Colors in the interior - solutions from designers

Colors in the interior

About the laws of color, a harmonious combination there are whole theories, but it is not necessary to know them all to create a harmonious and relevant design. Time of one-color decisions and standard recommendations has passed. The combination of several tones is the key to an interesting, memorable interior. The main rule of choosing the color scheme in the interior of each particular room is to focus only on one's own tastes. Learn the secret to using your favorite colors and win-win combinations. Photo-examples will bring specifics, proving that among the many solutions there is an ideal for an apartment or a house.

But before you find the ideal range, it is worthwhile to understand where the danger lurks. It is better to learn from the color mistakes of other people's interiors, to avoid:

  • Completely monochrome interiors, especially white - boring, corny.
  • Lighting affects the hue - choose, think through at the same time.
  • All the surfaces are important in the color solution: the floor, the ceiling - two planes, always noticeable.
  • Like bright colors - diluted neutral (white, gray, their variations), but without the superfluous contrast, crushing, complex shapes.
  • All surfaces of the same color, but different textures, look different, sometimes changing the shade, as a result of not combining with each other.

Turquoise colors and shades

Council. Do not neglect samplers of materials, fabrics, to evaluate on-site when comparing the area, lighting at different times of the day.

The combination of colors in interior design

Use white: simple or not?

Sometimes a suitable color solution lies on the surface, it will seem attractive to fans of the Scandinavian style and not only. Smooth white walls, the ceiling - an ideal background, rather budgetary, allowing not to be mistaken with the compatibility.

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Golden decor elements in a white kitchen with wooden bar stools

Are allocated:

  • colored furnishings;
  • meaningful accessories, decor.

Bordo couch in a room with white walls

A duet of white with any color is an application for success. But the attraction can be spoiled: bright art objects will become dull, the room - lifeless. For maximum expressiveness it is necessary:

  • a lot of light, preferably natural;
  • southern room;
  • evening light - warm for a pleasant atmosphere.

Light color scheme in the interior of the living room

Time-tested or new?

It is logical to replace the main color with shades of white, which are many, or extremely light, neutral, beige, gray, sandy. Adding pigments when tinting changes the original tone for optimal results. Use too many pastel, powdery shades in one room without contrasts - the risk of getting an inexpressive room.

Gray-white interior of the living room

Beige rooms are certainly very cozy, although they are considered morally obsolete. Choose usually for living rooms, achieving a calm atmosphere. But if you want a simple color solution, but not trite, gray is gaining popularity.

Bright yellow pieces of furniture

It is combined equally well:

  • monochrome colors;
  • tree;
  • technological filling of the room;
  • any metal that takes up more and more space in the interior.

Suitable for modern to classical styles. Quite exquisitely it sounds with a pink, lilac - elegant bedroom atmosphere. Gray kitchens with a mint companion, real greens - not a template solution.

Natural wood colors Seldom the interior is selected to a specific subject. Most often choose the main color, which will dominate, occupying the maximum area.

Blue wall in the room

Golden Harmony

There is a fairly well-known method that designers have learned to apply to a quantitative combination of colors in the interior. Applicable to any room in the house. According to the adapted Pareto rule, the space occupying three specific colors is divided according to the formula: 60:30:10. Uses a regular color wheel.

Restrained colors

The most part is given to the background surfaces - a calm shade, maximally diluted or otherwise saturated. For example, the favorite blue - as the main one, looks like:

  • pastel gently blue - takes up a maximum of space;
  • dark blue - accent wall, author's furnishings, and the other side background - white.
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Bright colors in the interior

The next figure is brighter areas (perhaps furniture, curtains). A small fraction - accents with a clear color. Everything is actively diluted, supplemented by an achromatic trio (gray, white, black), making the space more interesting, whole.

Green accents in a white room

When the main color is selected, the second proportion should occupy the adjacent position, and the accent color - the opposite one on the circle. Alternative, the second scheme: the selected colors form a triangle in the circle, differing in intensity, depth.

White, dark green and wood is an ideal combination for a bedroom

The table of ready interesting combinations will help you to choose the color gamut with subtle proportions, similar to the complex work of pros. A simple combination of two accent colors in the same quantity (50/50) will not give such a result, because then the paints will have to compete for attention.

Brown-yellow interior

1 schemepale yellowgreenred (crimson, terracotta)
1 schemeazureemeraldyellow
2 scheme    blue

2 schemecalm orange (pale brick, terracotta)purplegreen

Yellow sofa and crimson curtains

Ready result

There is an interesting move that violates the unspoken law: no more than 3 colors in one room. The main proportions are somewhat squeezed to allow the fourth color to try their hand at making the interior not trivial, but harmonious. Variants: a bright little object of unaccounted color, the addition of beige to white when decorating surfaces. Dosirovannost 4-th color in the resulting quartet: 1-2 small subjects.

Beautiful selection of colors in the interior

Council. Doubt in some selected colors - use for decor items that are easily replaced.

Individual colored decor objects can transform a boring interior

Sometimes associations are used as a basis: ready-made palettes help. It is necessary to trust your intuition, to orient yourself on a pleasant impression, choosing the combination you like. They usually consist of a color scheme of five tones, which have different saturation.

Bright yellow blob carpet will give the design of a room of joy

The pale ones are chosen for large interior objects; dark, saturated - micro-accents. For example, beige-orange with brown and purple. There are calm palettes, with natural shades of green-blue on a beige-brown background.

Not only pieces of furniture can diversify the interior, but the picture can become a color spot

Individual approach

A non-standard move is suggested: to select the color range of the interior, based on its appearance. A rather extravagant way to please:

  • free young owners and owners;
  • couples beginning a joint life, newlyweds;
  • Anyone who does not plan to change anything;
  • who consider their appearance based on the theory of color types.

Серый цвет и ярко-pink - хорошее сочетание

Such a cardinal approach does not negate the knowledge of the compatibility of colors, if performed independently, it is especially difficult to pick up immediately for 2 owners. Therefore, the choice of a neutral background and a pair of colorful, favorite colors will be enough.

Shades of blue-purple

If the tastes of owners do not come to a common denominator, then they recommend a way of concession. Choosing a compromise coloring for the bedroom instead of your favorite - you risk getting a room that does not please anybody. If instead of a combination of blue and green take turquoise - will get the average result instead of the best, without the chance to enjoy the desired color.

Colored furniture for interior

Color trends

Bold owners make the interior fashionable, using trend colors recommended by color professionals.

Blue wall color

It is worth to look - they are not in vain appreciated for their versatility, versatility:

  • Blue - Scandinavian, Mediterranean with fashionable rich shades of almost warm color. A special shade of the year is Niagara.
  • Marsala - a modern kitchen, a luxurious retro bedroom.
  • Нежная зелень – рекомендованные сочетания для микро-акцентов тоже сильные: yellow, purple.

Beautiful flowers - marshal

Black and white interiors are unlikely to become less popular, although designers are threatening that the trend is going away. But thoughtful, sophisticated use will allow any room to look spectacular due to the most natural contrast. Even a bath, devoid of the sun's rays, is transformed, compared with the usual beige performance, making it dull.

Blue wall in the bedroom combined with striped wallpaper

Using these easy rules, there will be no opportunity to miss with the compatibility of colors. Dilute the interior with bright colors, and then the color of the interior will make life more positive.

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