Design a small kitchen: expand the boundaries of space and

A small kitchen is not a verdict. Even with the minimum number of square meters of this premise, it is possible to use every centimeter of the square with advantage for the mistress.

"Delicious" color solutions

First of all, the kitchen is designed for cooking and eating food, therefore, thinking through the design of a small kitchen, you should give preference to light and juicy colors that will create a sense of purity (in the kitchen this is very important) and to awaken the appetite.

Professional designers with the help of visual illusions, which are created through the use of certain colors and their combinations, can arbitrarily beat space, correcting it in the right direction.

Kitchen interior in white tones

So, quiet, muted, pastel shades are able to fill the room with "air", they reflect light well, visually expanding the boundaries of the room. Also, light colors give a feeling of freshness and purity. However, to ensure that the light kitchen does not look too boring and devoid of individuality, a gentle color scheme can be combined with contrasting dark or bright. For example, very stylish look like a combination of milk and chocolate colors, as well as beige with purple or plum.

If a bright, saturated color is selected for decoration, especially from a cold palette, it is very important that there is enough lighting in the kitchen. Otherwise, it will look gloomy and drive away the appetite. Therefore, you need to use as much as possible natural light (do not obstruct the window blinds and blinds), and artificial, by conducting a dot or LED lighting.

Kitchen in pastel colors

In order not to cut the kitchen space, emphasizing its limitations, color transitions should be soft, subtle. Do not use in the design of the kitchen more than two colors. And the colors of textiles (curtains, curtains, furniture upholstery, tablecloths) it is desirable to select light, in the tone of the walls.

Kitchen - it's almost the only place in the apartment, where the simplicity of design will only play a plus. Do not need to use a lot of patterns in the finish. If the walls are simply dyed or covered with monophonic wall-paper seem boring, you can achieve dynamics with the help of texture - relief wallpaper or decorative plaster.

When decorating a kitchen, Do not also forget about the psychology of color. Cold shades (purple, blue, emerald, blue) act on appetite suppressively, and warm (orange, yellow, red), on the contrary, stimulate it.

White color in the kitchen

Choosing furniture for kitchen interior

Furniture in the kitchen is the main formative space. Light furniture for a small kitchen is the best option. It does not seem so cumbersome. In addition, if the exterior surface of the furniture is glossy, reflecting light, visually the room will seem bigger.

If there are no small children in the house, then You can experiment with glass furniture in the kitchen. Due to its lightness and transparency it will be almost invisible, and even a small kitchen will seem very spacious.

In order not to encumber the space, it is better to choose a functional furniture-transformer. From the dining table, you can completely refuse, replacing it with a bar counter.

Bar counter in the kitchen

Textiles in the kitchen: perfection in detail

Visually "raise" the ceiling of a small kitchen is possible if you hang the curtain rod for curtains above the upper border of the window.

Choose curtains you need light, light. Heavy curtains will look in a small room inappropriate. In addition, they will be inconvenient to shoot, because in the kitchen they will quickly plug in and plow food.

The design of the kitchen will be more expressive if you use structural fabrics. The printed pattern on the curtains, repeated in several decorative cushions on the kitchen corner or on the pouffe upholstery, will become a bright and necessary accent that will give the room an individuality and character.

Design of a small kitchen

Instead of curtains you can use light roller blinds or blinds. They will not only laconically decorate the window, but also save space around it.

By the way, to significantly extend the space of the kitchen can be equipped with a window with a bay window - a small ledge of a semicircular or rectangular shape, where a dining table with chairs or a small sofa and bar counter can perfectly fit.

The finishing touches: accessories and decor

The mood of the kitchen area will add decor. In a small kitchen it should not be too much, but it should emphasize the design and complement the overall style.

Visually "stretch" the walls will help small rectangular pictures or photos, located one above another, above the usual level of the eyes.

Design of a small kitchen - дешево

Do not get carried away with bright frames or wall panels. It is better to replace them with translucent plastic or glass, as well as shiny accessories for chrome, gold and silver.

Some surfaces of kitchen furniture can be decorated with mirror inserts. However, it is not necessary to get involved: firstly, it is very difficult to maintain the purity of mirrors in the kitchen, and secondly, there is in front of the mirror - it is considered a bad omen.

Whichever design of the kitchen has been chosen, it is worth remembering that in relation to a small room, the rule should be: better is less, but better.