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The change of the centuries is often marked by the emergence of epoch-making discoveries, making a revolution in views on previously customary things. At the end of the 19th century, modernism arose. One of his applied applications was the development of the Art Nouveau style in the design of living quarters. For more than a century, this style has not lost its popularity and remains in demand for design.

Art Nouveau in the interior

Table of contents of the article:

  • Terminology
  • The distinctive features of the Art Nouveau style
  • Classic version of Art Nouveau
  • Modern requirements to modernity
  • Photo style modern in the interior


Often in the descriptions of the style there are 2 names: modernism and modernity. The first is the artistic flow from which, with the contraction, the second emerged, which denotes a new style of interior design.

Art Nouveau interior 2017

Occasionally, the name modern is used to designate styles created on the principles of modernism. Confusion arose from the misinterpretation of the translated word. The word modern is translated as modern. Therefore, every simple, newly created style is called that way.


In Russian, under the name of modernism is meant a completely certain style, created by young architects at the end of the 19th century.

The distinctive features of the Art Nouveau style

Correct proportions, high functionality and minimizing excesses are due to antiquity. Its influence is well seen in the classic version, using large windows, various arches and porticos. All elements are united by the expressiveness of the lines. It does not use strict and straightforward forms, although they are inherent in antiquity.


Modernity gives preference to a large space, often an open plan is used. To give depth to the interior, the interior is diversified by different level floors, podiums and multi-layered ceilings.


A characteristic feature of this design is the use of natural materials. The creators of Art Nouveau have always sought to use novelties in the field of fashion and technology. Continuing this tradition allows him to remain viable and popular.


At first, modernism avoided excesses in decorating and overloading the room with furniture. But this does not mean that he is ascetic or minimalistic. For a modernist style bright original ornaments executed in an unusual way are characteristic. They are covered with walls and furniture, even in the bathroom. Oriental style in the interior - 55 photos of the best ideas for oriental design


The main distinctive feature of the style is the unity of design. Thanks to her, the concept "interior concept" was formed. The idea glorified the style, and its practical application revolutionized the design.


The emotional character of the style is expressed most fully by warm colors, so they are used more often. Cool colors of the interior can be given nobility and aristocracy. What color design is more preferable can be determined from the photo of the Art Nouveau style on the Internet.


Classic version of Art Nouveau

To implement the classical version, you need a spacious room. Window openings in it should be large in width and height, and doors of unusual design. The ceiling can be made using flat relief and stucco elements. If it is multi-level with smooth curves of the projections, then the illumination placed on this contour will advantageously emphasize the advantages of style.

living room-in-style-modern-01

In modernity, the originality of solutions is welcomed. A rigid form of lambrequin can be used to give the windows an original shape. Place the rest to place on the catwalk, in the door to insert beautiful inserts.


The furniture is chosen in deep tones, with smooth lines from natural varieties of wood. Possible non-ordinary forms of furniture. Excess of non-ordinary ways can make the interior overloaded, therefore it is necessary to approach carefully to their choice.

Art Nouveau interior 2017

The color design of the interior of the apartment in the Art Nouveau style is saturated and bright. Despite the aversion to modernism of excesses without the use of ornaments on a plant theme, to give expressiveness, not to do.

Art Nouveau interior 2017

At the beginning of the development of the style, its creators were carried away by the aesthetics of the east. Therefore, still in the design of the interior of the Art Nouveau style, oriental motifs are seen. This is the use of forged lamps suspended on chains, low tables and chairs. But the height of cabinet furniture at the same time is chosen the maximum for creating points of support of the interior.


Having created the central composition, the interior can be considered complete. It can be placed not necessarily in the center. It can be a set of furniture for relaxation, an unusual sofa, a composition of flowers. The central composition is assigned tasks of a practical nature.

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Art Nouveau interior 2017

Modern requirements to modernity

Современный интерьер в стиле модерн стал функциональней нежели классический, цветовое оформление сдержанней. Украшения из узоров и орнаментов используются только на шторах и мебельной обивке. Но плавные линии остались. Углы сглаживаются напольными светильниками и люстрами витиеватых форм. Design of a small apartment - 115 photos of the best ideas of a modern interior

Art Nouveau interior 2017

Correctly selected items of soft furniture of rounded outlines, as well as other objects of smooth outlines, will give the interior an appropriate style of sophistication. Excesses in the modern style are not permissible.


The demand for the use of natural materials is no longer relevant. Therefore, when decorating the interior of the room in the Art Nouveau style, products from modern materials are used. Various combinations of materials are possible.

Art Nouveau interior 2017

Modernity still remains a kind of style, but after he took over from others their best qualities, his appearance and concept became different. But the main feature of the style - the harmony of all the components, remained the same. Before proceeding to purchase furniture and accessories with smooth curves, you should familiarize yourself with the best interiors in the Art Nouveau style to know how the unity of style is realized.


Photo style modern in the interior

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Art Nouveau in the interior

Art Nouveau in the interior




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Art Nouveau in the interior 2017

Art Nouveau in the interior 2017

Art Nouveau in the interior 2017















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Art Nouveau in the interior 2017

Art Nouveau in the interior 2017


Art Nouveau in the interior 2017

Art Nouveau in the interior 2017

Art Nouveau in the interior 2017

Art Nouveau in the interior 2017

Art Nouveau in the interior 2017


Art Nouveau in the interior 2017

Art Nouveau in the interior 2017

Art Nouveau in the interior 2017

Art Nouveau in the interior 2017