American style living room - 70 photos of the best design

American style in its origin is a synthesis of different cultures: Scandinavian, French, Greek, Spanish, Italian and many others.


However, during its existence, it has acquired its own distinctive features, so that, knowing them, you can reproduce a corner of America in your own living room.

Also, to better understand the external content, you should pay attention to visual familiarity and see the photo of the living room in the American style.

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Table of contents of the article:

  • Characteristic features of style
  • Finishing materials
  • Furniture
  • Lighting and decoration
  • American style living room design photo

Characteristic features of style

Americans prefer to rationally approach the area of ​​the premises, they try to make every centimeter of the room functional.


Therefore, in their house there are no additional partitions, rather, on the contrary, the kitchen and living room will be united in a single space.


A significant difference between the interior of the American-style living room and the Russian traditions is that the furniture is not placed on the walls of the room, but is placed in the center. Also on the walls, decorative elements are present only in a minimal amount, the filling of space is more subject to practical purposes than to decoration.

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The original origin of the style from completely different cultures leads to a mixture in the interior of different styles. And the more their number meets, the better the interior is considered.


Another feature of the design of the living room in the American style is its inherent spontaneity, ease, but at the same time, and the lack of luxury. Comfort will always be more important than decorativeness. However, the room should impress the guests, stand out among others, and not be formed only from the preferences of the host.

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Finishing materials

As a material for the floor, the parquet board and tiles are best. They are easy to find in many shops and can easily be combined with other elements of the interior. If you want to use a laminate, then you should choose a quality coating that looks like a natural tree.


For finishing the walls can be covered with wallpaper or painted. Wallpapers are most often used without ornaments and textures, the color of the walls should preferably be light and contrast with the brighter furniture.


The ceiling is usually white, which is generally the main for the American style, as it visually makes the space more spacious and light.



Living room in the American style in the design assumes that it will be a large number of people: friendly companies or relatives. Therefore, space should combine freedom and coziness.


In the center of the room is usually a sofa and a minimum pair of armchairs. There is a small table near the sofa.

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Along the walls - a large number of open shelves to accommodate all sorts of things. A dresser may also be present.

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An important place in the room is a fireplace. Near it, a rocking chair can be located, which is a cozy place to relax near the heat.


In the conditions of city apartments it is possible to use an electric fireplace, supporting a cosiness.

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Lighting and decoration

A large amount of light is one of the important stylistic components of American living rooms. This is most often achieved by the presence of large windows, they either do not close with anything, or are framed with small curtains, blinds and Roman blinds are also often used.


In the evening, when the natural light is extinguished, it is replaced by an artificial one in the form of numerous point lights located on the walls and on the floor. Chandeliers are not used.


The decor is minimal. Memorial photos, awards and letters can be placed on the walls. On the shelves - flowers. Attention is also paid to making up your own library, so books are placed on large shelves in large quantities.


American style living room design photo




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