Design of apartments in the style of provence

Surely everyone at least once heard the phrase "See Paris and die." But, seeing not the French capital, but the style of Provence in its own apartment, its happy owner will want to not just live, but every day to enjoy the atmosphere of beauty and romantic travel.


  • One foot in France
  • Decoration of the living room in the style of Provence
  • Provence style in the interior of the bedroom
  • Provence style in the interior of the kitchen

Living room in Provence style

One foot in France

Design apartments in the style of Provence - is the cultivation of comfort in all its manifestations. Every detail, every detail in such an interior is filled with warmth and concern for the comfort of people who live in it.

Provence, like no other style, recreates the pacifying and inspired spirit of retro France, which will take root in the apartments of an apartment of absolutely any city in the world. Especially relevant it will be for residents of a noisy metropolis, which, returning home, will fall into the quiet and enveloping atmosphere of Provence.

Christmas cuisine in the style of Provence

The style of Provence originated in a provincial area in the south of the country, far from the capital of fashion and sophistication. That is why it is inherent in almost rural simplicity and the predominance of warm, natural shades and motifs reminiscent of the southern sea, the hot sun and the beauty of natural colors. Simple, natural and concise - so in three words you can describe the style of Provence.

If speak about characteristic features of the design, highlighting the interior in the style of Provence, then this:

  • light colors of floors and walls;
  • flower ornament on textile products;
  • a palette of pastel shades in the color of the room;
  • light, neat, with a natural or artificially created effect of scuffing, furniture;
  • a lot of fresh flowers (especially pions) in vases);
  • countless pleasurable and memorable details: porcelain sets, ceramic figurines, printed napkins;
  • ruffles and frills on curtains and covers for furniture.

Kitchen interior design in the style of Provence

Decoration of the living room in the style of Provence

Style Provence in the interior of the living room obeys all the basic rules and norms that are characteristic of him. The only pleasant feature - in the living room, unlike other rooms, is allowed to add a little more French gloss and charm.

The main attention during the design of the living room should be given:

  • selection of color scale;
  • the choice of ornaments and drawings;
  • harmonious combination of furniture, curtains and other textile elements;
  • stylistics of decor and accessories.

French charm in the interior of the living room

So, the walls of the living room are pasted with light, decorated with floral pattern, wallpaper. The color of the wallpaper should be soft, pastel, as if burnt in the southern sun of the province.

The living room is designed not only cozy and comfortable, but also functional. For this reason, the living room is often combined with the kitchen and use the reception of zoning.

On the windows instead of traditional translucent curtains, you can hang more dense, elegant curtains with small lambrequins or collected with a decorative braided lace with a brush on the end.

On the sofa, as usual, there are many small, decorative pillows of various shapes and colors. Armchairs can be laid with colorful cloaks, which play not only an aesthetic but also a practical role.

Also in the living room is not only appropriate, but also a fireplace is needed, on the top cover of which will be placed favorite figurines, decorative plates with the image of animals or cities, photos within.

One of the walls of the living room can be covered with wallpaper with pictures of Provencal landscapes, or use paintings in wooden frames.

Warm interior in French style

Provence style in the interior of the bedroom

The Provence-style bedroom is an ideal place for relaxation, relaxation, privacy and tranquility. And most importantly, that to design a bedroom in the style of Provence can not only a professional. After all, anyone, romantic and creative, a person will be able to imbue with the atmosphere of French country charm and embody it in the interior.

For the Provencal bedroom is characterized by a large, wide bed with a forged headboard, a long coverlet in the floor and a scattering of small pillows and rollers.

The windows in the Provencal bedroom, mostly large, panoramic. The abundance of light will make the room sunny, at least externally bringing it closer to the hot climate of the south of France.

Design of a bedroom in the style of Provence

Eloquent details will complement the interior and create the right style:

  • large mirror in a carved wooden frame;
  • an abundance of textile things: curtains, covers for furniture, carpets;
  • landscapes and still lifes on the walls;
  • vintage, lightly worn chest of drawers;
  • wicker chairs;
  • bookshelves;
  • curtain with mirror;
  • a large antique chest with decorations and accessories - scarves, scarves, hats and gloves.

Delicate white bedroom in the style of Provence

Provence style in the interior of the kitchen

Design kitchen in the style of Provence begins with the decoration from the walls. From the wallpaper in the Provencal kitchen is categorically refuse. Instead, they use brickwork for painting (more often - in white or vanilla color) or ceramic tiles.

Particular attention in the kitchen should be given to furniture. If there is no opportunity to buy or inherit the vintage furniture, you can artificially "grow old": rub by sandpaper, giving rubbing, or cover with a varnish varnish.

The upholstery of the chairs in the classic version should be linen. But if the chairs do not have upholstery, you can sew linen saddles with ribbons for them, which will be tied around the legs.

Elegant kitchen design in light tones of Provence

An indispensable attribute of Provencal cuisine is wooden shelf with dishes and multi-colored jars for spices, since it is Proven spices that are the visiting card of the province.

As for lighting, in the kitchen, decorated in the style of Provence, it is usually central. Usually it is a large chandelier in a textile lampshade.

Cabinets with dishes in the kitchen of Provence - open, and dishes - has a painted border.

Design of apartments in the style of Provence

And, of course, like any room in the style of Provence, the kitchen must necessarily be filled with the scent of fresh flowers that bloom in the vase.

Make an apartment in the spirit of the Provencal village - the task is not simple, but quite feasible. Just need to pay special attention to the details, which - a lot.

Practically Every fifth person in the world dreams of living in France, and those who decide to create an interior in the style of Provence - in fact, it lives!