - maintaining a neat appearance of the surface. As the grass grows very quickly, the appearance of the lawn can soon become extremely neglected. Therefore, he needs a pruning, which should be done every 5-7 days. For these manipulations, it is best to use a lawn mower, only it will give the surface a perfectly even appearance. But maintaining neatness is not all conditions for creating the desired effect. Maintaining the color of plants is also extremely important. This task will be perfectly handled by the usual watering, which must be done at least once every two days. These preventive measures will create the ideal coverage that the lords and baronesses in their native England would be proud of, and also visually distinguish this site against the background of other gray objects.

A well-groomed lawn

Herbs for the English lawn grow quickly enough, so it must often be cut so that the appearance remains neat.

English lawn

English lawn amazes with its beauty. The saturated color of greenery perfectly complements any landscape composition.

Conclusion on the topic

Creating an English lawn - the process is not particularly complex, but it is painstaking and responsible. Since the quality and beauty of the future cover depends on human efforts. Therefore, all the diligence, combined with preventive measures of trimming and watering, can recreate a perfectly smooth green surface, which will become the pride of the entire site. The terrace or flower bed, framed by a lawn, will acquire an elegant appearance and will give the landscape design the final decorating notes.

The design of the courtyard of the country house is made taking into account the landing of the English lawn.

The design of the courtyard of the country house is made taking into account the landing of the English lawn.

Beautiful yard

English lawn not only has an unrivaled appearance, it is also resistant to external factors. Suitable for yards with a lot of traffic.

English lawn with your own hands. Video

English lawn in landscape design