Bright accents in the interior of small apartments

Bright accents in the design of small apartments

Bright accents in the interior of a small apartment: 4 best options

The presence of bright accents in the interior can play a decisive role in creating the illusion of space. In our selection - examples of excellent design solutions for apartments with an area of ​​less than 50 square meters. meters.

The interior design of They Asipenka

The apartment of the young Kiev couple came to life thanks to a balanced combination of shades of gray in the decor. But space does not look monochrome and extremely minimalistic. A bright flash of greenery transforms it. The composition of plants in the center of the room recalls the years of the owners' youth.

Green accents in the interior of a gray apartment Plants on the wall in studio apartment

Copper pendant lamps are in harmony with the wooden lockers and cream apron kitchen. Warm colors create a pleasant contrast with the green plants in the living room.

Copper lamps above the bar

The untreated wooden frame of the mirror, the shelf and the decoration of the walls bring chic into the white interior of the hallway. Graceful natural elements add to the interior of grace as opposed to the urban execution of the remaining rooms.

Large mirror in wooden frame Bedroom and study in a niche with sliding doors Soft chair on the terrace

The original design in the form of a snow-white cube, the main function of which is zoning space, forms a place for the bedroom and study. Sliding doors hide unused parts, making the interior spacious and light.

Kitchen in white with black and wood accents Entrance hall in white color

The bathroom has a special charm. Wooden panels adorn the floor and wall behind a deep detached bath. The rest are covered with light tiles. Thus, a modest room, decorated with living plants, visually lengthens.

Plants in the interior of the bathroom Wooden decoration in the bathroom

Warm accents from Francisco Marchisio

In this small apartment there is only one window, so bright shades of yellow, making the interior more cheerful, seem especially relevant. To the wooden cover does not absorb a lot of light, the designer made a choice in favor of a slightly reflective satin finish. Behind the sliding bookshelves lies a bedroom.

Yellow accents in the interior of a bright apartment Wooden kitchen in an open-plan apartment

The overall plan allows you to evaluate the thoughtfulness and compactness of the design: a lot of sliding cabinets and sliding panels allows you to place everything you need.

Layout of an apartment with one bedroom

Registration of the apartment from Pavel Alekseev

The studio, designed for a young Muscovite, is replete with gray shades and bright interspersions of saturated yellow. The author did not hesitate to add catchy patterns and textures to the design. It turned out effectively!

Yellow accents in the interior of a gray apartment Bedroom behind a glass partition

The ring-shaped chandelier and the triangular side table dilute the combination of geometric forms of design, the basis of which are rectangles. The white fringing of the sliding sliding doors of the sleeping area also contributes to the structuring of the interior.

Bedroom and living room in natural colors Home theater in a small apartment Bright living room with home cinema

The color scheme of the dining room, based on the combination of straw color with dark shades, supports the overall concept. The dining table from Isamu Noguchi creates an industrial mood. Complement the image of the set of four chairs of the work of Roberto Lazzeroni.

Round dining table in the dining room Glossy kitchen with dining area Yellow accents in the interior of the gray kitchen

The bedroom is aged in more sensual colors - bright blue, lilac and coffee.

Big picture on the wall in the bedroom Exit from the dining room to the terrace Black walls in the corridor

A compact kitchen contains everything you need, including a lot of spacious closets. From this point, spectacular transitions between dark marble tiles and ash-gray floor covering from wood are well visualized.

Hallway in black Corridor in black color Workplace in ash-blue tones

The working space is decorated in classic colors - black, white and gray. The serenity adds a blue hue to the decor of the wall, covered with plaster in a Venetian manner. Velvety, which has an interesting texture, it has become a focal element of this zone.

Rest zone in calm colors

Brick walls in the interior of Victor Kanishchev

Thanks to the successful layout of this apartment, which has an area of ​​35 square meters. meters, the designer was free to choose a theme for its design. As a result of the realization of his idea, the parquet and rough brickwork remained unchanged, and a large red sofa and contrasting blue-and-steel elements appeared as catchy accents.

Brickwork in the interior of a small apartment TV on a brick wall

The original chandelier, reminiscent of the models from designer Lindsey Adelman, is a branched modular design.

Living room and bedroom behind a glass partition

A small cabinet settled in an open sunny room. The table, partitioning the narrow space between the two walls, is designed in such a way that two people can comfortably sit behind it.

Home cabinet on the balcony

The bedroom is enclosed in a perimeter of gray walls, one of which is almost completely glazed and equipped with curtains to ensure privacy. 

Bedroom behind a glass wall Wooden cabinet along the corridor

On a steel kitchen table, you can cook and eat. The absence of cumbersome structures allows the room with one window to remain sufficiently light.

Bar counter in the kitchen Kitchen apron made of bricks Brick walls in the kitchen Gray

Through their projects, designers prove that a dwelling with even the most modest number of square meters can be decorated stylishly and functionally. A variety of relevant solutions will help in creating the ideal image of any apartment.

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