Concrete in the interior - a trendy trend in finishing +30

Concrete in the interior

Concrete is widely used in the construction and decoration of apartments. This universal building material is used in the manufacture of foundations, ceilings, partitions. In the concreting of tracks, areas, when decorating the facades of houses and so on. Designers and architects actively use concrete in interior projects. Its quality characteristics are in no way inferior to natural stone, marble, travertine.

  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • Walls
  • Application in different rooms
  • Concrete constructions
  • Concrete decoration
  • Under what styles are suitable concrete surfaces
  • With what better to combine concrete in the interior


The floors of concrete have many advantages. They are durable and resistant to physical influences, do not require complex care, are quite affordable. Their main advantage is wear resistance and simple handling. Such floors can be of different texture, perfectly smooth with a glossy luster or rough, porous with a matte effect. Lacquered flooring of concrete look luxurious, although they are not expensive. Concrete flooring is well suited to grinding, polishing and painting, thanks to this, they can be made in any color design. Better concrete floors are like a bathroom, a kitchen, a loggia, a hallway. In the bedroom, they can also be used, but in this case, you should take care of the presence of a thick and warm carpet. The best option is to use floor coverings of concrete together with a system of warm floors.

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Table with concrete table top

Grinded floor Floorированный пол Panoramic windows Walls и пол из бетона Wall with illumination


Concrete ceilings are also often used in design projects and can make dramatic changes to the interior. Thus, the atmosphere of the room becomes restrained and elegant. The ceilings can be of an original shape, glass, metal, plastic, wooden and brick elements look spectacular. A special care will be given to this decoration by an elaborate lighting system. Ceilings made of concrete are combined with hanging metal lamps, with classic crystal chandeliers of voluminous dimensions and with lamps on a long cord that extend all over the ceiling.

Untreated ceiling

In rooms where concrete surfaces are used there should be a lot of light.

Railings for fixtures

Kitchen lighting Dining Room Design Interior of living room The facade wall Perfectly smooth concrete ceiling

Such ceilings better fit spacious rooms. In small rooms, a gray tint of the ceiling can visually reduce the height of the room. Therefore, it is recommended to paint concrete ceilings in lighter shades in rooms with a small area.


The idea of ​​concrete walls has long been one of the most popular design techniques. Sometimes bare walls of new buildings are suitable for this, and sometimes designers use imitation of concrete. To simulate suitable plaster, decorative plaster or panels for concrete. Used and wallpaper of concrete colors. In modern apartments, which are minimalistic, strict and concise, concrete walls look elegant and harmonious. For a classic style in the interior, it is better not to use bare surfaces. There are so many different options for the design of concrete walls. You can make a smooth polished surface or decorate it with stucco and other decorative elements. Some companies offer decorative tiles or creative 3D panels for concrete. In rooms with concrete walls, ceilings of lighter shades are recommended.

A rack near the wall

Bathroom with walls of concrete and wood Fireplace in living room Interior of living room с диваном и креслом Glass partition Kitchen with concrete working surface

Application in different rooms

In large, spacious rooms, a large number of concrete surfaces are permissible. For rooms with a small area, it is better to use partial fragments of concrete.

Cozy living room with untreated floor

Concrete is not used in the children's room. In all other living quarters, its use is quite actual. In addition to walls, floors, ceilings, other concrete elements can be used in the premises. The fireplace for concrete can become a stylish accent for the living room. In modern kitchens, massive and rigorous concrete countertops are installed. For the bathroom, concrete and washbasins can be made of concrete. Such products are made using modern technology "wet concrete", which makes it possible to create a smooth, spectacular and luxurious surface egger. The use of concrete partitions for the zoning of premises is common.

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Painted wall in the bedroom

In the bedroom with the help of such partitions you can create an additional space for the dressing room. In the kitchen, separate the working area from the dining room. The interior of any room can be decorated with decorative products made of concrete, lamps, shades, vases, souvenir figurines. There is also concrete furniture.

Bedroom and living room

Concrete constructions

In the interior, designers often use such concrete structures as columns, shelves, niches. Columns can be used for zoning rooms or perform a more decorative function. With the help of the column, attention is paid to other objects of the interior, the clarity of the lines in the room is emphasized. In modern design rectangular and square columns are more often used, the designs of the rounded form are now used less often. Shelving can consist of two concrete columns connected by shelves, the shelves can be made of panels, glass or wood. With the help of niches and shelving you can save extra space and money for the purchase of bedside tables or shelves.

Floorки из бетона с подсветкой

Concrete decoration

You can decorate a modern home or office with the help of concrete decorative souvenirs. Decorative items can be found on sale or make original things yourself. From concrete make candlesticks, pots, vases, lamps, stands and other original figures. If you use imagination and creative skills, it is possible to make a souvenir thing with your own hands, though a flower bed, even a magnet on the refrigerator. Often when making souvenirs, molds and concrete mortar are used. Flower pots made of this material look very unusual, luxurious and modern. They will look great on the windowsills, bedside tables, tables, floors, shelf shelves, as well as other decor items.

Decor objects from concrete

Under what styles are suitable concrete surfaces

For the first time, the industrial loft style appeared in the twenties of the last century in the USA in Chicago. In those days, rent for housing was very expensive. And people of creative professions began to use the empty attics of industrial and residential buildings for their workshops and studios. Since then, industrial style has been popular all over the world.

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Living room in loft style

Loft in English means an attic. Concrete surfaces are used for industrial, industrial style, high-tech, minimalism and constructivism. In addition to residential premises, concrete surfaces are popular in the design of youth clubs, art cafes, and lobby bars.

Drawing on the wall

With what better to combine concrete in the interior

There are several basic elements with which it is better to combine cool and strict concrete surfaces:

  • natural wood;
  • large glass;
  • metal elements;
  • living greens.

Corridor in the apartment

Warm shades of any kind of wood soften the excessive severity of concrete. A successful combination of gray untreated surfaces with soft shades of wood makes the room stylish, cozy, having a warm atmosphere. Large mirrors, glass in combination with concrete surfaces and shiny metal details are the determining factor in modern interior design. Large-sized windows are very suitable for this design. Green plants create a spectacular contrast, add to the room of life and natural freshness. To do this, you can acquire a quality imitation of living plants to create the desired effect.