Lamp from the bottle with your own hands: original ideas

Want to add unusual notes to your gazebo or balcony and make the bedroom more intimate? The lamp from the bottle with his own hands will easily transform the interior of any room. Just imagine how nice to sit at night in a chair, enjoying the stars, surrounded by half-darkness. Look at the photo of the lamps made from bottles, and be inspired by this idea.

Oriental pendant light from bottles

Lamp from a plastic bottle with your own hands: bottle ivy

We all know that weaving is a rather long and arduous occupation. It is much easier to make flowers and petals from a plastic bottle. And most importantly - the result is not less beautiful. Of course, you will have to be patient, because for one lamp from a plastic bottle you will have to make up to hundreds of different elements, but the result is worth it! This lamp is best made of green, yellow and transparent plastic bottles.

The manufacturing process itself is as follows:

1. Cut the neck and bottom of the bottle, and leave the middle for work.

2. Cut out petals of the same size (or different) - as desired. To make the process go faster, you can first cut out the oval, from which later make the petals with the help of a nail scissors.

3. Fix all the details with a soldering iron or over a candle. When all the details are made, make each of them a small hole at the bottom (this will help in this case a red-hot awl).

4. On each piece of paper, scratch or paint with acrylic paint veins (for a more natural look).

5. Now form twigs, fixing the petals to the wire. Connect the finished branches with the cut neck as you see fit.

6. Pass the wire through the neck, then fix the base with the bulb. Our pretty lamp from a plastic bottle is ready! You can turn on the light and enjoy the result.

The process of working on a lamp from a bottle bottle

Luminaire from a bottle bottle

A small lamp from a bottle with your own hands

Such a lamp is not difficult to do, but it looks very original and unusual. For manufacturing we will need: an ordinary CD-ROM, any paint and a plastic bottle. All these things will be at home for every person.

So, we will tell you how to make an original lamp from a bottle with your own hands. The manufacturing process of this lovely lamp is this:

1. Cut from the plastic bottle the flowers of the right size.

2. Give them a shape with a hot hair dryer.

3. On the disc paint paint the bottom of the flower.

4. Attach the diodes to the lamp.

5. Stick the flower on the disc.

6. Attach a wire box and batteries to the rear.

Your lamp is ready! Enjoy yourself with its unusual beauty and surprise your guests.

Lamp from a plastic bottle with your own hands

Unusual lamp from a glass bottle

This lamp turns out to be especially beautiful and adds a magical mood to any of your rooms: whether it is a living room or a bedroom. Such a luminaire is best included in a dark room, so that it manifests itself as much as possible. So, how to make a lamp from a bottle of wine with your own hands?

1. It is necessary to choose suitable bottles. There should be several, so that the overall picture looks even more original. Try to find the same capacity, because it will make the composition holistic.

2. Now remove the sticker from the bottle and wash it with hot water.

3. Next is to rinse the bottle both outside and inside, and allow it to dry completely.

4. Now you need to plan where the wires will go (it's best to drill a hole near the bottom of the bottle).

5. Prepare a tool with which you will make a hole. So, the ideal option is a diamond crown.

6. We make a cake of clay and apply it to our future hole. When you drill, from time to time pour a little water on the clay (this will not let the bottle get very hot).

How to make a lamp from a bottle

7. Once you have drilled a hole, remove the clay and again wash the bottle.

8. Make the sharp edges smoother with sandpaper to avoid injury and damage to the wires.

9. Place the garlands inside the bottle so that the plug comes out of the hole that we made.

10. If desired, you can install a special gasket in the hole to fix the wires. Our lamp is ready! Now it remains only to plug into the outlet and admire the result. As necessary, you can spread the garland inside the bottle with a thin stick.

Lamp from a glass bottle

We bring to your attention for more inspiration some more photos on which the lamps from bottles are represented by own hands.

Pendant lamp from a bottle with your own hands

Original lamp from a plastic bottle

Lamps from bottles with their own hands photo

How to make a lamp from a bottle своими руками

After seeing the beauty, you will no longer have a question: "How to make a lamp from a bottle with your own hands?". If you want even more ideas and inspiration for creating lamps yourself, then read about this in another our article.