Cinderella carriage or compact kitchen - an innovative

Compact kitchen

There are a lot of plans in this world, and sometimes we think: is there anything else that can be invented?

If you take, for example, a small room, can you create in it the most comfortable conditions for a large number of people? Some designers have found a solution to this problem - for this case, ideally suited hemispherical kitchen kit with a granite counter top and drawers. This design can be called more than unusual! It was designed by British designers Matt Withington and Miles Hartwell.

You, of course, have seen modern kitchens before, but this one differs from all - it's just fixed on the wall. The sphere has ten wooden bars, which are connected together by one movement of the handle, and well conceal the internal shelves and drawers. For the project natural colors of a tree in a combination "dark - light" with small furnish have been used: a strip of green color.

Compact kitchen Compact kitchen